silent love


silent love


My college sweetheart

Was a mute

With a warm heart

That always spoke to me

We held hands in the park

Stole kisses in the hallway

Made tender love

When my parents weren’t home

In her moments of sadness

She trembled in my arms

As she cried silent tears

That so badly needed to scream

She couldn’t whisper I love you

And by never saying it

My speechless lover taught me

Love is more than just a word


Dedicated to the girl I dated in college.

366 thoughts on “silent love

  1. Most beautiful n sweet poem.yeah.i too know n feel dt pure love is silent.i like n impress by you amaging linen” my speechless lover taught me,love is more than just a word.”my favourite lines.dew!!

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      1. are right,dew!!in university days,HE taught me about love.still now he is rememberd by me.Indeed love is not a word it is something we feel that line was suddenly whispers HIS name in my ears.wonderful,dear!!

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  2. D feelings of this poem are riminding me about my only first love.dt love is last love of my life n has lived forever in my soul,will live still end of last breath of my life.nobodoy can forget his/her first love.dew!!

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  3. ‘And by never saying it
    My speechless lover taught me
    Love is more than just a word’

    This poem was incredibly beautiful, Drew! I specially love these lines ❀

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  4. Indeed Drew, the one thing we will always overlook is love is more than the sum of our words. We hang on for the words and miss the glow in a lover’s eyes and how they give all of themselves for our life until finally the right words not forthcoming, Love is abandoned and we seek the razor cuts in our soul for comfort.

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  5. Love is.
    There are no words for it, but we try, poets try, novelists try, music tries and tears try.
    Your lover taught you well, and I truly hope she has a love in her life, today.


  6. This was beautiful as always. I do believe that love is way more than just a word to throw around. Love is something special and a very pure emotion, or at least it should be. I believe we should not use love unless we really truly feel it. I refuse to use that word just casually and will not even utter it to my biological father as we are not close and I can not use that word with him and mean it! You have a magical way with the words you write and I always love reading your poems and I do mean that!

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      1. I can understand, Just shared because other blogger friend asked/ nominated.. ” main moto of my nomination is to say.. I read and follow your blog, cheers my friend.. Keep up the good writings you write.. will be happy reading your posts.. Enjoy life.. all the best.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  7. This is absolutely beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. Love in action is sometimes more profound than words. As the old adage goes, actions speak louder than words. She couldn’t say the words but you knew how she felt.


    1. Not sure what to say. I am humbled by your reaction. I always say love is actions and not words. Too many people play with the word. She always demonstrated her feelings. It taught me to do the same in my relationships.


  8. The girl from college though!!! What an honor to have someone write such a beautiful poem about them. I love it. Wow honestly i’m speechless (yet not speechless ’cause i’m shamelessly rambling in your comment section. “Love is more than just a word.” man i felt that.
    New fan alert!

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    1. Smiling hard. LOve is more tha just a word. She never said it to me but I felt it.
      I learned you show and feel love. Words are useless without actions.
      Delighted that you liked this. Very flattered in fact.
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. Very happy and appreciative.
      Sorry for the delay in my response, this comment was in my Spam folder.
      Have a great day

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        1. I went to the notification I receive from WordPress letting me know you like my comment. I was able to reach your blog through there. Just followed you. I will be reading you soon, but probably not today. The days I post this blog gets a little crazy.

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          1. New York City, Lovely, indeed, that would be some beautiful place …. a lot of people… well, I am in Perth, City of the Free.. Lights so they say, which is wrong… its the only city on the other side of the world.. but, its home ..for me.. and I adore it.. I do miss the Ocean… love the sea…

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