my guitar quietly weeps for you


my guitar quietly weeps for you


Forever drying off
the guitar bridge
that never leads
me back to you
I find myself
playing wet strings
that serve as cruel reminders
of the faded connections
between me and you

Now that you are gone
my heart always beats off key
while the tears never stop
on this damp instrument
And since you no longer care
I write the saddest lyrics
for I’ll always love you in my songs
as my guitar quietly weeps for you


373 thoughts on “my guitar quietly weeps for you

  1. I have a soft spot for musical analogies and references as you can imagine. Beautifully penned, Andrew. The emotions cry out in chords both harmonious and discordant. Heartbreak is c**t and yet we need it to know who we are and in the aftermath of the wreckage of one’s heart, we see parts of ourselves obscured before. If heartbreak allows such poetry to pour forth, then it was not in vain. ❤️

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    1. No, I guess it was not in vain. In response to your other comment; don’t feel awkwardness in following me and her or reaching out to either of us.

      Thank you so much for taking out the time to read this one. It means a lot.

      Please do your best to find peace.

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