the girl I haven’t met


This little thing is dedicated to my future girlfriend…..


the girl I haven’t met


Tonight I fantasized about the girl I haven’t met

As my personal muse she’ll be an inspiring poet

Writing the softest verses as silky as her hosiery

She will wear elegant metaphors like fine jewelry

Gondolas transport love poems through her veins

As her sensuous lips taste of sparkling champagne

Beside her bed rests One Hundred Years of Solitude

In her night table hides lingerie that sets the mood

A delicious contradiction of shy, sassy and coquette

She’s the type of woman no real man could ever forget

For somewhere over the horizon she pens loving poetry

Perhaps one day, her words of love will be meant for me


461 thoughts on “the girl I haven’t met

  1. Hey Drew, sorry for being so late here. Rough day.
    To your poem.
    A beautiful, sensational write!
    “Tonight I fantasized”: you fantasize, “imagine” ; later in Greek “make somebody appear”.
    And indeed your words make her appear: she writes poetry, she is shy, sassy, and coquette; she is a delicious contradiction (ah, the temptation of opposites day/night; heaven/hell; and I could continue….. but I would not) “the type of woman no real man could ever forget”
    The end is a killer: after the description of this imaginary sophisticated woman, comes your simple and powerful desire, like a child’s desire: “Perhaps one day, her words of love will be meant for me.” Outstanding write!
    And I already like her Drew; she reads Gabriel García Márquez!
    Have a great night! 🙂

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    1. Very grateful for your words. Everyone has been consoling me or giving me peps talks. Only two comments have been about the actual poetry.

      You never have to apologize for your arrival. I am honored that a great published poet dedicates a moment of her day to read my posts. I am a lucky man.

      Thanks for the Greek meaning of the word. It adds more meaning to my words. Love your insight on contradictions.

      And yes, it is a child like desire to want her words to be meant for him. Yeah, she will have to be a well read lady.

      Thank you for these comments. They made my night. And damn, they were better than my poem.

      Please get some rest. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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      1. You are welcome!
        The praise is well deserved and you do not need to be consoled 🙂
        Drew, I’ve never said I was a published poet. I said I was a published author. Would you like to try novelist? 🙂
        I am a novice when it comes to poetry. I am only attempting to write poetry… 🙂
        The best of nights to you!

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  2. So passionate and powerful with a sense of longing! Beautiful as always and I do hope you find this girl, when the time is right! Love happens when you least expect it and when it is right, all the pieces just fall into place magically!

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      1. Who doesn’t like a woman who is elegant! There is certainly nothing amiss in dreaming that, like you, she can weave magic with words. I am happy that you liked it and touched that you think it is the best for this post. Thank you.

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  3. Wonderful. I met à guy once who had a love for words, brillant writer, well-read. I had a vision of someone I wanted to fall in love with, and he was that person. Sadly, he didn’t want me. But this verse jolted my memories so thankyou

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  4. One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of my fave books. Pietro Crespi lingers on in my memory many years after the book is read. The only other thing I have in common with the girl you haven’t met is my night table.
    Your honeyed passion makes this poem. Thank you, Lonely!

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      1. Oh… you like intellectual challenge! Well, let’s step into the ring! There may be lingerie in my nightstand, lovely my words may be, but I am a wrestler of passionate logic.💥💥♥︎ Aw heck, I’m having a glass of 🍷

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  5. En mis sueños también aparece la seductora mirada de un o una, jajaja, persona pasional que yo ofrezco una copa de Champagne o un Chablis bien fresquito e intercambiamos los sensuales sentidos con una mirada un roce y por qué no una caricia lingual húmeda y chispeante… Me ha encantado e inspirado… Regards, have a nice day!!!!!!

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                    1. Why is it that we always crave what isn’t good for us? Lol… I think you just haven’t really found the right combination yet. You’ll know her when you have. She’ll be beyond you’re wildest imagination. Just wait Drew, you’ll see… and until then, enjoy your freedom. 😉

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                    2. Lol… you’re still making me laugh. 😉 Enjoy the rest of your day and try to at least look like you’re staying out of trouble. 😋

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  6. I had to look twice at the rhyme pattern. I got really excited when I saw that it just borderline rhymed creating an uneven flow. Maybe it’s just the way that we pronounce words in the Caribbean but I love the roughness. As for finding her, I wish you all the best with that. Good job.

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      1. No worries, I’m just glad to hear that you’ve had some long vacations and I hope they’ve done you lots of good. And welcome back, WordPress has missed your beautiful verses. Can’t wait to read more. 🙂


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