I Am A Flame (All You Need Is Love)




I Am A Flame

I am a flame
Wrap yourself in my loving warmth
Let my light illuminate your darkness
Do not worry
Tears will never extinguish me
For I am a flame
Glowing for eternity


I hope I reached a few of you with these heartfelt words.

This past Monday was Worlds Beatles Day. I wasn’t aware of it until I read a post by my friend Bernadette of Haddon Musing. Please check it out.

TO ALL OF MY LONG LOST FOLLOWERS: If you are reading this, you have been missed. Please accept my warmest and most sincere heartfelt apologies. Sorry, if I let you down. I assure you I will NEVER let ANYONE come between us again.

TO ALL OF MY NEW FOLLOWERS: My blog has always been about writing, poetry, humor, healing and love (in all of its wonderful forms).

Through email and chat, I have built connections and bonds. I have accompanied bloggers through heartbreak, divorce, infidelity, lost family members, illness, and depression. Once, in December of 2015, during a Christmas Eve party I attended, I chatted for almost six hours with a lonely blogger who voiced thoughts of suicide.

I am not a counselor, I am just a good friend you can talk to.

Should you need to get things off your chest, air out some concerns, rant, need advice, or anything else; I am here for you. You can find me here through my blog.

My emails settings have been changed, so you can easily reach me at: thelonelyauthorblog@gmail.com

Since doors have been slammed shut, my heart is open to anyone who needs it. Please, do not be afraid to reach out. We can heal together.

Finally, we should learn from those four young men who came out of Liverpool.
Whether you are living, hurting, or healing……………ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.


285 thoughts on “I Am A Flame (All You Need Is Love)

  1. As always, beautiful poetry… I love the idea of the fire not being extinguished, touching.
    So wonderful of you to open up channels of communication between you and fellow bloggers. Hope you are healing and healing well. I’m sure you’ll heal well, hope you had a great day today. 🙂

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    1. I had a wonderful day and your lovely comment contributed to the collection of smiles. We all have a fire within us. LIfe or heartbreak may dim the light, but it is never out. Thank you for reading and for your words. Have a glorious one.

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  2. To me, your poem captures love perfectly.

    The Beatles have had a place in my heart since I stole my father’s collection to learn all of their songs just to impress a boy. Long after the crush was gone, the Beatles have remained an all time favorite. “Something” still moves me everytime.

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    1. While writing this post, a few people came to mind because of their thoughtfulness, caring light, and positivity. You were one of them. I knew you would appreciate this post. Thank you for leaving your mark here. It is appreciated. Thanks for your wishes, too.

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          1. I am so humbled, honored and heart-happy that you see that in me. Joy is the gift of divinity that we profoundly open to after experiencing the extreme contrasts of pain. Once we taste it, we find no other choice to keep drinking it in and pour it around. May we keep finding that well of joy and love during our time here.

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    1. Your comments were so sweet and very needed.
      This was what I used to do before. Write about women’s struggles, abuse, and of course love. I tried to help people who needed a friend. My heart and doors are open again. Thank you for reading and for your kind words,

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  3. What a wonderful touching poem. I am glad to see you still believe in love. It is all around us in many forms if we just look for it. Have a fantastic weekend Drew!


  4. I love the Beatles, and the song. And thank you for being there to have a chat to, and sincerely thanks for reading and commenting on my humble writings.


  5. It is great when someone is able to get past what has happened to them and try to help others instead of dwelling in self pity. This shows your strength. It also shows that you care about others. Great song, it has always been one of my favorites! Hope you have a great Sunday! 🙂


  6. Things that were bad have opened up the other side of you as l expected after you said what you said and felt what you felt….. their are those that give …like you and so it makes great changes in their life when tradegy or heartache hits ….. and now you will reach out to the world and not just to one but to all … as now my disciple Andrew you are being born again and standby for an incredible ride ….. here anytime just let me know … you friend now and always Ian 😊


  7. A beautiful sentiment and encouragement–a perfect thing to read at the end of Indie Pride Day, when we indie writers celebrate one another. You are worth celebrating, my friend!


  8. I just got back from Prague. On a walking tour, we visited the Lennon Wall. If you don’t know, it was started in the 80’s when John Lennon was killed. At that time, it was covered with portraits of John and snippets Beatles song lyrics. It was a symbol of freedom and sought after peace. It’s been a long time since the Fab Four, and now the Wall is covered in more generalized graffiti, but there are still a few signs of the original meaning mixed in. The world is a rough place and you never know what’s going on in someone’s personal life ~ let’s all just remember to show some love and compassion to one another.


    1. I love your comment. It is time for everyone to start showing compassion for one another. Had no idea about that wall. Thanks for letting me know. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this post. I appreciate it.

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  9. Andrew I’ve been with my back up against the wall to much drama too much life…..its been a hell of a roller coaster ride….I know you know that’s how come I can say these words to you…. astalavista baby…lets all do the wild thing
    As Sheldon Usually

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