Forgive Me Father


This is dedicated to all my haters.  Please watch your step as you form an orderly line.  You truly are number one.   (Wanna guess which finger I’m extending?)


Forgive Me Father


Forgive me Father
For I am guilty of love
Come and be the judge
Like your modern day preachers
Orating sermons of black sludge

Little green skinned disciples
Claws preaching on holy keyboards
Judging all of your children
Clinging tight to Bibles
As they cast the first stone

Father you always taught love
Now sacred hypocrites spew hatred at the pulpit
For when they are not walking on water
These predators must be
Slithering on hallowed ground

Father, my debauchery warrants punishment
Banish me to Satan’s dark inferno
While I’m there, what should I tell
All of these judgmental disciples
When I bump into them in the bowels of hell.



Karma is a bitch.


221 thoughts on “Forgive Me Father

  1. The great thing about writing is that we can work through our feelings, right xx I’m sending good vibes and saying don’t let any haters get to you. I just delete their comments. Have a nice Friday 🙂

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  2. Hello friend, I’ve been gone and only stop by long enough to post something. I’m truly sorry for all you have experienced. Please know, that I admire you for standing and persisting to write your thoughts. You express yourself so well. I admire your writing. Please keep blogging for those of us who appreciate your talent. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Andrew, what I’ve found
    in my own struggle with
    hypocracy, the thing I
    ended up asking myself,
    is did I really want to allow
    a hypocrite to be closer
    to God … than me ?
    If I permit a hypocrite to
    stand between me and the
    love of God, that is exactly
    what’s happening.
    There are many wolves
    in sheep’s clothing, roaming
    and devouring, with their
    own loveless agenda,
    full of Pharisee yeast,
    knowing not the true peace
    that surpasses.
    The religion of self righteousness
    is a cheap fix, that attempts
    to infect others with it’s bitterness.
    Judgement is not theirs to
    it will always ‘Return to Sender’
    Hope, Faith & Love …
    but the greatestbif these
    … is Love.

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      1. Truly welcome great post …haven’t we all ⭐️😊 Doing OK after three years on 14/04/2018 laid the ashes of mothers angst to rest and amazing thanks to God l realised my mother loved me and never felt that feeling before ….So going forward not backwards for a change ….How are you my friend ?

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          1. Your words are from the ❤️ of golden words …….You Andrew are a disciple in my life as the other 11 are and soon will come at present washing my robes in the blood of others and once free of the sin of others will be free in the word of God my father 🙏

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    1. Hate is not in my vocabulary either. Life is much too short to waste time or energy on negative feelings. Besides, what could possibly be better than love. Isn’t that what our good Lord taught us. Thanks for stopping by. God bless.

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