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Somme-in a little different.



It was a lucid afternoon
Straight out of my dreams
We laughed and loved
Feasting on Pepsi, popcorn, and poetry

Drawing her a warm bath
I attempted to read Neruda
Yet she had other plans

Reciting pink verses
Red rhymes cascaded from her glossy lips
Like slippery suds of passion
Soaking me with love

Words floated like translucent bubbles
Washing my flaws, fears, and pain
Rinsing my body, purifying my heart
Baptizing my soul

My beloved took a bath
It was me that she cleansed.


This poem came from a prompt from my mentor Nandita Yata.  Hopefully, she will approve.


205 thoughts on “Cleansed

  1. I’m a new blogger and love the prompts. It’ll be sad to see the site go. I’ve responded to a few also, please feel free to have a look 😊

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  2. I got an Oops on your recent Popcorn & Poetry blog post. This one came up. It’s a beautiful, visual poem, Drew. I hope your recovery is progressing well. What are your plans when you are totally back on your feet? Always thinking about you, and how you are doing. Seems good from the blurb on the post. Just can’t open the 6/29/2020 one. Take care. 📚🎶💚 Christine


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