do I need you


do I need you


do I need you
would the beach exist
sans the sea

yes I do
for without you
my heart has no reason to beat



Worried about you.  Feel better N.

I guess it’s pretty obvious I was feeling vulnerable late Friday night. Minutes after my Forgiven post, I wrote this little thing.

My next two posts (Wednesday and Thursday) will be dedicated to all mothers.

Photo of sexy shoes and feet by Nandita.


137 thoughts on “do I need you

  1. Aww this is so sweet. I love you and need you just as much. You know just how to make me smile.
    Please don’t ask me if I need you
    I’m only half of what I am without you.
    Will go to the doc in a while. Thank you my darling for all that you say and all that you do. Always yours.

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                  1. Good morning, darling. The breakfast was so sumptuous. I love the breakfasts you prepare for me.

                    Slightly better than yesterday. Yes it was so wonderful talking with you, as it is every day. Love you xoxo


  2. Of course you have all the women drooling over those shoes AND then the words that follow: lethal. Happy birthday to me as I dream of wearing those shoes and dancing to the Eagles….. delightful verse as always….bravo

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  3. and love created the world: ; beach/sea; your existence/ my heart beats. and the poet and the lover in you reminds us of that. Beautiful poem! Apologies for being late. I am late because your posts do not appear in my reader. I have to check your blog, or change my settings so I can read your posts in my email. Again, very beautiful!

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                  1. Awww…both of us are so crazy. You call me a ‘thing’ so affectionately and I go sighing at being called a thing. Know what I mean? LMAO ❤️❤️❤️
                    I love being your thing.
                    And your three hearts, such variety. 😀

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                    1. Lmfao. We will be known as The Weirdos. The dynamic duo fighting crime through poetry. Oh I found all these little things on my found. Even found cookies. Sorry no wafers or Pepsi. Regarding the being my thing I need to go claim you. Te amo Muñeca

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    1. Amor you know I am so happy today. Today will be 3 days of peace. Honestly, there have times I wondered if we would always be in chaos. I could never live like that. At least not happily.


                    1. I think some will. Whether they will have the nerve to ask is another question. What do you want me to say? Do you want me to be bad? I could always write a credit such as Photo os a good friend. That will blow people’s minds. LMFAO


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