Love Untold (A Duet)

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Hola everyone.  I am thrilled to post my second duet with my wonderful muse/mentor Nandita Yata of the beautiful blog A Tangle Of Weeds.


Love Untold  (A Duet)


The man of my dreams wears Hilfiger in navy and white
He kills it with his James Bond look, suave, classy and bright
Hugo Boss lingers on his pulses so delicate and light
He smells like the tropics in trance, my olfactory delight

The woman of my dreams dresses in elegance and style
We enter the nouveau restaurant and every man’s beguiled
Heads continue turning as she is walking down the aisle
Everyone wants what I have, and that just makes me smile

When we go out, the man of my dreams opens doors for me
He leads me by the hand, he is the epitome of chivalry
He pulls the chair, seats me before making himself easy
Then says “how would you like to satisfy your palate, My Lady?”

At the table she discovers new silver earrings in her glass
For I will do everything I can to never let the Honeymoon pass
My beloved likes mischievous gentlemen with an accent of class
So I pull her chairs, hold her doors, and smack her in the ass

He beckons to the waiter who greets us with a beaming smile
“The finest Chardonnay you have, please bring it in a little while”
Are your feet hurting with the killer heels you have on, he asks
Oh but I only just put them in the car I say, he giggles and basks

I promise to massage her feet, and her favorite songs I will sing
Nandita is so easy to love, for my special lady I will do anything
As I sip my wine I notice I am with the most gorgeous in the room
We are the perfect pair, the blushing bride and the lucky groom

I say a quick silent prayer as Andrew locks his tender gaze into mine
Let eternity imprint itself upon our moments so beautifully divine
Even the stars are swooning in anticipation of the magic to unfold
As he serenades me, the moon blesses this story of our love untold

Violinists come to play their sweet strings cause it’s time for romance
She reciprocates batting her lovely lashes as our hearts sing and dance
The moon accompanies us on our walk home as the night ends in harmony
Cause I was born to love only her, and she was born to love only me


176 thoughts on “Love Untold (A Duet)

  1. Two creative writer’s hearts braided poetic love keeping, me, the readers closer and closer to my laptop screen. Detail paragraph strands were enough to blend the story to the very end. Loved it. Thank you for the short escape from my reality.

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    1. Hello, thanks for reaching out to me and thank you for your kind offer. However, my poems and writings are solely for the purpose of self expression and to demonstrate my devotion to my beloved. If at any point you would be interested in paying me to publish my writing, then I would be interested in talking. Otherwise, not interested. Thanks and have a good day.

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  2. Being a writer is like being a father, something that you will have to prove to yourself every day. Not always the way to the first book, or text published on a blog, is upholstered with tatters of writer’s skin.

    I feel that you are ready to write your first book, the second even the third. You can only write your first book once, you will never go through that innocence again.

    Congratulations. I invite you to visit my blog and read the most recent entry entitled “The smell of fear”.

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    1. How nice of you to say so, Ray. You are so sweet. Thank you for your support and your kind words of course.
      Please accept these two roses from us, it’s from the same restaurant I daresay 🌹🌹🌹😜😜😜😎😎😎

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  3. A sweet poem by two people in the first flushes of love in a relationship. I know you aren’t together anymore, but even the taste of such a moment is worth the heartbreak that follows. When your soul touches the heights, it’s a cherished memory never to be forgotten. xo (And by the way, can I just say how excited I am for you on the new move to Florida?! How wonderful!!)


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