Drowning In Thoughts Of You

Drowning In Thoughts Of You


SeΓ±oritas start to sway
As a smooth samba plays
Adrift like a cube of ice
Lost in you is so very nice
Feelings I can no longer deny
Entangled between your thighs

Your firm body can intoxicate
Of that there can be no debate
I want to kiss your sensuous lips
Feel you grind against my hips
Now mojitos are downed in haste
I long to savor your sweet aftertaste

Your body will be my shrine
When your sweat mingles with mine
The cantina never set the mood
As I slowly became unglued
Submerged in a mojito or two
Drowning in thoughts of you.



I hope my Muse will approve. lololololololol


106 thoughts on “Drowning In Thoughts Of You

    1. So kind of you to say so. Thank you for the read and your kind comments. I am going to learn how to make my own mojitos.

      Why the sad face? The drink is easy to find, that special someone that we all need, sometimes you will find them right around the next corner.


      1. i know you’re right as always, However, i am in a situation, not a good one but a emotionally starving one for the past ten years, and i’m still in my twenties. But i still have a bit of hope left.
        Thanks for being such a good man.
        ; )

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        1. First, I am not always right. You sounded like an old girlfriend of mine. lol

          In similar conversations with friends, I always say, we have to always look our best to make a good first impression. We don’t know if that perfect person I around the corner. Or perhaps you will meet him/her tomorrow or next week. The important thing is not to worry about it and definitely not search for it. Love comes at the most unexpected times. Never when we are looking for it. It will come to you.

          I hope you found some solace in my words. And thank you for the wonderful compliment. Be happy. Be well.


          1. i did find solace thank you. But now i feel guilty. I am in a relationship, for ten years now and i know for a fact he does not love me, but he cares i think, i don’t wanna bore you with my moaning, so anyway, i’ve been drifting, for a long while now and in some ways i have given up and see this as temporary, because everytime i want to love him he pulls away. Any woman can tell when they’re loved, right? This is not love this is something else, i think he’s trying to do the right thing, but my daughter doesn’t see what she should, she sees the truth.
            I know my life will get better and i know i deserve happiness, i just have to hang in there, luckily i’m very very very patient.
            thanks for your effort to talk to me, agian your wife is sooooo lucky to have you and everyone in your life, you’re a great friend.
            : )


            1. That sounds like a challenging situation. Children often fail to the see the realities before them. People stick it out for the little ones, often sacrificing years or their lives for the sake of their children. I did that for my daughter. I spent several years in a dead end relationship.

              The only thing you can do is try to make things work, or perhaps slowly do things in preparation of the day you have the chance to move on.

              Better days do come. I am an example of that. To enjoy the rainbow, a little rain must fall.

              Thank you for your sweet words. I like to be there for people. Since I had to get through my adult life with no parents or family, I appreciate the importance of having a support system.

              Be well. I hope you eventually find the happiness and love that you are looking for.


              1. Thank you for your support, yes my situation is extremely challenging, more even than i can tell you, but details won’t make things better, but i geuss it makes me a bit stronger for the future, i know it will get better, it must.
                And i promise one of these dys i will send you a good news message and not this morbid stuff, promise.
                thanks again.
                ; )

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    1. Funny you should say that. When I write I don’t worry enough about setting a mood. But on this poem I did. So, thanks so much for your wonderful comments. So with your response, I guess to some extent I succeeded.

      On a side note: God knows I was in the mood that night. The drinks went straight to my head. There were so many seductive women there dressed very sexy, yet my mind was elsewhere. Reminds me of an old old song I believe Frank Sinatra sang it. “You, and the night, and the music.”

      Thank you for your sweet comments. They are appreciated.

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      1. It definitely speaks of the mood. It definitely does. 😁😁😁😁 and you’re welcome loads.
        I haven’t heard the song you mentioned but a similar one coming to my mind right now is Enrique’s “Turn The Night Up”. The drinks, the seduction, the mood!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍


    1. Delighted by your words. Thanks. The mojitos and thoughts of a lovely lady inspired it. But honestly, never received the seal of approval from my muse (as I had hoped). So, I will have to turn things up several notches on Monday.

      Those two lines you pointed out were my favorites as well. The thought has me sighing all over again and I haven’t even had a mojito.
      So, I guess that it means it was the lady all along.

      Linda thank you for your visit. Appreciate your kind words. I have you in my queue. I will be there shortyly.

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  1. You are a talented writer! Love your prose and poetry. I’m finding it weird that I don’t get any notifications whatsoever of any new posts from your blog even though I follow your blog. WordPress is weird. Have a great weekend! – Sherline πŸ˜€

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