Garden Of Poetry


My poetry rarely contains much symbolism. However, my desire to improve as a poet urged me to pen this little write. (The symbolic meaning of every flower mentioned can be found at the end of the post). The inspiration for this piece comes from Nandita’s “The Root Of Life.”

Garden of Poetry


Strolling through her stunning verses
the aroma of rhymes entices my lungs
as poetic sunflowers generate warmth
and her love blooms in flowery tongues

Her windblown kisses of Baby’s Breath
Are love florets providing a sweet motif
As we exchange our primrose affections
For I am her stem and she my adoring leaf

She will eternally be my sacred lotus
Planted inside the deepest part of me
As I’ve become the photosynthetic sun
‘ever nourishing her garden of poetry


The image reminded me of you N. Eye liner, touch of lip gloss, and of course the flowers in the luxurious black hair.


Sunflowers (adoration, longevity)
Baby’s Breath (purity of heart)
Primrose (eternal love)
Sacred Lotus (In Buddhist symbolism it represents purity of body, speech, & spirit)

353 thoughts on “Garden Of Poetry

  1. You don’t need me to tell you how inspired and lovely this is …just wanted to let you know that I do read you and appreciate you as many others, sweet soul!
    And with the quiet observance that has me feeling a little voyeuristic 🙂

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  2. Challenges to ones craft are bravery incarnate. It also came out well for a step out of the word constructions that you feel comfortable with! Inspiration to try a different form today. Thank you 🤪.

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        1. You are a wonderful writer. You don’t need encouragement from me. Go through your lovely blog and read your posts and comments, and you shall come to realize I am correct. Be happy my friend. Have a wonderful week. And thanks for your kind words.

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  3. Really lovely poem. I think that the imagery is really successful, and I always love a good use of the senses – especially to present the abstract! The ‘aroma of rhymes’ is stunning. x


  4. This is beautiful , I’m trying to improve as a writer and get to something like this. Please follow and like my stuff


            1. Well, I am not a poet either. I actually started writing poetry three years ago. What I have always done is read really good poets. Breakdown their poems, study what they have done. Metaphors is the most powerful weapon you can use. All writers need to paint images. For a poet there is nothing as powerful as a metaphor.


  5. Wow! How did I miss this before??? I just love the way you weaved the words together and painted such a beautiful love poem!!!! It Touched me! Would love to reblog this but wanted to give you the say on whether it is ok with you??? It’s not an easy ask I know but words written long to be heard???
    This is a stunning poem! Bellissimo, Drew, Bellissimo!!!
    Let me know??

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  6. I love this. My favorite part about writing is what comes out of us as we manage around the different restrictions we place around our usual writing styles. I thought this was really beautiful, and I love that you went for it so courageously, and I think you did a really beautiful job. Daring.

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  7. Wow , a great dive into the abyss of poetry ! I’ll definitely remember this piece of compassion. It’s like I really could see you through this poem while reading , trying to find the better poet in you.
    Lovely , especially the ‘primrose affections’. Write more !

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