Another Fallen Tear

The inspiration for this little thing came from a recent Video Chat.


Another Fallen Tear


When we cry together
It feels as if
We have loved forever
If only you
Could feel my fingers
Your moist cheek
Then perhaps
My pain won’t hurt so bad
Another fallen tear
My trembling screen


For Nandita


165 thoughts on “Another Fallen Tear

          1. I THINK …SHE’S THE ONE YOU THOUGHT GORGEOUS. SHE’S A POETRY BLOGGER–OF MANY SUBJECTS. HER BLOG IS i don’t think that i treated her any different than how I treat everybody…but she was impressed with my kindness…and wanted to suggest…seriously=?…that my kindness was beyond human–angelic. Anyway,, I’M NOT AN ANGEL! somehow the suggestion came up for her to adopt me as her cyber Daddy and me her as the adoptive daughter I couldn’t have on my own. It’s primarily a position of love and encouragement.

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