Life Is Too Short To Carry Hate In Your Heart


Life Is Too Short


I have spent too much of my day discussing hate/hate mail with several bloggers.  And not only on my blog. In my email and on other blogs. What is wrong with people.  This past week there has been hatred hurled regarding my close friends, my wife, and me.  My friends have been bombarded with hate mail,

Other bloggers have confessed to me in privacy that they have experienced the same.  What the hell is wrong with people?  My first journey through WordPress was a completely different experience.

HATER GO BACK TO FACEBOOK WHERE YOU BELONG. Me, my friends, and family, we are all about Love.

Now a few thoughts on my favorite subject – love.


I love my family and every loving memory of my mother.

I LOVE AND RESPECT All  WOMEN because it is the way I choose to honor my long departed mother.  (I play, flirt, and clown around, BUT I RESPECT ALL WOMEN). And the flirting is gong to STOP. Well, depend on the lady.

I love the Idiots who seriously think I am trying to get into all of the ladies skirts.  Because if you really knew me, you would know there is nothing further from the truth.  (And while my penis is truly amazing, it can’t reach my female bloggers).

I love pizza, lasagna, popcorn, and my New York Yankees.

I love the followers who stopped following me when I post photos of my wife or my dearest blogging friend.

I love and miss the friends I lost. I wish them all well.

I even love the people who hate me.  Cause I understand your heart is filled with ignorance, jealousy, and pettiness.

I love that we are different because that makes you interesting. Makes me want to learn all about you and your world.

I love to see women in lingerie, stockings, & pantyhose. (It will always be my kryptonite). I love to paint toe nails.

I love music. Wouldn’t be able to blog or write without it.

I love poetry.

I love love (but you already know that).

I love life.

I pray for my dear friend Diane and my daughter’s mother.

I love and miss Leslie’s writing.

I love everything written by Nandita and Tosha. (Two amazing talented ladies). I have requested to read their grocery lists, but they just laugh at me.


To all my loyal followers

I love our conversations

I love your posts (sorry there is no heart button).

I love the way you accept my silly comments

I love you


If you want to hate me, knock yourself out.  Please, don’t hurl hate at anyone who follows or comments or jokes with me. They don’t deserve it.  I will gladly take all your hateful words and racial slurs, and smile.

(There is no room in my heart for hate. (No, I am not going anywhere. Just wanted to express my thoughts, feelings, and appreciation, and send the haters on their merry miserable way).





351 thoughts on “Life Is Too Short To Carry Hate In Your Heart

  1. Well-articulated post. I like how you still made this serious post witty and full of light. I feel sorry for people who hate because they live in a hidden world of inner misery. I honestly don’t get it when people project their misery on others. They are just cyber bullies and not worth anyone’s time.

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    1. Lonely Author smiling.

      You are so right Jacqueline but it is the sad truth of the world we live in where avatars become tools behind which to hide. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts. They always warm my heart.

      P.S. Andrew is occupied at the moment but I have been given the honour of responding on his behalf. He will get back to you asap.
      Pvt. Secy to the Lonely Author 😀

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  2. I feel sad that WP, meant for people to express freely can be subjected to trolling like this. May be WP should take this matter seriously or else we will be behaving exactly as we do inside an box. I can already guess from the comments that many more have been suffering similarly.
    I really really love this post. I am just going to remember all the beautiful words you wrote about love and happiness around us . 😀

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    1. Thank you so much Derrick. You have me glowing.

      P.S. Hi Derrick, this is Nandita filling in for Andrew today since he is a little caught up. Oh and I’m doing this with the approval of his Highness. 😀

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  3. I have never read anything from you that evoked hate or anger. I don’t even want to waste time contemplating what it is that others could have ‘decided’ to be angry or hateful about.

    Here’s to a great day full of support and compassion 🙂 !!

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    1. Here’s to love and support and a beautiful world of compassionate people. My blog is all about love but it is sad that haters still target people . This was in support of a few close friends who are being bullied. Two of them had to shut down their blogs. Thank you so much for reading and leaving your lovely words.

      P.S. Andrew is caught up in becoming Superman and thus fighting evil at the moment but he will get back to you asap. I have been given the honour of taking his calls and messages in the meantime. 😀
      Pvt Secy to the Lonely Author 😀

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      1. Thank you Pvt Secy 😉
        I have always believed compassion, kindness and love are more powerful. It’s what scares the hate and anger of the world who are too scared to accept that it’s ‘okay’ to be kind.

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                  1. Awww you…..I looouuuuvvve you 💞💃💝
                    I was only messing with you Papi. You didn’t have to do that. You take me so seriously. Kisses to you all over 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

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        1. What can I say, it’s an exciting life Chuck. I am so much in love with Andrew that I naturally take on all possible roles for him. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and give him a nice Thai massage before posing for him for his next post. Lol

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    2. My friend you always have a positive word. Your visits as well as your blog are like a ray of sunshine. Thank you for everything. Sorry, for the late response. Nandita was filling in for me as I checked on my vision problems. Have a great one.

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  4. I have said you befor some days-plz don’t follow is my don’t understand the difference between love n lust.lust is your life.i don’t want to see you on my site.i request you again-plz don’t follow me.plz plz plz…

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  5. This is such an unfortunate event in WP Andrew. I have been blogging for a really long time and i enjoy and yes love the comments of my followers (yours included).
    I love your poetic discourse with Nandita in the comment section of her and your post. There are flirtings ..yes but i love when you said you respect women..and i see that too whenever i see you post a photo of your lovely wife ..or i see that whenever you post your comments and stops the conversation at a certain point when you probably deemed inappropriate…
    Keep goin Andrew …..

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  6. This is such am,inspiring post…we all,need to,love each other …hating is not an option…we only have one life and therefore we shouldn’t let hate cloud our hearts😖

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          1. ya que no estás allí te estoy diciendo aquí. eres mi heroe. y quiero agradecerte por todo lo que haces.

            Creo que ahora voy a la cama. estoy muy cansado. te alcanzaré allí mañana.

            también, saqué mi última publicación por el momento. porque quiero que mi post de venganza sea la mejor por un tiempo.

            buenas noches mi amor. Espero que tengas un buen día. te amo.

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  7. Thank you., You always have kind words as you spread your positive vibes. I appreciate your words and you. You have always been a positive supportive friend.

    Thanks for everything. I will always be grateful that I met you here in WP.

    I will quote a good song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” That is what life is about.

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  8. This is very honest, and I loved it. I’m sorry for what you are going through! I honestly didn’t even realize such hatefulness was going on in this community, but I guess it is everywhere.. I really enjoy your posts, and if others don’t, they should just move on! =D

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              1. Oh ok sure. You sleep well darling. And rest those strained eyes. I’m okay, just worried about you since you have been a little silent, there as well.
                Will talk after you wake up. Sending you all my love.

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  9. I thought WP was different, different than other social medias. We have these assholes everywhere. It happened with me earlier. I stayed quiet. People judged me. I would have ignored but It was a serious issue, that affected me so much I had to stop writing. I tried to address that issue without hurting anyone I always believe on second chances, but I was so sure nobody would buy my side of story. So I let it pass.
    I remember you and some other bloggers asking me about my absence. That there meant so much. I was so thankful.
    I was infuriated to see those comments. What sane person dose that? I guess that person was too jealous because you guys do it so much better than her.
    I hope you guys are doing well. 🙂

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    1. Your comment is heartfelt and much appreciated, Ankit. I’m sorry you had to go through it too. I wish people would have some compassion. My blog is all about love. You are always welcome here.
      I am made of Teflon nothing can bring me down but it is sad to see my dear friends being bullied. And one of our mutual friend is being abused. So this was in support of them. You are a good man. Stay blessed, be well, my friend.

      P.S. Hi Ankit. I have been recruited as Pvt Secy to the Lonely Author 😀. So while he goes playing Superman, I’m filling in for him, as directed by him. Lol. Hope you’re well.

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      1. Euta kura bhanchu hai. Tyo tapaikai post thiyo jun tapai le mero lagi lekhnu bhako thiyo. Tesle gsrda malai katti hate aako thiyo. Tapai mero side ma bhaidiyeko bhaya ma teslai reply dinthe. But I had nothing.
        Maile katti try gare teslai ignore garna. Tara afu le ramro sochda sochdai aru chindai na chineko manche le aayera jpt lekhda I coudlnt take it.
        Tesko aasar le garda maile aaile samma kehi lekheko chaina. Aja bata lekhna khojdai chu but mero mind mai tei cha.

        Tapai lai aaile.happy dekhda khusi lagyo. Tapai ra mero bich ma j bhaya pani, maile sadhai tapai ko ramro nai socheko chu hai. 🙂

        Sorry Maile yo kura last month delhi afu sangai rakhelo thiye aja chance paya ani bhane.

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        1. I’m sorry. Tyo post timro lagi directed thiyena. This is why I feel like quitting WP at times. People read too much into my lines somethings, and extrapolate so much that I’m left scratching my head and breaking my heart. Having said that, timilai target garne intention kahile Pani thiyena na ta huncha. I’m a good person, no matter who thinks what. Tara I’m so sorry about how you felt. I hope you are much better now. Take care hai


    2. First, I hope you never let anything ruin your search for artistic expression. We all have the right to express ourselves, through writing, music, or whatever we chose to do. No one should ever be judged or harassed. So sorry that this has happened to an good man like you. You didn’t deserve it. No one does.

      Yes, I am well. Nandita was filling in for me so wonderfully because I was afraid I would have to stop blogging for a week or two because of my vision. I just need to rest more.

      I miss bloggers when they disappear quietly. I have been so anxious for your next musical submission. If you ever decide to go private or stop blogging,, please stay in touch. Would never want to lose contact with you.

      Be happy. Be well. Thanks for your words and support.

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      1. Thank you for those words. I shall always honor them. To be honest it is words like this coming from people like you that keeps me up. I dont know how do I thank you for this and for your generous offer. Blogging is my only way out. Through it I have met some awesome people. I dont plan to go anywhere away from it. I might be absemt every now and then. But I will always be back to put my words and check my fellow bloggers.
        With that being said. I am thinking of taking another break. I will leave with a poem

        For my song that I was working on. It was up on my blog that very day when this hate post came out. Silently I dedicated it to you guys. With everything happening I did not think that to be an ideal time to let you know of my song.

        Cheers. Thank you Nandita. It was her who first introduced you to me. Both of you are awesome. I mean it. this is my personal mail. 🙂

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    1. Such a lovely and humbling comment. Thank you so much.

      P.S. Pvt Secy to The Lonely Author responding since he is a little occupied at the moment. He will get back asap. 😀😀

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    1. Hello Alexis, so good to hear from you.
      Your comment has me glowing. All smiles here. Thank you so much.

      P.S. Andrew is a bit caught up today but he has asked me to be eyes and ears and hands too for the day. hence I’m responding on his behalf. Very happily so, might I add. 😀

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    2. Alexis, sorry for my late response. I was worried about my vision. I thought I would have to stop blogging again, Thankfully I only need to rest and relax. Thus my dear friend Nandita was filling in for me.

      You always know just the right thing to say. You are and always will be a treasure. And your visits are like a ray of sunshine. Thank you for being you. Thanks for all of your kind words and wonderful support.

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  10. Those people can’t have much of a life, if they’ve time to send all that hate mail and write all those hate comments. I’m sorry you’ve had to experience that. I will now tell you something funny, as it will demonstrate that you are capable of having conversations without flirting in a way that is obvious. When I first came across you on another blog and had a few conversation with you, before I had checked out your blog, I thought I was talking to a woman!

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    1. Lol. You are so sweet, Sarah. I’m fine, a lot has been hurled at me but I’m worried about my close friends who are being bullied into going private or shutting down their blogs privately. Very disheartening indeed. Thank you for your read and your wonderful comment. I could be a woman,for all you know. Lol
      P.S. Hello Sarah, this is The Lonely Author’s friend cum pvt secy ,😂 responding to you on his behalf, since he is on the road at the moment. I have been directed by him to do so and I’m working very hard to answer like him 😀

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                  1. Now please let me cut paste your beach pic on my face so that the next time I manage your fanmail, your readers will think it is you who is answering to them. Lolololol

                    I love whatever job you give me 😀

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        1. Nandita, I am so honored that you would go through all of the trouble that you did to fill in for me. You are a great poet, friend, mentor, and treasure. I appreciate the graceful way and wit. You made everyone feel at home.

          Love you.

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      1. Hello The Lonely Author’s friend cum pvt secy. Lovely to meet you, Nandita 🙂 I’m very sorry to hear about people having to go private or shut their blogs down. People put so much work into their blogs and it’s tragic if they no longer feel safe or happy to share their thoughts and creativity with the world.

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    2. Sarah, first I adore your comment. Your mistaking me for a woman, ah, that makes me feel so wonderful. Someone mistaking me for the stronger sex. What a compliment, I have long vowed to honor my mother by respecting women, so your words truly touched me.

      Thank you for taking the time out to read and comment. I appreciate it. (So, what gave me away? Was it the beach chair? lol)

      Thanks you. Be well. Be happy.

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      1. I’m so glad you adored my comment and it made you feel wonderful. Oooo, the stronger sex. I like that, although I think both sexes have their own strengths and, thus, we complement each other — at least in an ideal world we do.

        You be well and happy, too. Remember, most bullies are sad people underneath. It’s for you to spread the light and dispel the shadows cast by others.

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  11. Omg Andrew.. seriously.. I can’t believe that craziness goes on.. bleh..
    I – for one – applaud your attitude & outlook..
    Yay for love – there’s nothing greater..
    And what a loss for those who judge & hate your writings- your Whit – your fun loving flirty personality and your amazing love for your beautiful wife..
    to all those I say good riddance..
    Keep bringing us smiles through the miles..
    You are dearly loved💕

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  12. Hi. Sharing you this: “Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.” Valerie Bertinelli

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    1. I agree with Valerie. I posted this two defend five friends. Two who chose to shut down their blogs because of bullying.

      Life is too short. And the choice to be happy is ours. Thank you for sharing this wisdom on such an important post. Very grateful for that.

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  13. Hello, Andrew! I always enjoy reading your blog posts….your poetry…..and your words and thoughts and attitude filled with love. Your humour, your fun flirty ways, and your respect for others (women especially) – regardless of how they see you – are a big part of you and shine via your words. I am with you on the part that appreciating each other’s differences makes the world and the people in it just that much more interesting. It’s good to embrace our differences, because it allows us to learn and become more. Peace and ❤ to you.

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    1. Thank you for reading this post and for your comments. Thanks for the compliments as well. Love is what we need in these word to solve so many of its problems.
      Hey, our differences is what makes us interesting. You get a chance to learn about me and my culture and ideas. And I learn about yours. People fear what they don’t understand. I will never understand. Life is too short.

      Hey thanks for your words. Great talking with you. And I have a crazy post coming in a few minutes. Something very different from anything I have ever done.

      Be happy. Be well

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      1. You’re welcome! A pleasure! Love is definitely needed, and as in the song….All you need is love. ❤ It DOES solve so many things. Exactly….differences allow us to learn about each other's cultures. I just recently met a new friend who is originally from Nigeria….and we talked so much! She learned about my home here in Canada, and I learned quite a bit about her home in Nigeria. Yes….curious, isn't it? WHY do people feel fear for things they don't understand? By being open-minded, one learns that there is no need for fear…..just allow curiosity and willingness to learn and understand.
        That's cool! A crazy new post! I'm excited to see it!
        Yes, thank you. I wish you the same….be happy and be well, my friend. ❤

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  14. Perhaps a bit late to all of this, but I am so sorry to hear about the trolling. Really unfortunate that people feel a need to do that. it’s rampant everywhere pretty much everywhere, sad but true.
    When I’ve experienced elsewhere, my best line to back to them is, “Thanks for making me the center of your little world. Cheers!”
    Your writing is beautiful and heartfelt as evidenced by the amount of support you and your friends are receiving. Take care of yourself, I was reading about your struggles with your eyes, and write when you can. So many of us enjoy your words and how you make magic putting them together.
    Best, Lady Leena 🙂

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    1. Still in bed. You are doing fine. Always making me proud. I left you a message on a December post called Deewangi. How are you Baby?
      i am getting up now. I thought you would be out and about. Oh, and no hate mail here for you.


      1. Yes i read that and i responded. I saw you woke up earlier because you approved comments. I saw you hitting likes but not saying anything. I wrote you there also.
        Was beginning to panic. Thank God i heard from you. I hope you slept well

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        1. Remember, when you blog is deactivated the messages aren’t sent. So I never received them. Baby I am always thinking and worrying about you. I slept well. Getting up now. I will check out your replies directly on your blog. xoxo


  15. Great post! Hope this issue has been solved??? Yes? People just haven’t been raised with manners anymore and it’s even worse in the present climate. Hopefully, you were able to block the haters!!

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