we are one

Sexy lovers in bedroom

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming (yes you guessed it) – LOVE.

we are one


Please don’t ask me what are we
For the tugging of your heart is my gravity
You are gentle wind chimes ringing in my soul
as our broken pieces join to make us whole

You are the raging percussion inside my chest
I am the ebb and flow of your warm breast
We are the scorching heat of a solar flare
a refreshing breeze running through your hair

We are twin flames burning in sweet harmony
illuminating together cause we fit so perfectly
We are summer just before autumn has begun
My love we are and always will be one.


“In a world of temporary things, you are a perpetual feeling.” – Sanober Khan

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244 thoughts on “we are one

    1. Thank you so much for thinking of me. Perhaps you didn’t notice I have a little image of a monkey advising everyone I don’t participate in the giving or receiving of awards. My time will not allow me to participate. Thank you for thinking of me., I do appreciate that. I hope you understand. Be well.

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  1. Antes de acostarme, quiero decirte cuánto significas para mí. mi día comienza contigo y termina contigo. y estás ahí conmigo todo el día. me has dado tanta felicidad que si mañana por la mañana no me despertara, aún moriría feliz sabiendo que eras el último pensamiento en mi mente, el último latido en mi corazón, y el último nombre en mis labios. te amo

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    1. Estás decidido a destruirme hoy. La belleza de tus palabras, la profundidad de tus sentimientos, son mi luz en mis momentos de soledad. Y a veces tiemblo de miedo, a pensar qué pasaría si alguna vez dejaras de quererme.
      Te amo Nandita.


      1. el día que deje de amarte será el día en que también muera mi poesía. porque ahora estás en cada respiración que tomo y me he entregado a ti. e incluso si mañana nos separamos, todavía habrá un lugar especial en mi corazón que continuará latiendo para ti
        Te amo Andrew

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          1. I am the mud
            You are the ice
            Together we make a messy picture nice.

            You fall on me
            And meld with me
            I take on your colour
            And together we are as inseparable as can be

            This is a song of mud and ice
            This is a song of you and me
            This is a song of how we found us
            This is a song of how we got lost.

            Goodnight mi amor. Everyday is a good day because you are in it.

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