never sent to you


never sent to you


Does the beauty of a poem
Slowly fade with time
If it never has been read
Will the dried ink evaporate
Like the dreams of a lover
Who could never be with you

Would your sensuous mouth
Be less enticing
If I never kissed your lips
My lips are unloved petals
On a wilting flower
Desperate to share a breath with you

Would the desert appear less arid
If you quenched
My urgent thirst for you
Then perhaps, my letters of love
Won’t lose their romance
If they are never sent to you

265 thoughts on “never sent to you

  1. A beautiful write Drew, and beauty doesnโ€™t get lost….words will always be beautiful whether they are seen by one or one million just like your poetry my friend. A rainbow doesnโ€™t lose its color if people ignore it, it still illuminates. Never hide whatโ€™s made for the eyes. Lovely write๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

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  2. Such a precarious decision, to send or not send those words so carefully crafted, so genuinely felt, and so loaded with fear that maybe they are still not the right words, not enough words. That’s the quandary of love, that you take a chance and maybe it is returned, or take no chance and hide from the possibility of rejection. But – the words are still there because the love is still there. You’ll have to decide, Andrew….

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  3. A superb poem which reminds me of my Dad. Dad was not a letter writer. Once, after I had been on a week’s holiday in my teens, he presented me with an unfinished, pencilled, missive that he had not posted. It was a beautiful tribute to me as his son. I carried it in my wallet for years – until the wallet was stolen. He has been dead 31 years. I still treasure the lost letter.

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    1. Wow, Derrick. I hope the memory I triggered did not bring you any discomfort. Unsent letters are treasures. Memories and words that should be cherished and adored.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Shame you lost those letters. I hope they are all burned in your heart and soul for easy referencd. Thank you.

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    1. LMFAO
      Stand and deliver, huh? The mail must go on..
      Thank you for the invaluable suggestion. I will take it up with the little voices in my head.
      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts. Oh, you made me laugh David.


  4. My goodness, my Lonely Author. Where to start.

    First of all, no. Is the answer. Nothing that you gorgeously spoke of here will fade or diminish because everything you describe here is involuntary, a sweet reflex of the heart and soul, an instinct of the body and mind and you can’t change those things.

    I joke with you that your poetry leaves not a dry panty in the house, lol but what I didn’t tell you was that the sound of delicately falling glass shards on the floor is the sound of the fissures and cracks forming on the hearts of your readers ,finally succumbing to the heartbreaking beauty of your romantic poetry. I couldn’t possibly pick my favourite part, I am a little in love with each verse, for different reasonsย  but I know that your beautiful, out of reach object of desire here in this poem, would melt into that inkwell, creep into your dreams, kiss your lips, breathe for you and quench your thirst.ย 

    It was perfect . I loved it, Mr. Lonely Author

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    1. Oh Fiery One. Your beautiful words make me so happy. Romantic words could never fade, huh?

      Your poetic comments always leave me sighing. That object of desire you mentioned, she deserves every words in every unsent letter.

      Happy you loved it. Thank you for burning your little tattoo here, Fiery.

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      1. Fiery does enjoy making you happy so that’s good to hear. Along with sighing and other sweet reactions.
        She sounds very special indeed…who could possibly breathe with such sweetness given so beautifully .

        Well..tattoos hurt a bit but the meaningful ones are worth the pain

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        1. My smile is so much bigger now.

          Yes, people must take that risk. Love should always be expressed, shared, and encouraged. What is only stop one from experiencing life.

          Thank you for your thoughtful words and visit. Appreciate every single one of them. Very grateful.

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  5. Beautifully written with a specific person in mind. Send the letters? I’m not sure. Yes, there is a risk of rejection. Yes, there is a chance of reunification. On the other hand, should the simply remind as an archive to a wonderful memory – therefore moving on? I don’t know.


  6. So much beautiful expression of feelings about love.i am feeling itโ€™s most deep meanings.dear dew!! You are reminding my losting love but i know that he would never forget me as i could never forget are right ,dear!!all feelings and emotions of love are forever.fragrance of loveโ€™s memories can never separated both sided soul perhaps we send love letters or not.every breathes like breeze and and having the feelings of love are enough to realize the pure love for each other.unsent letters are the treasure of loveโ€™s memories and medium to touch belovedโ€™s hearts in deep you not know-the souls speak each other every moments.this is my experience,dew!!and i believe in this theory.your wonderful poem can never be forgetten ,not for me but for all beloved hearts.

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      1. Dear dew.may be-that was almost poetic but for me,it has most values for me and can understand your sad emotions.i love your that pen by which you have written so much beautiful and lovely poem.


          1. After sunrising,i have forgotten my questions which were asked from you by me.good morning,dear!!have a happy n wonderfulโ˜•๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒนbless you,dear!!


  7. I can identify with that bit of fear of harboring all these emotions and secrets, writing them out but never having the courage to send that letter. Itโ€™s scary, but you only live once. Sometimes you just have to send it out and see where it goes. This is a very deep and heartfelt poem, Andrew. Really makes a person think.


    1. Oh, what a beautiful comment. Very appreciative of every word. I have done this before, Write letters that I never send.
      Not easy to express oneself, just as hard to worry about rejection.

      Flattered by your lovely thoughts, Thanks for sharing them with me. Appreciate that.

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    1. Smiling. Oh, Alexis. I love your reaction and the thought that you liked this makes me so happy. This one is one of the few times I like my own work. So, it means a lot. Thank you for your beautiful and encouraging word. They brightened this rainy day in New York.

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  8. I love this. Do you know, I save all my never-sent letters. Once my heart loves, it never lets go unless the loved one uses a sledge hammer or something — which has happened. Mostly though, I love for keeps. Like you I write my passion and even when I don’t send it, I save it. Then when I write a new story, I’ll read some of those old letters and all that emotion pours into the characters, and sometimes the words too. Thank you for sharing the beauty from your open heart. โ™ฅ.


    1. What a beautiful thing to read. You keep these unsent letters. That is sweet and beautiful. Kind of remind me of the movie Message In A Bottle. Your letters are treasures that need to be kept in a safe place so they are never lost. I bet rereading those letters can be so inspiring. They are better than a diary.

      Thank your for sharing these with me, especially on this post. Appreciate that so much. Have a beautiful evening.

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  9. The words we write and the emotions behind them will always be there. And in time, they may come to mean something even more beautiful to someone other than who we intended. I’m such a romantic and I think sometimes, we write “prophetic poetry” to draw in what we want in our lives. A beautiful piece with an intense longing Drew.

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    1. Smiling. Linda I like that thought about prophetic poetry. Sought of like The Secret.
      The power of positive thought and the power of attraction. Damn, I should be flooded with love with the poetry I write. LOL

      Thank you for your lovely words. They are always so appreciated.

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