raggedy me


Being the only child of parents who were only children, life gets a bit difficult at times.  Now, my only daughter hasn’t taken my call in two months.  This little piece comes from the pain of a lonely life.


raggedy me


I am a rag doll
With a button eye that cannot see

I am so broken
From love bursting at my seams

See my stitches
They form a sad smile eternally

My unwanted heart
Keeps loving inside of raggedy me


My happiNess can be found in one letter of the alphabet.




116 thoughts on “raggedy me

  1. It’s just heartbreaking when children misunderstand that the issues between their parents are not theirs and should not have any impact on their relationships with their parents on an individual basis. I hope your daughter eventually realizes how much she’s missing and finally returns a phone call from her dad who loves her very much. My heart goes out to you, Andrew.

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  2. Beautiful words that cut to the heart. Life can be a bitch at times. I’ve had my share. I wish you reconcilleation and a lifelong beautiful relationship with your daughter. I know how it can be, please believe me. Here’s wishing you all the best this life has to offer. 🙂

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  3. Another touching poem Andrew, you’re a good person, perhaps the raggedy doll with the one eye is only seeing half the story. Maybe your daughter does want to talk to you but influences are probably preventing such case. Things like that can be hard indeed but the love you feel I’m sure resides in her also and one day the broken gap of communication will cease. Kind souls can not go unanswered my friend. A brilliant outpouring of your feelings.

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    1. Catherine is always treated as the center of my world. The problem is I spoke about my concerns over a new circle of friends and drug use. She doesn’t like it when I scold her. On other occasions she has stopped talking to me for several months. Once lasting almost a year and a half. I am afraid this will be another ling one. Thanks for your words and support.

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        1. I didn’t take it that way Diane. I’m just frustrated.
          If I speak up I lose her and if I don’t I watch her throw away her life. So, I spoke up. Hopefully, she makes the right choices, even if it means she is not with me. Thank you always for your concern.

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  4. I love the image of the stitched mouth in the shot you chose for this post. So often love means keeping silent. Something I’m not all that good at, but I’m learning. Praying for you and your daughter, and most of all for happy endings!


    1. Thank you so much. I had to deliver a message she didn’t want to hear, but it was for her own good. And as I was typing this reply to you she just called me. Of course she needed something, but she called. Thank you for your lovely words of support. You brought me luck. Thanks.

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  5. Oh poor dad always look after his child .may be he has become young man/young girl.your kathrine is your only one daugher so she has her own attitude.she can not be wrong.always cares for her perents.you are a good person-your all qualities are presented in her personality.she will do with caring of you.she is nice baby.bless you n her.your poem about her is beautiful as a careful dad.i like one dad’s feeling about of his daughter.you are so much lovely dad to her.


  6. In your poem-last line is amazing.plz say to N dt she should care your baby n give nice consolation to your disturbed heart.bless you both.


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