the essence of you



the essence of you


Fragrances come and go
While your scent lingers
Breathing new life
like a paramedic
mouth to mouth, soul to soul

For you are a potpourri of aromas
A bouquet of love poems
Enchanting my senses
A whiff of romance
On a starry night in June

You are the perfume
Resuscitating my heart
As I breathe love
Every time I inhale
The essence of you



466 thoughts on “the essence of you

      1. As I’m reading your poems, I visualise the scenes. Different settings, mood, protagonists. Always amazed by your creative mind and your ability to put the images into words, Andrew.


        1. Isabelle, after so much time away from blogging, I am swamped with blog reading and unsanswered comments, thus the delay in my response.
          Humbled by yourmlovely and encouraging words. They do wonders for my confidence. Very grateful that you took the time out to read, comment, and spread your positivty over this post.
          Thank you for being ther wonderful person that you are.

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          1. Andrew, I accidentally checked my blog last night and found your moving words. No idea why I no longer receive email notifications when you send me a comment. The way you express your thoughts, either through your poems or comments is so deep, it’s your unique voice. We’re easily touched by it. Thank you for taking time to write me such a lovely comment. You’re an extraordinary writer, truly you are.

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  1. Interesting that choice of fragrance and EMT kisses… as my family are compensated as well as volunteer fire fighters 😉 The fragrance part is cool because the same rose will smell differently to people at different times of the day. And that when someone wears a fragrance it smells different to the wearer as well as the ‘smeller’ 🙂
    I guess that’s why some perfumers are paid big bucks to recreate the same fragrances with the combination of scents or even a single type of flower. (Also like a the wine folks – who with just a few sniffs can tell what the bouquet of a fine wine is.
    Romance is alive in your words. I hope the person you wrote this for appreciates it. 😉
    While I’ve written some romantic words – I don’t show them all to my hubby. As writing is more my thing. Though he seems to enjoy what I have shared.
    Any time you’d like to send a link via email or post comment – I’ll do my best to ‘follow through’.
    I saw 174 comments and thought – this is one popular verse! 🙂

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    1. Smiling. First, I am single. The lady in the photo was the muse that inspired this.

      EMT, yeah, I wanted to say a woman had the power to resuscitate my broken heart. You obviously got that.

      Agree with everything you said about the perfume industry and how scents are different for each person.

      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate your time and words. Thanks.

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  2. “À la recherche du temps perdu” 🙂 Nothing brings back memories like scent. Yet I am not sure that this is a “past” memory or a “future” one. This ambiguity makes the poem feel like flowing silk. Beautifully done! A pleasure to read!
    Have a good night!!!

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    1. Dear Lady G.,

      Good morning. Hoping this correspondence finds you in the best of spirits. For I dare not think, that the atrocious clanging of an alarm clock, could awaken a muse. I always imagined a muse being awakened by the sounds of violins playing or angels singing.

      Apologies for the tardiness in my response. Had an exhausting day. Collapsed in bed fully clothed with phone in hand. To sleep perchance to dream. Certainly hope you achieved your daily minimum requirement of beauty rest. While the rest of this world is aging, I have no doubt you are doing your best Benjamin Button impersonation and growing younger every day.

      Here I am, gobsmacked by your use of French. Lady G with the tongue versed in so many tongues, while the Lonely Beach Boy walks around the city with his Joey from “Friends” New Yawk accent asking people “How you doin’?” “Casser les oreilles” No doubt my accent would “break your ears.”

      I am certain you will agree, a poem may have a thousand interpretations. This poem was not penned with any specific feline in mind. The beautiful brunette in the image served as my muse for this piece. (Although people think of me as a Casanova wooing every blonde I see, I actually have an appreciation for brunettes and red heads. Hence, should I ever decide to keep a harem, there would only be an occasional blonde. After all, man does live by bread alone).

      My idea on aromas is that everyone has one. Scents can remind us of people. My father had a peculiar scent that was his. Certain perfumes remind me of former lovers. Another example is my morning coffee. I smell coffee brewing and I think of the most enchanting poetry that inspires. Big sigh. But I digress.

      Thank you for your lovely words. They made me smile. Happy you appreciated this poem. Should you decide to reply, please take your time. This knight realizes the Lady is terribly busy.

      One final note Lady G. On your way to university, please stop to smell the roses, listen to the birds chirping, let the sun grace your soft cheeks. For all work and no play……

      Yours truly

      Sir A. from York


      1. Dear Drew, when I commented all I wanted to do was to show my appreciation for your work. I am afraid you misunderstood me. I am concerned that I might have hurt you. If I did I truly apologize.
        When I posted the comment I did not have anybody in mind (blonde, brunette, ….) i just wanted to express my admiration for your work.
        Please know that I really admire your work and I respect you as a person.
        I hope you have a wonder day!

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        1. Laughing my head off my dear, Here I am playing with you, but I believe you may be much too stressed or tired to realize it. Relax. Be your playful self.

          G, sorry if I offended you. I was playing, poor joke I guess. All is good between us. Though I do wish you would throw us a crumb and write. LOL

          Have a beautiful day. And please, I don’t take anything too seriously (only love and poetry); I hope you realize that by now.

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          1. Drew, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your words!

            I was really concerned that I might have made a mistake.

            I do not want to hurt you. You tried to help me; you read my work and take the time to comment. You are a dear friend whose work I admire tremendously.

            I need to recollect because I was really scared I hurt you.

            I am still scared, Drew.

            Have a fabulous day, my dear friend and thank you again for your kind reply.

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            1. G,

              My sincerest apologies. I am feeling like a cad, fool, court jester, and buffoon all rolled up in one. A potpourri of circus clowns.

              Amiga, I assure you I have the utmost admiration and respect for you as a woman, writer, poet, and muse. I would never say or write anything offensive, sarcastic, or disrespectful to you (or any other lady).

              When you have a moment, please read that “War and Peace” long comment I penned. Although it was a failed attempt at humor, please read it with your comedienne’s eye. You will find my humble, self depreciating humor, compliments to my enchanting muse, and my yearning for your poetry (which was synonymous with my morning coffee).

              However, I did mean every word of that last paragraph. Stop to smell the roses, listen to the birds, and enjoy the sun. Life is short. All work and no play…….

              Please let the world inspire you. Your poetry is needed and sorely missed.

              My most humble apologies. My only intention with that butt long comment was to entertain you and start your TGIF with a smile. Nothing more, nothing less.



  3. Seriously?! How do you expect me to unpack the brilliance of that poem? I’m always at a loss for words and trust me, that takes a lot. Romance oozes from your words and surrounds your readers in its sweet aroma. I can practically taste it 😁

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  4. You reach into the heart of everyone with your gifts of words and melody. For who doesn’t desire that feeling, that longing, that rich love? And you capture those emotions brilliantly in your poetry – stories – spoken from the various parts of your inner being.

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    1. Hey, I have been acting like a first rate vagabond, taking two straight vacations and being away for almost two months. Thus the delay in my response,
      Thank you for your very lovely words. I am grateful for your comments which encourage and please. Thank you so much, And again, apologies for the extremely late response.


    1. Seriously I think you are right. No, I don’t do reviews. An occasion restaurant that impresses.

      Happy you enjoyed the romance. The attractive young siren leaning against the bottle of perfume inspired this. Thank you so much sweet Stella. Have a gorgeous Saturday.

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  5. T’is a lovely sentiment, stated beautifully in verse.
    We are, after all, animals beneath our logical ability. Here, pheromones rule, and the scent of the lover we want is a powerful lure, the most intoxicating perfume of all.

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  6. You write about love and romance, in a way that’s so naturally easy to relate to. It’s not cheesy or corny. It’s always just perfectly written, and always makes me think or try to picture something – like I was imagining my favourite scents when reading.

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        1. LOL Shit, your words made me very happy. Seriously, I respect your talent so much, it thrills me to read your comments.

          You know what wold thrill me as well? Reading your writing, Hopefully, life will be kind enough to give you the time and inspiration to bless us with that.

          I am well. Getting ready for my vacation next week (eight days in Cancun). So, you know I am super excited. I hope you are well. You and your writing are missed.

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          1. I can tell you Andrew that life wasn’t really kind to me in my absence. Or perhaps that it is too defeatist an attitude; unkindness is often self inflicted, we just project it into others to cast the blame away from ourselves. What it has done though, is given me pause. I have posted something today; it’s a bit of nonsense with some deep truths in there for those who have eyes to see and read between the lines.
            I love your comments too. You are always kind and generous and I feel we understand each other on some level often absent from others around here sometimes (and in real life too). I find it easy to talk to “you” whoever “you” or “I” are in this virtual construct we place ourselves in for whatever reason. Expression, escapism, comfort , an outlet.
            It means a lot that you like my writing and wish to read it in its absence , truly. I am flailing somewhat these days, searching for answers, some of which I find, some which remain unanswered.
            I hope you enjoy your holiday and I do want to catch up with as many posts of yours as I can as they are a balmy read, if that makes sense.
            Here’s to inexplicable connections

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            1. After we were introduced by Nandita, I always felt a strange connection to you and your writing. I only say “strange” because it was unexpected and unexplained.

              When I see some of my long time blogging friends not posting, I send a comment on one of their old posts to check up on them. I was so tempted to do this with you, but I was uncertain how you would take it. I am always sensitive to be thought of as a stalker or skirt chaser, so I refrained. But honestly, this past weekend you were in my thoughts.
              And I even said a prayer for you.

              Writing has always been my therapy. You missed a few recent posts where I let out my pain of losing N. That is my way of recovering. I hope you can find that something that makes life a little easier.

              I will read your post shortly. Welcome back. And please don’t go away for very long. You are missed. (And more than just virtually missed).

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              1. I understand that. You should have followed your gut and sent a comment. I wouldn’t think you were chasing my skirt, lol as I never really presume to guess what’s in anyone’s mind, as often I am wrong. Your writing also speaks to me and I did think of you too, in my absence. I felt a little awful because I haven’t been in touch with Nandita, and didn’t want her to think I was reaching out to you and lot her. I mean I barely know either rod you and yet I know if you both in a deep inexplicable way through our poetry, if that makes sense. I always felt you need I had a lot to say of we even had the chance, but again I felt an odd guilt. I couldn’t even find her blog today, then I realised I had to request an invite. It’s strange when people split up and yet you feel a connection to both parties. You have always been genuine with me and warm and I hope I have been too as that is my intention. It’s touching that you did a prayer for me. I am and have been going through difficult things but they are part of my everyday life and so it’s okay: I know how to cope and writing is my therapy too and connections are my drug in lieu of real ones!

                I’m not going anywhere just now. I’ll be here everyday more or less. Is it weird to say thank you for missing me? Eh fuck it. Thank you. Thought of you too.

                Be well

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