the wind is my voice



the wind is my voice


Did you hear

The breeze outside your window

My lonely heart is to blame

For the wind is my voice

Last night it whispered

Your name


260 thoughts on “the wind is my voice

  1. Last night, she snuggled into a wooden armchair in her little balcony, looking up to the sky which slowly changed its colour. It started raining, she felt the breeze on her face, and her body. Her expression turned soft, almost gentle. The breeze, yeah it was.

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      1. Yeah.i can think about of dis pure love.your little poem give me some sweet memories of my old n only one pure love and i feel-his voice is whispering in my ears.dis feeling is forced me for smiling in dis terrible write so much wonderful for everyone but it is related mostly many person’s feelings.thanks for your beautiful poem n most welcome.hey dew!!you are not own heart full of love is your i right?dear!!

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          1. is absolutely right.all Holy books say as i said.pure love is related d soul and d soul is related d Supersoul.glad dt you like my comments.they are most lucky who have feelings of love for dis way,they are nearest of God.dis is pure love .bless you,dear!!

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  2. Dear Lonely Author
    You have been gone for long.I couldn’t write without you I felt uninspired lost.please don’t ever disappear on me like that ever again.
    N.P Dlamini


      1. πŸ™‚ It’s okay, no need to apologize. It is a part of life and experiencing this loneliness simply means we have loved deeply. Something tells me such winds will eventually turn to warm summer breezes – at least that is my wish you for! Oh, and you are kindly welcome!

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  3. Glad to see you back with a !boom!. I was really missing your way too awesome poetry and here it is. I don’t have words to appreciate it. I guess I got the gist of it perfectly.

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      1. No effort really, besides I was the one who fell behind. First I got unmotivated to blog/write and now I have been suffering from pollen allergies that didn’t allow me to use a pc for a few days. I’m trying to get back on my writing feet once again… Also, I should add that reading your work is always a pleasure and never an effort! So keep it up πŸ™‚

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