heart gallery


heart gallery


Impasto memories of you are paintings
Hanging in the walls of my heart
Forming a sentimental gallery
Of cubism and abstract art
For every remembrance on display
In this regretful museum of pastel hues
Serves as a lonely inspiration
Reminding me to forget you


186 thoughts on “heart gallery

                1. Regarding the memoir, it is always interesting to inject humor into writing. Any antidotes that you experienced along the way. Best of luck with that. Regarding the following you are correct. Be well my friend. Thanks for stopping by.

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                  1. Thanks for that advice! Antidotes is funny instead of anecdotes. Fyi, my difficulty I following everyone I meet can be found in this 6/20/18 post, I Exercise and Write 24+ Hours Every Week: An A Dude Abikes Round-Up. Ass for humor, on 6/25/18 I imagined having a conversation with my other binrt that you may find amusing. Correction, that should be as for…. Autofill can be funny too!

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