Your Body Is My Obsession



Imagine Lonely Author standing besides his beach chair. Baseball cap worn backwards, bling bling on every finger, and a thick chain hanging around his neck with the words “Gangsta Poem Boyz.”

Now, for a little change of pace.  Presenting the sinful, soulful, sexy, smooth sounds of DJ Lonely Author.


Your Body Is My Obsession


Let me be the rhythm
that rocks your swaying hips
Let the taste of me linger
like that red gloss on your sexy lips

I want to be the sinner
Who watches you undressing
I want to be the priest
cause it’s your body I’ll be blessing

Baby you’re making an impression          (Chorus)     
I want you to be my possession
Baby I got to make a confession
Your body is my obsession

Need to be your baker
You’ll be the pastry that I’ll devour
Need to be a time keeper
So I can take you hour after hour

Your body is my obsession
It is the only thing I’m dreaming of
So let me be the one who provokes
your delicious cries of love.


(Lonely Author drops mic and walks off the beach).




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