Sin Tu Amor (Without Your Love)


 Sin Tu Amor  (Without Your Love)


Sin tu amor
Your tattooed memories remain
Flickering inside my blazing heart
Along with the poetry you engraved

Sin tu amor
Slow lava tears scorch my ducts
As your words drip down my cheeks
Since you are not here with me

Sin tu amor
Smoldering emotions consume me
With a fire that will never douse
For our love will burn eternally


Yes, unfortunately, it is over.  I am eternally grateful for my time with N.  She is a remarkable, talented, loving woman.  And I dare say, for a brief time, I was loved in a way no man has ever been loved.


316 thoughts on “Sin Tu Amor (Without Your Love)

          1. Sometimes, our greatest love was intended for only a short time and in that time wisdom was gained that prepares the soul for the next sojourn, the light on the horizon, and we must be readied for that. The experiences that teach the soul are often the most painful. Be well, my friend and face the horizon where the sun rises.

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      1. Not to hurt but to heal my life had seven real relationships before l met the right lady in my life and l found it was only when their was no questions that it must be God who put us together. A man with such a good ❤️ as yours deserves the best and only the best God Bless Andrew

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  1. Sorry to hear about your breakup and a bit surprising as I had just been reading about your love and was happy for you. I guess I am really not up to date with my readings. Be well Andrew. This too shall pass as they say

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          1. India is not an easy place to move to believe me. If you offered that, it really means that you were ready for everything for your love. I can’t imagine why she decided to break up as it does not seem to have been your choice.Usually women are the ones who hang on to a relationship until it can’t be handled anymore. So sorry for you that it did not turn out that way in this instance. For having lived one I know that long distance relationships can be difficult but they are not impossible. All you need is love to get through the thick and thin. Eventually things have a way of smoothing themselves out when one is ready to fight for one’s love. Hopefully the good memories will last you long enough till another love comes and makes you feel whole again. It might not seem that way now when you are hurting but we always survive and continue to live and love and one fine day a love comes again that seems much brighter than the one which we lost and we are always amazed in this journey of life how we think things that are impossible seem so possible again. I wish you well Andrew. Take good care of yourself. You deserve to love and be loved in return wholeheartedly.

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  2. The after-shock of pain, sometimes feels like a dead lane, no flowers down the road, or sunshine through the window panes, but hold out for that rain, and grieve through the clouds, because eventually they evaporate, your heart will renew out loud, you’ll discover more than what currently seems possible, as there’s love to be found. 🙂

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  3. I am sorry to hear about the ending of something so beautiful. But if you tried everything and yet it didn’t work then it’s not your fault.
    So I hope the very best for you in the future, and I must say I loved how you have expressed yourself so beautifully.

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    1. Thank you for your words. Yeah, I tried everything I could. That knowledge will help me eventually find piece. But I don’t like to take about fault. She is a amazing loving woman. Things were becoming more difficult for us, and I guess she couldn’t take it anymore. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are greatly appreciated.

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  4. Andrew, I’m in shock. I’ve been away for three days and only now catching up. Your heartbreaking words, all the comments, they simply break my heart. I never expected this but then so much of life is unexpected isn’t it? No consolation I know. What I do know is that if something is meant to be, you will somehow find a way to be together with N. And if not, may the love that you both shared sustain you. I wish you peace my friend, both of you. xx

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      1. I’m always here for you Drew and for N too. My break truly breaks for you both but you know me, forever the optimist. There’s a part of me that will always harbour hope. I hope you do too. Hugs xx


  5. well, hello there! i missed everything and i end up reading this! you were really happy, and i loved seeing you so happy. well, this was rather expected tbh! i wish you all the best! please take care of yourself! and try to enjoy your life! you’re probably in a lot of pain right now, but hey with time, it’d feel much better! i hope i would find you as happy as you were then, with or without anyone by your side! you’re beautiful, in your own way, mate! remember that! take care of yourself!

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  6. My dear friend, I’m sad for your break up. I never could’ve imagined that such a beautiful bond could ever break. Please stay positive and take care of yourself. Everything’s going to be just fine. xx 🍀🍀🍀

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      1. For what it’s worth right now, you will heal with time. I may take a while but you’ll get there and maybe be able to love another in way you have here. We’ve all got your back and we love and appreciate you and your wonderful words very much 💝 xx

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        1. What an overwhelming and beautiful comment. Thank you so much for your kind words. Yeah, I am wise enough to know the pain will eventually go away. Just hard to see that day from this position. Thank you so much for the uplifting message. You have been medicine for my soul.

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  7. “And I dare say, for a brief time, I was loved in a way no man has ever been loved.”

    Wow ..this is so strong..please know that i am a fan of both of your works are both two talented poets…and your collaborations are the one thing my poetic heart would miss..

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    1. Tosha, I will try to be brief. I was planning on flying to India in November. She wasn’t interested. She gave plenty of reasons why we couldn’t be together, I had an answer for every single one; including moving to India myself. After nearly six year, I just won my big fat lawsuit. She never had to work another day in her life.
      I had an answer for everything, but she wasn’t interested. Some people can fake entire relationships, so believe me, I am fine. I won’t mourn something that never was.


      1. I’m sorry Andrew. It sounds like she was more interested in creating a fantasy than reality. The universe knows what you need though, and I’m sure there’s wonderful things ahead. Better to learn she wasn’t serious now, than after spending money on a trip. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, actions mean more than mere words. I also think the lasting kind of love takes work and commitment. It’s a choice more than a feeling some days. Rooting for you in every possible way.

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  8. What? I was gone for a while and the Hot Tamale steaming love went kaput?! No way, Jose. Well, my friend. Do not go to comfort food, okay? Go run in stead. Run like the dickens with your poetic romantic style. Allow us to continue to ride the wind of day dreaming again. From my heart to yours, I’m sorry, but glad you’re still writing. Remember, while pain flees, memories linger forever. Best wishes. Lidia


  9. Sorrow will fade

    When life do us part
    Look a fresh start.
    Do never look back,
    Don’t count what you lack!

    Take deep breaths instead
    And look straight ahead.
    Your sorrow will fade
    As friends race to aid.

    See what is to come:
    A life in the sun!
    The future is bright
    Keep it in your sight!


    1. Oh my this is pretty good. Ideas venture into our heads from anywhere and everywhere. The best part is finding them and turning them into something bolder, something spontaneous that lights up our imagination and turns the key of hope in our will , our direction. Find more ideas , write more ! Well done !


  10. See all the beautiful things that can inspire you to find words and carve them into a sculpture of your ideals . I agree, the inspiration part may be a hurting one , but I hope the experience and the result of writing it has relieved you. I must say , the words are much better than the ones you’d find in a breakup song these days , which can be very cliché. This is so much better. I like the ‘ Lava Tears & Tattooed Memories ‘ parts .You are gifted ! Keep it up !


      1. Yes,dear !! I know very well but that time i wanted to save your family and Allie but my all efforts were failed.for that i feel still now guity still now. I should not have yelled at you on the blog.oh my God!! Forgive me for much silly i was that time.for this ,i would never forgive myself.sorry dear!! I request you to foget dear friend.!!plz enjoy your every moments of life as your heart says.

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