love tsunami


love tsunami


Heartbreak can be wider than the ocean
The pain can penetrate as deep as the sea
Since he hurt you you’re drowning in tears
But don’t be afraid to take a chance on me

The seas of love have the power of healing
Swim with me and everything will be fine
We can flow wherever the currents take us
Let’s fall in love and leave our scars behind

The two of us could make the biggest splash
If we let the waters wash over you and me
So let’s get caught in the waves of passion
For together we will start a love tsunami

286 thoughts on “love tsunami

  1. Hey dear dew!!can i republish d poem “untranslated love”written by W.?i have commented to her on dis post n ask about reblogged dis poem.but still now i have not received her answer.plz reply-what should i do?


  2. Stunning! I love a “love tsunami”. Although a tsunami is a disaster in actuality, within the poetic confines of your deeply enticing poem, it feels like the best is yet to come. Very alluring, dear Lonely Author!

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      1. I’m glad you posted it. Love is a very powerful force, so you can’t call it a breeze… well, you could in a different poem with a different mood and message.
        I have a knack for logic leaping, but even the Death card or the Tower card in Tarot may seem horrible, but they mean a new beginning. It’s the cycle of life, love and thinking.

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