Forget How To Breathe


That one friendship can cause so much hate mail is unimaginable.

Seriously, I am  considering shutting down my blog.  I know my friend Nandita is shutting down hers.  All because of hateful people like Aruna, and two other vicious cowards hiding behind the names of Juanita and Jill.  At his moment, I have little desire to read posts if I can’t read one of my favorite poets.  And if everything I say or do leads to her pain, why bother to stay in WordPress?  You are leaving me with no choice.

This is for you N.


Forget How To Breathe


You think I could rip you

from my Velcro heart

Perhaps it would be easy

for you to forget me

All this time

You only had to miss me

While I had the Godforsaken curse

Of having to missing you

Forget you?

I know I can’t

I won’t even try

It would be so much easier to

Forget how to breathe.


345 thoughts on “Forget How To Breathe

  1. Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.
    There will always be haters but don’t allow yourself give into their whims and caprice. When life challenges you. Don’t give up hold your head up high and have faith that Almighty is always with you and everything will work out in the end.
    You are priceless! Please don’t go.

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    1. We have started a new blog for my friend Nandita. She and I will be co-hosting the new blog. For some reason, the haters are harassing her and not me. So we hope, this trend continues and they leave her alone.

      Thank you for your encouragement, kind words, and support. Like your posts your are always an inspiration. Thank you.

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  2. I have just read your latest post, where Nandita is closing her blog, and ye are starting a joint one. I wish you both the very best, and want to continue to follow ye. Your stuff is fantastic, because it’s honest and human. Don’t stop.

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  3. I don’t understand why anyone would ever send you hate mail. You’re the most gentle man there is. How ridiculous. Please don’t let those few haters ruin the lovely way you brighten others days. 💙

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    1. I received a little bit of hate mail. My friend Nandita received a ton. We started another blog where we can blog together and preach all types of love.

      By the way, this afternoon we discovered who sent these emails. I already emailed her, yes HER. I will be in touch with WordPress too.

      Thanks for your wonderful support. It is always appreciated.

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  4. The best way to deal with haters is to ignore them. Initially, that will spew more hate, but after a while, they will buzz off. And the worst way to deal with them is to change the way you are because that is exactly what they want. Please, please listen to this piece of advice, it has worked for me! Just monitor the comments/emails and delete them. It gives us strength to stick to what we think we are.

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  5. You’re getting harassed too? OMG! What is wrong with these people? I had one hater, and I ignored her and blocked her from ever getting to me the way she had. It would be a sad shame if both you and Nandita had to close your blogs because of assholes. That’s not fair to either of you.

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    1. No it isn’t fair. Thank you for you supportive words. There are a few zealots of hate in wordpress making life uncomfortable.

      Mine blog is still up. She shutdown our mutual blog. Nandita is quietly relaxing in the shadows. I just spoke to her a little while ago. She is well.

      The haters can do whatever they want, but they could NEVER break up our friendship.
      Thank you for your concern

      Thanks for reading, your kind words, and support.

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        1. Without a doubt, Nandita is one of the best poets here in wordpress. IF she sticks it out, she has the talent to have her name said along with the greats of poetry.

          Thank you for your kind words. I will be sure to pass it on to her. God bless you and yours as well.

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  6. I’ll forget how to breathe if you ever leave! 😢

    Nandita and Andrew, don’t let the cowards win. I’ve been to Nandi’s blog and she is a fierce poet! People can be so cruel, hateful, and spiteful. I hope this matter can resolve soon.

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    1. You made me smile.

      Nandita stopped blogging. It is a shame people will o longer be able to read her amazing words. People are so quick to judge and misinterpret the love and admiration between two friends.
      Thank you for your words of support.

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  7. so sorry you’ve had to go thru this — have you put them in your spam? that’s what I do when I get weird replies (fortunately have not had too many of them) — either way, keep blogging 🙂

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  8. Is there not a way to block them? Don’t feed into their negativity, it’s just gives them a platform. I’m not sure what’s being said but know you love your wife dearly and would never compromise that relationship for anyone. Your family is everything to you. It’s lovely to have friends though and there’s nothing wrong with caring about them. It’s nice that your being so loyal and protective of the friendship you have with this lady. If people are implying something untoward is going on, then that is just terrible and a disservice to all parties. Again, I’ve been swamped with my research proposal so if I misjudged the situation, my apologies. At any rate, hope they don’t run you or your friend off WO. Fondly, Always Late to The Party

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      1. Glad to hear it. You’ve always seemed like an honorable man to me and your wife is beautiful and sexy from the looks of it. People are idiots and need to create drama where there is none. Hope things calm down for both you and your lovely poet friend.

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  9. Don’t stop blogging! Remember that bullies only bully other people who have power. In other words you and your friends are a threat to the bullies in some way. Could be because of your talent, kind heartedness, popularity or any other reason.Never give bullies the power by bending to their pressure or tactics. Amanda

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          1. I’m super pissed now too. I’ve had my fair share of horrible interactions and psychos enter my life too from being online. It’s beyond unacceptable. All of us have to keep fighting for what’s right and the GOOD.

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  10. I agree with the other readers that you must not be driven away by your haters. They’re just jealous because you’re famous. You’re a great poet, please remember that.

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  11. Your poetry is always powerful and well composed. I am sorry you are having these problems and I won’t pretend that I understand the particulars here. What I can do is extrapolate from my own misadventures on social media; there are awful people hiding behind VPNs and the worst thing we can do to them is ignore them and enjoy our gifts.

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  12. Oh my gosh..
    Those sad pathetic jealous people are still at it???
    I’m so sad N is leaving.. tell her not to..
    And plz don’t go – I love your writings..
    You are both bigger and above that hate..
    Don’t let them win..

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