haunting memories of her



Drink enough wine and combine them with lonesome thoughts and your mind can conjure anything.  Monday night, thoughts about what would happen to me if my precious Baby said goodbye, plagued me.  This is a product of that dispirited mood.  Something very different.


haunting memories of her


her absent love hangs heavily
like the dusty drapes in an abandoned mansion
forbidding hope to enter
forever entombing me in darkness

white blown kisses float aimlessly
appearing as wandering apparitions
chanting unanswered questions
in search of eternal light

pale ghosts of affections lost, torment me
dragging my unrequited carcass
burying me alive with haunting memories of her
in a tomb I could never escape


Don’t worry.  Love is on the menu for tomorrow.

Photo Credit:  ghost of love 2 by marcianus



172 thoughts on “haunting memories of her

  1. I’m glad you’re back. I haven’t been around either but I’m glad to see you are writing. I don’t ever want to think about life with out my soul mate. We’ve been together so long it just doesn’t seem possible. We decided a long time ago that murder was cheaper than divorce so we’re in it to the death! lol romance is so much sweeter after a good rough! ;0)

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  2. The only way a writer can grow is when he/she starts writing in a way that makes readers think out of their comfort zone. Strictly speaking from a poetic perspective, I think you did pretty well by writing something totally out of the head, with a little help of alcohol. Lol. I particular admired the way you managed to create a very Hitchhock atmosphere with some fantastic motion picture imagery..the dusty drapes not letting hope enter, white kisses floating like apparations…unrequited carcass was as morbid as can get..gave me the chills..

    Very brave of you to attempt this, mi amor. Shows your passion as a writer/poet.

    And as for the sentiment, it’s not gonna happen unless the carcass becomes me first. I love you ❤️❤️❤️

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        1. Sounds good to me. lolololol 💘 💘 💘 Te amo. Mwah. I go to sleep now. Have a good day. Stay off the heels. Not good for your back. If the day gets stressful, have them bring you tea. Don’t forget there’s no Pepsi at home. Love you. Goodnight.

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  3. Hello, your poems are always good. I don’t need to repeat it time and again. This time I need your help. Please explain me what this means – The call for applications states that the book proposal should be “oriented towards final publication, and outline a roadmap towards that destination”.
    Reply soon.

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    1. Really happy you liked these lines. I found the image haunting and somewhat creepy. But losing someone we love means having to be trapped with these memories that will linger forever.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I appreciate hearing your thoughts.

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        1. Oh good, I’m glad you got this! LoL I’ve been having some issues with posting comments to others and when I tried yours and then the word changed it told me I couldn’t comment again to fix it!

          I thought ‘oh boy he’s going to think i’m nutz’! So, I even made up a post for you hoping you would see it and understand!! So you wouldn’t think the rabbit truly has gone mad…. :O
          At least you got a good chuckle out of it I’m sure! Enjoy your day! 😀

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  4. No doubt I loved the poem.In love it’s important to realize what your life will be without Love.And you have put that emptiness in words so well Andrew👏👏👏👏

    But more than the poem I loved that you reminded N to get pepsi❤❤❤❤❤
    Love is the easiest feeling yet believed to be most complicated.I love you Andrew for this.And I will love you more when my N will get Jimmy Choo😂

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    1. First, I think this was a good exercise. When one takes time to think about how their life would change if they lost their beloved, you make sure you appreciate them even more.
      Second, well, I knew she didn’t have Pepsi in the house. We both love Pepsi. I wanted to remind her so she picks some up on the way home. We do these things all the time. She will get those Jimmy Choo.
      She is worth it.
      Thank you for all of your kind words. We treasure every word.

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  5. I totally agree with you that we appreciate our beloved when we realize what life would be without them😊

    And I believe these small words of care forms the vast sea of love💖

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  6. I loved this Drew and the title fits it perfectly, haunting memories of her. You’re living without her but you’re dead inside and she’s the spirit haunting your cemetery inside of you. You’re amazing Drew and your love for her is beyond, I adore you both. This was a wonderful write.

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      1. No problem, you write so well and I love reading you too. The emotion you put into it and the understanding of feelings you put behind it is wonderful, I admire you two.
        I post here and there, my post are late but worth the wait post.😂

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        1. Hey, please excuse the lateness in some of my responses. Messages start to pile up over here. Then, there are days where Nandita are on video chat for hours. Thanks for your support, I will read your older posts. Anything you recommend.

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          1. No apologies needed, I understand. Traffic, post, life and your love….I get it😊. You have my full support, your writing is awesome. My older post, you can just throw a dart and choose, they’re all good. I put my heart in everything I write.

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  7. OH GOSH!! I really like this one! Its so horror-like and haunting. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the phrases “her absent love hangs heavily / like the dusty drapes in an abandoned mansion” and “white blown kisses float aimlessly / appearing as wandering apparitions” and “pale ghosts of affections lost, torment me / dragging my unrequited carcass”. YOU ARE GOOD AT POETRY, SIR! I enjoyed this so so so so much.

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  8. Maybe it’s something in the air this week, but I wrote a poem today that took a dark turn, which is unlike me as well. That said, you did well with this Andrew. And sometimes, thinking about those possibilities creates some fantastic, though sad and dark, poetry. For myself, it helps me to never take those I love for granted.

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            1. I’m in a really silly mood. Just posted something so silly again.
              And now I’m really sleepy. The booze you see. Goodnight darling. Can’t wait to read your letter post. Mwah mwah and an eternity of mwahs!!

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    1. Recovering from a big loss like that can take a lot of time. It is not easy. I am happy you were finally able to recover. Thankfully, ths was something from my imagination and my Honey still loves me.

      Thanks for reading and for sharing your thoughts, It is appreciated.


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