stirring thoughts


stirring thoughts


Two sugars in my coffee
My spoon begins to churn
My mind becomes all milky
Over a girl I haven’t met

Sweetened thoughts of her
Swirl in my caffeine head
As if they were blended
By the lazy ceiling fan

Sinking into the whirlpool
Notions spiral out of control
The fan continues stirring thoughts
While my coffee is getting cold


In all honestly, this poem should be labeled as a collaboration because in her poem entitled “no one’s world” my dear friend G. of Short Prose -Fiction ended her wonderful piece with the line “and your coffee’s getting cold.”

Please, take a moment to read her powerful poem that inspired my write; and see how she used contrasting lines in her finale as a delicious exclamation point.

no one’s world.


272 thoughts on “stirring thoughts

  1. I feel that way when I go to my favorite treat shop called the ” Fainting Goat ” and see that wonderful case full of gelato. Honey Lavender, Salted Caramel, Guiness…I try one and feel sorry I can’t try another- I miss the ones that I pass over and mourn for it. Until my next visit.

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  2. Now there is “theloneyauthor” we have all come to know and love! Brilliant and passionate poem once again! I did read your friend’s poem and it was great as well! Thank you so much for sharing such an incredible and I am glad you did lose your magic while on vacation!

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    1. Smiling. And a big one at that.
      Sorry, for the delay in my response. My life has been upside down. Thank you for your ultra kind words. They encourage me to continue writing even as sadness
      consumes me. You are so appreciated here.

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  3. I love your write here Andrew. This makes me think of the chance encounter on the street, a brief smile, eyes that lock on one another, perhaps recognition? and then both move on. Our fantasies are so rich with the ‘perfect’ person for us.

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    1. Sorry, for the delay in my response. I have found it easier to reply in bulk and concentrate on blog reading.
      Yeah, our fantasies are rich and often full of it. LOL Love your words on the chance encounter, There was
      some of that in this little write. Thank you.

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    1. Hahaha . Thank you for your sweet comment. And thank=s for taking the time out to read my poetry.
      Please excuse the delay in my reply. I have had two consecutive vacations and haven’t really blogged much since the start of September.

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    1. I am a very big coffee drinker. So it came naturally for me.
      Very grateful for your sharing this. Thank you for the kind gesture.

      And sorry for the late response. I took a holiday break from blogging.
      I hope you and everyone you love have a happy, healthy, inspiring and blessed 2019.


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