The Lonely Author Blues


The Lonely Author Blues


Listen to my song
Although I have never been one to croon
Hear my sweet lyrics
Perhaps my whispers will make you swoon

I will sing of love
Unsatisfied desires as chronic as any pain
I will hum our hurt
Until you’re drenched in little hearts of rain

Soak in my rhythm
Our harmony of love will give us such a thrill
Live in my tempo
And together we will make time stand still

You have me dreaming
Of love making on a beach for me and you
You have me screaming
Can’t deny, I have the lonely author blues.



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177 thoughts on “The Lonely Author Blues

  1. Just love your words and the depth of how they rise up of the paper and enter my ❤️ a true writer and professional wordsmith at work …like l can hear the quill of your love and in every drop of ink ….Brrrrriliant my friend it just wonderful …Ian ⭐️😊👍

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        1. Babe even in your comment to brian on his blog you said you keep surrounding yourself with people that hurt you. that gives him ideas. why didn’t’ t you say not Andrew? your comment can make it seem as if i am included in that statement. you are too smart to make that kind of mistake. we have to be mindful if our comments and how people can misinterpret. and he is very eager to misinterpret.
          love you have a goodnight


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