over and over again (Erotic)


over and over again


walking through the door
I find you in the kitchen
I grab your wrist roughly
Because you are my possession
I push you up against a wall
Cause your body is my obsession

I smack your sweet ass
Press you hard against the wall
Kiss your gasping mouth
I pull your silky hair
You say you want it rough
And I do you right there

This is no time for love
It is no time for affection
You will see sweet heaven
Not just now and then
Cause I will take you whenever I want
Over and over again



132 thoughts on “over and over again (Erotic)

  1. This is as HOT as you. Damn Amor!! You make me lose control!! I was/am in the mood for some good good lovin’ tonight and this….(censored)

    Video call NOW!! Let me take care of you again, let’s get a room shall we? It’s so damn hot in here!! ❤️❤️❤️ Oh, you’re in trouble, my sexy hot wonderful wonderful man. You are DESIRE! Driving me crazy

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    1. She’s totally uninhibited, this girl when it’s me she loves
      For she wears nothing but fishnet and satin gloves
      When I tell her I am hungry and need some good lovin’
      She’s a good girl, but for me she’s the baddest bad girl in the makin’

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    1. Thank you so much. The same way we inspire one another to write love poems, we feed off our sexual energy as well. I am a bad boy by nature and well, let me say this. When Nandita is good she is good, But when she is bad oh God she is deliciously better. Thanks you for reading.

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      1. I sit here reading these words. Thinking this sounds like someone I truly care about. I hope your video chats and texts aren’t at the cost of someone’s life. If you guys want each other stop writing and make it happen. I suffered at the hands of my husband’s actions. He too is a great poet. But I rarely get any poems. Grunt poets…. live….be free. Let others find someone too.


        1. There are a few odd things by your comment. First, there is no link for me to check out your blog page. So, that in itself is pretty cowardly. You couldn’t write this from your own real blog? The poems, video chats, and texts between Nandita and myself are at no one’s expense (nor life). You don’t know anything about my love life situation nor hers. NOT THAT IT IS ANY OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS YOU FUCKING IDIOT. You say you suffered at the hands of your poet husband. Well, Felix is a strange name for a woman. So you are a lying sack of shit. Since you are such a judgmental intrusive coward commenting in this way (and not from your own blog), I can understand why your husband doesn’t write any poetry for you. You think a little prying shit like you deserves it? Find whoever you want or please, wherever you want and please, just don’t look for them here. Why don’t you try to fix things in your own damn messed up life instead of trying to live mine and Nandita’s. You are a useless shithead occupying space and using up our air. Go away you little fucking gnat.


  2. Oh my 😉
    Sexy hot like it should be 😊
    Love it – good for you Nandita 💕
    I tried to respond to your comment on my poem – I’ll never forget”.. I accidentally hit spam 😱
    But thank you 😊 all is well – we’ve been busy traveling & enjoying life – and writing takes a back seat..
    hope life is treating you & N well my friend 💕

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            1. In the movie it was a super sexy bad girl sent by the devil to ruin the hero. It is a metaphor for bad girl. But the the song said “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets.” In other words, I cannot refuse you requests Love. You asked for an erotic write, I gave it to you. lol


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