on the corner of Love and Poetry



on the corner of Love And Poetry


I have journeyed through the great metropolis
Of her heartfelt poems and adoring words
Where shadows illuminate the lonely alleys
That lead to the core of her lonesome heart

A hushed community of boundless emotions
As the neighborhoods between her lonely lines 
Gently breathe life in the darkened avenues
That create the loveless gridlock in her soul

Word traffic flows within her poetic locales 
As smooth as her affections & graffiti rhymes
While her metaphors become my mass transit
Forever transporting me to gardens of desire

Walking the boulevards of her warm verses
I am convinced we were always meant to be
‘ver since we met under a bright street lamp
On the romantic corner of Love and Poetry


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325 thoughts on “on the corner of Love and Poetry

  1. My Dear Drew, sorry for getting here so late. I do hope you forgive me.
    To your poem: Gorgeous! Romanticism at his best! A journey into a soul in which poems are “great metropolis” whose alleys lead to a lonesome heart. What an imagine, Drew! Metaphors becoming “mass traffic.” ; a poetic world woven in the moments of our daily lives. The end? “I am convinced we were always meant to be.” the staring point ” ‘ver since we met under a bright street lamp
    On the romantic corner of Love and Poetry”
    And in the between, her soul mirrored by your talent.

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    1. Good afternoon my talented and lovely friend. That a poet like you reads my work humbles me. No need to apologize.

      Very happy you liked this. You make me feel so good about what I write. You are definitely a great inspirer and motivator and confidence builder. And I want to thank you for that.

      Your comments are so beautiful…
      It inspires me to write more.

      Grateful for your amazing words and cherished friendship and support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      Have an inspiring weekend. And pet your kitty for me. (Although, I currently don’t have one. I am a big lover of cats). I think I saw you mention one in a comment somewhere. Cuidate.

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      1. You are welcome, Drew!

        Your poem is so beautiful. It was a pleasure to read it.

        The last two days I was snowed with work. Today I am paralyzed. Morning is gone and I still do not know how to start my day.
        Well, I read your poem… That means a lot. Probably I should try to relax now.

        My cat.. she is biting my ankles! She wants attention 🙂

        Again, your poem was gorgeous!
        que tengas un gran día!

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  2. Another awesome poem. Seeing as you have been such a great supporter of my blog I though I would nominate you for an award! thekettleclicks.wordpress.com/2018/11/02/my-first-sunshine-blogger-award/


    1. You are very kind. Thank you for thinking of me.
      I do not participate in the giving and receiving of awards. I barely have time to respond to the comm ents that are coming into the blog.
      Thanks for thinking of me. And thank you for your very kind words.

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                  1. But i don’t know about Spam folder.in my tab has not spam folder.i think-those are in your Spam folder.left dis all ,dear!!but plz free me from your spam folder.i want to read your valuable comments.

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                    1. No.i am not going there.you should reply in general way,dear dew!!oh i have most tired now.plz don’t be disturb for me.plz ,be relax.good night.sweet dreams , dear!!

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      1. Yeah Friday… maybe some sparkle in the air… even if only a poem or two!! ⚡️🏖 Dream of that ocean beach and let it whisk you away… 🎈🕊✏️


  3. For all the romantic touches of candlelight, there’s nothing like a streetlamp on a quiet night, when snow is falling and the world retreats to dens and televisions, unaware of the rare, quiet hearts that find one another in a fragile dome of crystal and florescence. Beautiful verse, Sir. 🙂

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              1. I just published a book. And I don’t trust online sources for my own work alot you know. I’m still conjuring up the courage to post and not loose authority over it. I’m not much of a commenter. I’m new on WordPress

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