then, it would be easy


then, it would be easy


Have you ever wondered why our love must be so hard
Will cemented separation leave us forever scarred
If caresses could be felt through a computer screen
Or my loving bytes could nibble you sight unseen

then, it would be easy

We are twin flames who were always meant to be
Could we invent a way to burn through our tragedy
Or develop a machine so we travel through time
Journey to a sweet epoch where you’re forever mine

then, it would be easy

Should the Gods of Love feel our consuming pain
Of little piranhas love cells coursing in our veins
Will they demonstrate mercy and remove this strife
Perhaps promise us everlasting love in the afterlife

then, it would be easy


Very unlike me, but right now my heart can only write Pathos.


158 thoughts on “then, it would be easy

  1. Good morning (i just wished you for the second time). Im up but trying to go back to sleep. How are you? Still trying to decode my afterglow poem?


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