Ballet of Poetry



Ballet of Poetry


With a pirouette of personification
She ignited her carousel of fantasy
As slow enchanting adagio verses
Freed me from my loveless tragédie

Under my spotlight ballon rhymes
Made my heart skip a graceful beat
With her assemblé rhymes floating
She slowly swept me off of my feet

Who could resist such choreography
For her entrée had me from the start
When my prima ballerina performed
A ballet of poetry in my aching heart


Photo from Google Images.

439 thoughts on “Ballet of Poetry

  1. Dear Lonely,
    Your heart is like a tutu, a romantic gathering of yards and yards and yards of emotion.
    May I add some levity? As aching as your heart may be, it’s got nothing on a ballerina’s toes.
    This poem, apropos, is very beautiful.

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  2. You, dear friend have a way to be magical with your brush of words on the white canvas of a page. But the words don’t stop there, they float from the canvas to my heart and dance to a melody that you conduct by the end of each phrase. Beautiful, just beautiful poetry. A melody that souls and hearts can hear.

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  3. I really loved this one. From reading some of your older poems to now, I would say that the literary quality of some of your more recent poetry has really excelled! I would expect to put this one right up there with some poets I studied in college. Well done!!

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    1. Hey, since you are new, I will teach you how to blog. First, this is not the best way to introduce yourself or your blog. You never commented on my post.

      You go to a blog. Read their post. Like it and/or comment. Make yourself familiar to bloggers and they will follow you. That is how I started and you see how many followers I have. You need to make connections.

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