she bleeds poetry


she bleeds poetry


Her words are oxygen

filling my lungs with love.

Intoxicated by her verses

my head rests on metaphors.

Finding solace in each stanza

her writing emboldens me.

My muse doesn’t write poems

she bleeds poetry.


288 thoughts on “she bleeds poetry

              1. I mean the devil girl dairy, one picture only for do many post

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  1. Well, there are way too many things that I would love to say about this Stunningly Awesome poem but shall not go “on and on and on and on” here! Your words so exquisitely and delightfully described your Muse and her inspired influence on you! Mark this done in your diary – this will be one of your lifetime classics!!!

    Bellissimo, My Friend, Bellissimo!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this masterpiece with us!!!
    Does your Muse take on new poets under her wings! LOL!

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    1. Chuck, you have stunned me with this wonderful comment on my blog. Honestly, I am tempted to ask my beloved muse to reply to these comments, as she so often does on my blog.. Thank you so much for your extremely generous words. I have to be honest, the few times that I have written something that I dare call poetry, well my muse/mentor Nandita inspired me. For without her, I am nobody.

      Thank you for this message, I will reply to the other one as well. As for my loving muse, Nandita adores and respect poetry so much I am certain she is willing to work with any poet. Thank you for kind words and support. Have a wonderful day, I know you made this gray day brighter. Thanks.

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      1. I know the feeling, My Friend! When something you have written totally Wows someone! It is thrilling and I am happy you have felt this way from my comments but really it is I who was Wow’d by your words in “She Bleeds Poetry”! I have reread this poem so many times now and am awed each and every time with the exquisite words and descriptions. From the very first words one is captured by the elegance and grace of the feelings and phrasing that builds the emotional impact on the heart! I honestly do think you should put this on special paper and maybe get it done in Calligraphy and framed! You will be the Proud Father of this poem for the rest of your life – And You should be! It is a masterpiece – Mark my words!
        I am so happy that you resisted the temptation to let your Muse answer this comment! It has taken me awhile to get adjusted to people’s reactions to my works. Fortunately, no haters yet, knock on wood!
        I need you to do something for me! I need you to promise me that you will go to “The Go Dog Go Cafe’s – Promote Yourself Monday” (see their site or mine for info and link) and follow the instructions and post a hyperlink in the comment section to “She Bleeds Poetry”??? Their 24 hour clock starts at 11 p.m. on Sunday night so in order to get as much exposure as possible in the orient it is best to post right after 11 p.m Eastern Standard.
        I want to help you get more exposure for this poem! You should also have Nandita post a hyperlink to one of her best recent works also – perhaps “The Key”??? This is a weekly recurring feature that the two of you should take advantage of – in my opinion?
        I know that feeling about being “nothing” without one’s Muse! When I hit a dry spell I wonder and worry if perhaps I have been “forsaken”! I am starting to feel better about the thought that she is capable of inspiring me for longer periods of time than just a day. That helps! You are blessed that Nandita is your Muse and with you!
        If “She Bleeds Poetry” is an example of what you are capable of, then it seems it is just the tip of an iceberg of poetry that you need to start writing. Get busy you two! LOL! One thing I will suggest to you is to consider writing Haiku. This is a very short and structured form that I think you might like. You can check out the Haiku on my sight. I have labeled as such but have stopped in the recent past as I think more people read a post if it isn’t labeled as Haiku. Anyway, it’s fun to write, doesn’t take much time and inspiration is everywhere!
        I shall continue to glean seeds of inspiration from you and Nandita in hopes of more poems blooming! Thanks for putting in a good word for me with Nandita. Your poem is exquisite proof of her “Musing” ability!!
        Here is a piece I wrote, in case either of you have not read it yet:
        Blessings to you both!


    2. Your words are so sweet, Chuck. Andrew deserves all the praise in the world for being not just a fantastic poet but for being a truly wonderful man.
      And as for me “taking on new poets under my wings”, lol. You make me smile. The truth is if I soar the way I do, it’s only because Andrew gave me wings. And he is the wind beneath my wings. Having said that, I’d be glad to be of any assistance you may need, poetry-wise of course.
      Thank you once again for the kindest words you had for the two of us

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      1. Thank you Nandita for your wonderful comment! You are right about praise deserved as a poet and we will definitely take your word for it on being a “truly wonderful man”! I’m happy I made you smile!! One of my alternative objectives in life and in writing too! It is so great the way the two of you uplift and inspire each other as Kindred Spirits!! (see my Kindred Spirits –

        I will say that you both “Soar” and it is great that you are inspiring each other! Please see my comment to Andrew above on the Go Dog Go Cafe’s Monday events!

        I would love for you to give me permission to be inspired by your words/phrases as seeds of inspiration! If you can arrange that with Andrew too, I’d be grateful!!! (Oh, please thank him for the graphic “You are a Writer! The “normal” ship sailed long ago without you!” – I loved it. Posted it and credited it to his site. (What You Need To Know About Yourself).

        The two of you are very blessed to be a Muse for each other and have similar passions for writing and each other! Truly blessed! There is nothing quite as wonderful as a Soulmate!!!
        Blessings to you both!

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        1. Chuck we move each other o much I am surprised we haven’t experienced an Earth quake. Nandita, is everything a man could ever hope for. Supportive, inspiring, and beautiful. I am very touched by your words. Any time any one acknowledges my union with my loving muse, well, it warms my heart. I am a lucky man.
          Regarding the graphic, lol. It is there cause my normal ship cast off long ago. (Probably sunk too.)
          Thanks Chuck for your wonderful support and words. I know I can speak for my better half. We are truly grateful. Hugs,

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          1. You are so blessed, Andrew to have such a Soulmate!!! Nothing quite like it in the world! I know exactly what you mean. I always tell people if I had been given a pen and paper and asked to list everything I would want in a woman, a wife and lover I would never have listed even half of all the things that my Beloved brings to me. Blessed is the word that always come to my mind.

            Happy to have enjoyed your words/works and been able to share them! Really appreciate us being able to connect, and share!

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        2. Thank you once again Chuck. You continue to humble us. Very kind of you really.

          Whatever souls are made up of, Andrew and mine are the same. We are not just soulmates, we are twin flames. But that is not the only reason I love him the way I do. To out it simply, with all due respect to men, there is no one like him. It’s just sad we met late in life, but the Universe gives us exactly what we need at the exact time we need it. Andrew is the best thing that happened to me. And even if we cannot be together, I will never stop being in love with him. For, I am no longer me now that he is a part of me.

          Thank you once again. As for your recommendation of haikus, I write haikus quite often. And I’ll be sure to read yours whenever you post. May God bless you Chuck. You’ve been so supportive of us and that means the world to us.

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  2. This is so beautiful! My favorite time for me is when the words flow like water or rain. It isn’t happening as much right now, hope it is just a slow time, but Alzheimer’s tends to crowd in and deletes the words before or as they come. Sometimes thoughts are completely erased. Then there are the times I write something and have no memory of having written it. Then I am left wondering, did I really write that? I would far rather get lost in words and my thoughts than lost somewhere else that I may not be able to get back from. Oh, I know that time will come, but I want it to be later. Funny, I am less frightened of death than Alzheimer’s. Somehow that doesn’t make sense.

    Keep writing this lovely poetry. 🙂 I enjoy reading it and it helps ease a troubled mind. HUGS

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    1. I am very sorry to hear of your health issues. I have so much fear of one day struggling with my memory. I feel for you. Glad you still find moments of clarity where you can enjoy poetry.
      Thank you for your lovely comments and thank you for sharing your thoughts. I wish you all the best. Be well. BIG HUGS


  3. “She bleeds poetry” I’m loving it. It shows so well how much she inspires you and, in turn, you both inspire us.


      1. You consistently produce such beautiful poetry. I’ll never be a poet, but I consider myself a decent writer of books. I’m working toward being upgraded to a hack. 🙂 I’ve had some troubles and depression, plus being way behind on deadlines. My wife’s family was burned out by the Camp wildfire in northern California. All are safe, though friends (of theirs) were lost. Hurricane Michael destroyed much of my hometown (Panama City, FL), and all but wiped Mexico Beach (where I’d lived for more than ten years before moving to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains) off the map. All my family and friends there suffered property damage, but all are okay. So sorry for spilling this, but in a way it helps. Thank you for your comment on my comment. 🙂

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        1. Oh my God. How much tragedy can happen to one family in such a brief period of time. So sorry to hear all of this. I was viiting Miami when Michael was on a rampage.

          Happy to hear that everyone is okay, but is someone truly okay after losing their home?
          This is heartbreaking.

          Best of luck in your writing. With all these things happening around you, how could you not fall behind on dealines. Don’t be hard on yourself. Life happens. We just have to find a way to work around it. Easier said than done, right?

          Thanks for tyhe compliments on my poem. I trulky appreciate your beautiful words and visits. Humbled that you took the time out to read this and the other posts. Very grateful.

          Any time you need to air things or just wasnt to talk, don’t be afraid to reach out.

          Be well Michael. Wishing you and yours a peaceful and warm holiday season. And a 2019 that makes up for the losses of 2018.

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          1. Very kind of you, Drew (Andrew?). It’s an old story: possessions (most) can be replaced, but loved ones can’t. Karen (my wife) is flying out to CA this Wednesday to be with them. That should be very helpful and uplifting for her sisters and mother who is in her ’90s (but sharp as a tack). She lost everything material, including photos and other momentoes that can never be replaced. But they have each other. So many others cannot say the same, both in Florida and California. But life goes on. . . . 🙂

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            1. Yes , it is Andrew. I like Drew as well.
              The company of your wife will bring some comfort to them. Some loss of some possessions will be heartbreaking, but like you say, loved nes can’t be replaced,

              I truly wish them all the best.
              I hope their lives can truly go on…..

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