Your Love Always Surrounds Me


In a recent conversations with my lovely friend writer Sarah Potter I found myself challenged to write a poem mixing nature with love.  Here is my submission.  If you would like to read Sarah Potter’s beautiful words you can find her at Sarah Potter Writes.


Your Love Always Surrounds Me


Alone on a park bench
A kaleidoscope of butterflies perched on me
colouring my loneliness
describing your love so tenderly
The sun blushed on me
A soft breeze grazed my trembling cheek
The butterflies smiled at me
These are the signs of your love I so seek
They led me to an oak
It stood tall and firm with leaves of green
Then a flower in bloom
Akin to the beauty of a love so serene
Waterfalls speak of you
You caress me like drops of falling rain
Drench yourself in her love
Their sweet words slowly eased my pain
They gave me much to take
No matter where I go or what I see
Now, I am never alone
Cause your love always surrounds me

119 thoughts on “Your Love Always Surrounds Me

    1. Ortensia, you of the traveling hubby. This should guide you. When he is on the road find his love all around you. If that doesn’t work, check the wine cellar. I vet you would find something there. lol

      i left a comment on your book club post. I have been saved into spam folders. I may be there

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        1. I usually turn to my wine rack when I have a bad day. Or a lonely day. Or a good day. Well, I think you get the picture.

          These are glitches of wordpress. If you ever place a comment on a blog and see it immediately disappear, you are in SPam. And no one will know you are commenting until they search their folder.


            1. lol You go to your dashboard. Then on the left hand side you have a column of icons. One is for comments. Click there. You will see your comments broken into categories. Approved, pending, spam, and trashed. Click on spam and you will find junk mail and probably my comment. If your blogging by phone it is even easer to check comments. Just go into wordpress and one of the options towards the bottom is comments. Then you will see a drop down screen with the same options.

              I always forget, but I try to make it a habit of checking there before I stop blogging for the day.


                1. LOL You are fairly new to WordPress. This my third or fourth year. Even this moron had to learn something. Now, if I could only master the talent to lower the toilet seat. Then, I can truly feel as if I have accomplished something.

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  1. I award you 10 out of 10 and an A+ for this 🙂 You have certainly risen to the challenge, Andrew. I knew you could write about nature. Such wonderful images here, and you’ve chosen to mention my favourite tree. In my previous novel, I dedicated a whole chapter to an oak tree and the ecosystem it supports, as seen through the eyes of an eleven year-old boy who has been raised in the wilderness. In the same novel, there is a scene surrounding a waterfall in a Scottish forest. As for butterflies, I adore them.
    Back to your poem — I think that when a person is in love, nature takes on an incandescent glow. All the colours seem brighter, the scents stronger, and the birdsong louder. I think you’ve captured that intensification of the senses just perfectly.
    Please don’t make this your only nature poem, now you’ve taken the plunge!

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    1. Sarah, thank you for the generosity in your award. I struggled badly with this. I imagine the next time I attempt this, it will be much easier after passing this initial hurdle.

      Your novel sounds interesting. I have read your haikus so I know how beautiful and descriptive you can be.

      I consider myself a novelist/screenwriter. Poetry is like a new hobby for me. I am still learning. My friend Nandita has served as a mentor to me. And through her I have learned to try to make my writing richer. Because of the importance of finding the write metaphor or description in poetry, I have gone back and tweaked my novels, improving their descriptions as well.

      Poetry is not about stringing along words eloquently. It is breathing life into the words we use through metaphors, colors, and yes nature. Using the five senses and emotion in out poetry will only make it real.

      As for love, I agree with everything you say. Although winter is still hanging on stubbornly to New York City; there are little sign of spring. And I find myself drawn to them. Appreciating the colors and the circle of life. For me, love will always be the greatest gift. To be treasured.

      Thank you for the challenge, your kind words, and for pushing me to be a better writer. Have a wonderful day, that is another gift we should treasure. Our limited time here on Earth. Be well.

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      1. Andrew, with every mountain we climb, a higher summit beckons! It is often the case that when you look back at things that once seemed impossible, you wonder how you ever found them difficult.

        Personally, I find writing poetry (especially haiku) and flash fiction has helped my novel-writing tremendously, as it encourages sharp focus and careful choice of words.

        I am glad you have Nandita as a friend and mentor.

        I value so much my beta-readers when it comes to my novels – their constructive criticism and encouragement. One word of advice, try to find beta-readers who are good writers themselves, or avid readers, or having editing/copywriting experience, or all of those things (if you’re lucky).

        Winter is still doing its best to hang on the SE coast of the UK, too, although I do have a few primulas in bloom and the birds are busy building their nests.

        Yes, we must treasure our limited time on Earth, and creativity our greatest mission.

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  2. Holy smokes! Amazeballs. You have described the Little’s world. Butterflies do smile😀 🦋 perhaps being in love is like seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Connection. What a wonderful experience for you to have to seek those things and you will never be the same. The words are true ..I know whomever loves me hears my laugh when the breeze rustles the trees and tickels thier leaves. Your poem IS BEAUTIFULL. Well done. You should take a bow and of course we are shouting encore.

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    1. What an amazing comment. You humble me with your words. Thank you. When we open our eyes (eye in my case) we find a world of love around us, Thrilled that you liked this and by your comments.

      Your statement “the words are true” make me smile. When we are apart from the person we so love, we need to find them all around us. Thanks for the wonderful comments. They are so greatly appreciated.

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    1. Have you been posting regularly? I just saw you weren’t followed, so I followed you again. Have I missed posts? I thought you were away.

      Thank you for your kind words. You write so beautifully about nature, so I really appreciate your words.

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  3. Hey Andrew, how are you my friend? Sorry if I’m writing to you on your older post.
    It is my understanding that our friend “Nandita” has posted an important update on a current situation she has been dealing with. Okay, so I’ve been getting these weird comments on some of my blog post by a person who is going by the name: “Nandita Yata”
    Here’s how they wrote on my blog:
    “How my heart swells when I read you, Charlie. Amazing! ❤”
    “Charlie, you sexy man, I wish I could write have as good as you. ❤”
    “Charlie, your poetry makes me tingle with excitement. ❤”
    Whoever is doing this is trying to cause problems. Have you been receiving strange comments on any of your blog post by that person?
    P.S Please write back soon.


  4. Good morning amor. Just letting you know here I’m up since i don’t know if you’ll check there now. I read your response. It was to the point and it was great.


  5. Wonderful tribute to a lovely girl”Sarah”.she had inspired you to write an amazing poem as words are wandering and flying like butterflies in the garden of unseen love,my dear dew!!most beautiful and lovely poem touchs the heart in melodious way❤


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