Come follow the tides of my beating heart
And everything will be within our reach
Tonight, we can make the moon blush
By making sandy love on a lonely beach

The ebb and flow of our writhing bodies
Will compose such an aquatic harmony
Tonight, we should abandon dry land
Let our delicious sighs be our symphony

Grains of sand will become smoking ashes
With our delicious loving making intensity
Tonight, we can slowly journey to forever
If we are submerged in love until eternity

384 thoughts on “tonight

  1. (comment with kindness) not if you’ve ever tried it. Believe me, those grains of sand may enhance a romantic concept, but they’re worse than a mediaeval torture in certain situations! I love the idea, though!


  2. So…
    If I say something all moist and juicy you call me a perv, if I say something all reflective and analytical and praising your poetic prowess you call me formal, so how am I supposed to respond to your poetry I wonder….

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                1. Respond. I was just saying to receive as many complaints as the person suggeswted, you have to writing to an audience of more than 1000 blog followers. If I am correct about tht person, they have published 3 books. That person can receive PLENTY of letters from men. Got me?

                  And please forgive me typos today, my vision is extremely blurred today

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                    1. Honestly no idea who that is but I shall Google him good and get back to you .

                      You’re talented, you should write a book that, when you type the words, they make your heart race and you can’t stop them from pouring out. So whatever the subject that does that for you, go with that.

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                    2. Oh that’s the one you’re working? My god I love that. I can’t get enough of the idea that some souls travel across time over and over searching for each other, it just touches me so deeply. And the ancient Egyptian theme? If you had known me years ago I’d say you were writing it just for my pleasure

                      So ..stop saying stupid stuff! Why the eff would I get bored?! Don’t piss me off !

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                    3. Ah, you did like the story. Wonderful. I think it is an idea women will adore. And they are the true book buyers and readers. Today’s man concentrates on sports, food, masturbation, and video games. Pathetic. Almost makes me want to turn in my manhood membership card. But it is the only club I want to be in. There is the Fairy club, but I hate pedicures and kissing other men.

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                    4. Lol. Of course I loved it.
                      Women will and do love that. It’s an innate desire I think that we always want to be connected to and/ or reunited with someone who is “meant to be” and a man searching time and infinite centuries to find that one love is a very addictive concept. Sorry, I got formal again, lol.

                      You are not like other men. I mean don’t hand in your membership card obviously. You’d be missed by the pantie tsunami so much.
                      But you are…rare. Let’s say that

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                    5. If and when I marry it is to dedicate myself to that ONE PERSON. Why get married. Yeah, you may have to watch an action movie with me one day, but I have to sit and watch romances with you. Love is about SHARING.
                      And LISTENING.

                      Men just don’t get it.

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                    6. True.

                      Mostly men, even if they are and can be incredibly sweet when they want to be, there is always a selfish darkness I believe that drives them towards doing things for only themselves .

                      You will get married one day. I absolutely believe that. Someone like you will find his perfect soul and she’ll give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of and vice versa. I really believe that baby

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                    7. Does the beauty of a poem
                      Slowly fade with time
                      If it never has been read
                      Will the dried ink evaporate
                      Like the dreams of a lover
                      Who could never be with you

                      Would your sensuous mouth
                      Be less enticing
                      If I never kissed your lips
                      My lips are unloved petals
                      On a wilting flower
                      Desperate to share a breath with you

                      Would the desert appear less arid
                      If you quenched
                      My urgent thirst for you
                      Then perhaps, my letters of love
                      Won’t lose their romance
                      If they are never sent to you

                      I am going to have to operate under the assumption that you wrote this while thinking of me so if you didn’t, forgive me.

                      The first verse brought the first tear when I read the word poetry and the line “the dreams if a lover who could never be with you.” But also my heart was racing because the longing is so sweet and heartbreaking. And your metaphor was PERFECT.

                      the second verse, with talk of lips and breath made me ache and wet for you. And your metaphor was again, perfection. And so fucking romantic.

                      And finally, the 3rd verse, you thirsty for a taste and the heart wrenching image of “letters of love” much more powerful and delicious and heart melting than “love letters” basically made me want to run away with you and have you make love to me until I am begging you to either stop or never stop then have beautiful babies with you.
                      That’s what got me.


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                    8. Wonderful assumption.

                      Happy the longing broke through. I hoped it would. The dreams of a lover evaporating cause he could never be with you. Sadly, I know this feeling.

                      Unloved lips on a wilting flower. I liked it too. Thrilled that you did.

                      Thirsty is not strong enough my dear.
                      I need to drink a deluge of love. Let it rain over me. Ah, the pitter patter of little Fiery Lonely Author feet. Just lovely. Warms the heart.

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                    9. No big plan. I feed you a short line packed with..warm things and you have to respond . And see what emerges lol. Probably the first few drafts won’t be for public consumption

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