Blooming In The Dark (Dedicated to all Mothers)


Blooming In The Dark


Unappreciated sacrifices
replaced dreams that slowly died
as her aging petals wilted
from the silent tears she cried

Forgotten and all alone
she’s a hummingbird with no sound
like a heart beating without love
as lonely petals sink to the ground

Depressed in her little corner
she’s neglected and unmarked
an unappreciated flower
forever blooming in the dark


My parents were only children, so when they passed, I became a family of one (with no siblings, cousins, aunts, or uncles).  One day while moving to a new apartment, I lost one box.  The box contained all my family photos.  I cried for days. Weeks later, while placing books on shelves I purchased, this photo slid out of my all-time favorite children’s book; “Nobody Listens To Andrew.”  It is the only photo I have of my mother.

Miss you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies.  Wish you all the best on your day.


223 thoughts on “Blooming In The Dark (Dedicated to all Mothers)

  1. Andrew, I remember this photo of your mom from an earlier story or poem. It has always stayed with me as I can see the innocence and hope in your mom’s face as she prepares to marry. She was at this moment calm, waiting for her new life. It must also be the only photo you have of your grandmother, as I assume it’s she who is helping your mom. These old photos are irreplaceable treasures, and I know how sad it is to lose them. Even more sustaining are your memories of a mother who loved and supported you despite her own difficult circumstances. My heart goes out to you as you remember your mother on this Mother’s Day, so close to her birthday as well. Happy, loving memories to you.

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    1. Your comment is so heartwarming, Sharon. And I’m sorry it’s again I in lieu of Andrew whom you are addressing but I am his voice especially for this post as I’m sure you can understand it is a subject that gets him highly emotional. And that is why you won’t find him responding to any of the comments here.
      It is a beautiful picture indeed and I totally agree with you about the sadness of having lost all other pictures that captured his childhood. However, I’m sorry to be correcting you about the grandmother. You see his granny died while giving birth to his mom. He never got to see her picture.
      Thank you once again, Sharon for your compassion and empathy which is truly touching.

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  2. Wow, this poem reminded me of a time I never want to go back to…
    But the story at the end cheered me up. Call it divine intervention, your mother and your family are always with you. They even live in your favourite children’s book to show you that they never forget you.

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    1. I love the divine intervention you talk about. And I’m a believer. Yes the love always lives in him, it is what makes him love the way he does.
      Thank you Sophia for that lovely lovely comment, wrapped in optimism and compassion. Much appreciated.
      On behalf of Andrew.

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  3. Awwww.. omg this made me weepy Andrew.. in my world family is everything and we are a huge family.. I am so glad you found this one beautiful picture.. I hope you are always surrounded by love ❤️
    Thank you for the happy wishes 😊
    PS – I can let you borrow some of my ever growing family when they make me nutty 😉

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    1. Thank you so much and here we meet again 😃
      I’m sorry dear friend but it’s me again you’ll have to converse with since this is a difficult subject for him and I am his voice whenever he can’t answer.
      Please know your words are truly cherished here. ❤️

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    1. Hi Charles, so pleasantly surprised to see you here. Happy you liked it.

      Andrew (The Lonely Author) and I share this blog. And so I’m filling in for him for this post. Thanks again for the read and your precious words.

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    1. It’s really nice to know this touched you so much.

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt words. I’m responding on behalf of Andrew as I often do when he cannot, for personal reasons.

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