never sent to you


never sent to you


Does the beauty of a poem
Slowly fade with time
If it never has been read
Will the dried ink evaporate
Like the dreams of a lover
Who could never be with you

Would your sensuous mouth
Be less enticing
If I never kissed your lips
My lips are unloved petals
On a wilting flower
Desperate to share a breath with you

Would the desert appear less arid
If you quenched
My urgent thirst for you
Then perhaps, my letters of love
Won’t lose their romance
If they are never sent to you


265 thoughts on “never sent to you

  1. And I wish all those “unsent” love letters were written for me. Now that I’m “not beautiful” or told I’m ugly, now that I’m older I wonder what a kiss even feel like anymore.

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  2. This is truly a Lonely work of art.
    I feel everything you say. I have many unsent poems to lovers and not lovers. Perhaps the words guide me to back to my most inner self, which is from whence they came.
    Perhaps one day, when I am gone, someone will find the words of dry ink on crumbling paper. Perhaps they will be moved to their most inner self and beyond.
    I think the beauty of a poem does not fade, whether anyone has read it or not. Only youth fades.

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    1. Oh, this is so Message In A Bottle kind of stuff.
      Do you keep them al together and somewhere special?

      Very happy you enjoyed this. Your visits and comments always make me smile. Yes youth fades, but the beauty of poetry or art always remains.

      Thank you for sharing your lovely words and thoughts

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      1. Poems meant for someone special are together in their place. Poems for a different someone special are found in another place. So it goes, through my files, between books, in forgotten envelopes, old scrapbooks and photo albums.
        One very, very special poem is between a photo and the backing within a glass covered picture frame.


  3. This is beyond lovely, not a word or a thought is out of place. I can see the letters unsent and the words unread while another has already been begun. Itโ€™s so beautiful ๐ŸŒท


  4. A letter never looses its intensity even if could not reach the one it was meant for..and it happens quite commonly..though it is sad that it could not be read or understood in its true essence by the one it is meant , it doesn’t reduce its worth at all..


          1. Love I am love dear but love never lets me close to it my love is hidden and safe so safe it is me and me it yet fate and maybe the evil eye so I gave up now I just be happy for others in love and see many an end from their beginnings but pray otherwise forever


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