my guardian angel


my guardian angel


I am her adoring disciple
She is my cathedral of love
A guardian angel
Forever watching over me
For when she spreads her wings
I am blessed by her poetry

She is my religion 
So willing to bear any cross
Loving unconditionally
While making sacrifices without fear
My loving angel would injure herself
Just to baptize me with her tears


This is for YOU.  The most unselfish, self-sacrificing woman I have ever met.

101 thoughts on “my guardian angel

  1. There is such love in your ink it not only drenches me completely but never fails to smear everyone else who reads you. That’s the beauty of your pen, that’s the magic of YOU!

    I loved waking up to this, thank you darling for this absolutely sumptuous breakfast. xoxoxo

    P.S. I hope there are no more jellyfish

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  2. Sounds like the ideal woman. I didn’t know in the beginning you only wrote sexy post. Nothing wrong with that. We all need a fantasy. Want to throw a 60-70’s song in the mix for tomorrow? I’m not into to metal but yesterday I listen to bands with women fronts! Wow, some were quite good but I think my following is older than metal. Have a great day.


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