Your Love Rains Poetry Over Me


Your Love Rains Poetry Over Me


In search of the sweetest oasis
I’m parched from drinking sand
After an arid life sadly roaming
Lonely deserts as love demands

Your arrival was a major storm
As wet metaphors matted my hair
And a precipitation of pink passion
Left us a quivering shivering pair

Douse me with your tender verses
As your love rains poetry over me
Immersed in the bliss of your oasis
Let your downpour deliver ecstasy


164 thoughts on “Your Love Rains Poetry Over Me

    1. So happy that you enjoyed it. Hopefully, Sleeping Beauty will approve when she awakens. Thank you for your kind words. It feels great to experience your genuine happiness for our love. My deepest appreciation goes out to you.

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    1. Nandita showers me with so much love everyday. Honestly, I started this poem discussing deserts, because compared to my Baby, all the other women in my life before her, were exactly that dry deserts.

      I like that line as well. Thanks for your read and comments. I appreciate it.

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      1. What a gift you are to each other 😊. That’s a great comparison. Isn’t it funny how we begin to write one thing and then it turns on us and gives us a bit of surprise. I like it when it does that. My pleasure, y’all have a beautiful evening and morning 🌙☀️

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        1. Smiling. I like to think we are gifts that were brought together. I am certain she will be delighted with the desert and oasis comparison. I too love writing that can move in an unexpected direction. It is my evening and her morning. Thank you from both of us. We appreciate your kind words.

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    1. So nice seeing you Sameera. Well, the colors and metaphors were lessons taught by my amazing mentor. Her influence resides in all I write. Thank you for the read and compliments. Appreciate it. Be well.


  1. Darling, I should keep aside my babygirl and fangirl excitement😍😍😍 for a wee bit and seriously marvel at the sheer excellence of this work, from the perspective of someone who understands and loves poetry.

    What strikes me the most here is symbolism of course, rain being the key motif and metaphor. ‘Drinking sand’, ‘arid life’, ‘roaming lonely deserts as love demands’ – the rigmarole of disappointments that a relentless heart goes through only because there is hope that an oasis is hidden somewhere in the desert. I couldn’t have put it any better.

    The next two verses are a treasure house of metaphors ‘as wet metaphors matt your hair’. Taking that expression in context with the oasis you have referred to in your first and final verses, it makes me drool over your exceptionally clever wordplay. Also, my arrival you allude to a storm with shivers of pink passion which eventually and ultimately leads to calm when you close your poem with ‘delivery of ecstasy’.

    The storm has no doubt been a tricky one 😎 where there has been cool relief as well as burning agony, as indicated by your “precipitation of pink passion” immediately followed by “douse me with your tender verses”. I love the dichotomy and the juxtaposition in the final verse. And then the oasis again….immerse..downpour…rain rain rain everywhere!!!

    Highly sensual, tastefully erotic, beautiful diction, gorgeous imagery, exceptional metaphors – what’s there not to love!! A magnificent work of art through and through, where your passion comes forth drenching me insane. Not a single flaw I can see (not that I was looking for one), even the rhymes are so meticulously placed. This now gets first place in my heart. Pure genius from my wonderful, outstanding Poetry Maker!

    You make me smile to be the muse of your poetry, you make me so proud to be your mentor, but you make me the happiest to be your love.

    Oh the photo credit thingy was very clever. Lol.


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    1. This is the greatest comment I have ever received. You understand me so well. ❤ My life was a desert (arid) before you arrived. Always roaming, in search of that oasis.
      Honored that you broke it down like this. My muse inspired this. My mentor made this possible. My love for you was the magic that swept through my pen and imagination. Your love is rain rain rain everywhere. ☔ ☔ ☔
      Thank you for making me a better poet. And thank you for making me a better man. you with all my heart. This poem couldn’t have been possible if it were not for you. Love you. ❤ ❤ ❤ 💘 💘 💘
      Thank you

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    1. Funny you picked that line. This poem was completed about a week ago, but the “parched from drinking sand” was missing. I needed to think of something expressing the dryness, and that finally came to me yesterday afternoon. Really happy you mentioned it. Thank you so much for your comments here and my prior post. So happy. Thank you.

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  2. Hey dew!!if you are not really married;plz accept your a bride.this is my hearly wish.hope you don’t reject my request.she is bitterly heart broken and her ex-boyfriend will never come US only you are maine n kindhearted friend for her.befor she returs to home;plz accept her.i want her with you as a lovely couple.plz plz plz-give attention on my request.i am telling all seriously🕇

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  3. You two are those two heart pieces which fit perfectly into each other.One is incomplete without other and as a whole it is the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world!!
    God bless!!!

    And I love the love you pen for her❤❤❤

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    1. Your comments warm my heart. I can imagine the joy my Nandita will feel when she reads this. We do feel uncomfortable when the sun rises in her or my half of the world. As one is asleep, the other waits patiently for their twin flame to rise. Thank you for your wonderful words and support. We appreciate it.

      And the love I pen for her… is the beauty of Nandita reflected in my words and deeds. She is love and poetry.

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      1. That day will come soon when your sun will rise together and you two will watch the same sunset💕💕💕

        And indeed N is pretty inside out to make your poetries so so amazingly beautiful❤😊

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    1. Nandita and I believe it will work eternally. Thank you for the read and your comment.

      On a different note; where can I find your blog? It is a bit odd, that I see there is no link to any blog page.


  4. Sometimes, when I read your poetry to Nandita and hers to you, it is so heavily laden with intimacy, I feel as if I am intruding into the beautiful world you two share. So if I don’t comment, that is the only reason why. Lovely write, Andrew.

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    1. You made me laugh with this comment. Our writing has taken on this aura of being personal writes to one another; I can see how a person can feel as if they are imposing. Feel free to say anything. People are witnessing the blooming of a love and I expect followers will see the courtship, first kiss, and other loving moments. Thank you Linda for the read and words. They are appreciated.

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        1. Hi Linda, your honesty touched me. But guess what, our poetry is akin to a garden where we keep planting seeds lovingly alongside each other but those seeds bloom even more magnificently when wonderful visitors such as yourself water them with kindness. 💕🌹🌺

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      1. Hi Lorena, I’m going to repeat what I just said to Linda (with whom you agreed)
        Our poetry is akin to a garden where we keep planting seeds lovingly alongside each other but those seeds bloom even more magnificently when wonderful visitors such as yourself water them with kindness. 🌺🌺

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  5. Awesome piece. I do love seeing poets and writers pleasantly overcome with love. One’s writing always takes on new dimensions when their heart and soul is claimed by another. Do keep writing!

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  6. There’s nothing that quenches a thirsty heart more than love. What an amazing ode to the one you love. Love the symbolism of how dry you were until she came and saturated you words of love that quenched you. Like I said, I admire you two and I am so happy to know great people like you. Amazing pair.🌹🌹

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    1. You read me so perfectly. Thank you for that Roy. My love life was arid before she arrived. Nandita changed it all. You make us both so happy with your words and amazing support. Thank you for that. I know my Baby deserves to be happy.

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  7. You who have the fortune to write what you feel is a gift that life gave you. Your writing is incredible, I liked it. At this moment I am going to share it with my readers so that they know you and can read you. Congratulations. Kisses.

    By the way, go to my blog and I invite you to read the last entry entitled “Pregnant at 70 years old”.

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  8. True love can only be held back for so long and then it must descend, a cataract of desire and passion.
    Well, you wrote it so much more beautifully. Sometimes comments only ruin what’s already been best expressed. My apologies – I didn’t mean to ruin it.
    (I think I know to whom the photo credit belongs but I will keep silent.)


          1. You are right,dew!!for living,happiness is nessaccary to all in US,time of is the time of morning 9.00am.good night ,dew,sweet


  9. This such stunning and exquisitely beautiful poetry!!! I admit my limitation of my ability to give words in response time and again! May you two be blessed with the greatest Love always.


  10. Reading your poetry to kill the time while I slowly wither away like a petal in the blazing sun waiting for a drop of…

    Nope. Can’t do flowery poetry. Tried.
    This poem is gorgeous. Like I can taste it on my lips and feel it on my fingers . Perfect


                    1. Haha, I did know that…I am full of useless information. It’s another talent…or not as the case may be

                      Yep. You’ve woken something in me that is in danger of laying waste to the surrounding villages

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