if you let me



if you let me


If you let me
I will be the shining light
That peeks over your horizon
To start your day
I will be Michelangelo
When I paint your toe nails
So many pretty hues

If you let me
I will be your loving muse
A blank canvas that encourages
The brush strokes of your verses
While my fingers caress your hair
As I intoxicate myself
On the scent of your shampoo

If you let me
We will be drunk in love
While I conquer the demons
Of your lovers come and gone
As our dreams walk the same path
For as inevitable as my next breath
I will fall in love with you




298 thoughts on “if you let me

  1. If I could tell you my friend, your words are simply amazing to read. This was such a reassuring poetic ode to let one know that you’ll be there and you won’t leave their side in such a passionate form. The last verse was such a promissory passion, it has the strength of a vow. Beautiful work my friend, love your words.🌹🌹


    1. I love this comment. Yes, I was trying to convey those thoughts, but don’t forget I will do their feet. It is importnt to me.
      Very happy you liked this. In was afraid to post it. To my surprise out people liked it.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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      1. Yes, I don’t forget the things Mr. “Rum”mantic will do😉. Lol
        I loved this post and I think I speak for many when I say you should never be afraid to post something, your work will be appreciated here.😊


  2. I was smiling when i started reading..with the toes being painted….and then ended up with an intense feeling with fighting the demons of your lovers….
    Only you can do that Drew..


    1. Smiling myself. Well, that toe nail thing is a (sigh) searching for the right word. Let me say it this way, an adoring touch and service I liike to provide.
      Not very romantic. LOl . Thank you for your amazing words. Very flattered . Blushing a little as well.


  3. Ah Drew- you are such a romantic.
    My favorite lines are: While I conquer the demons
    Of your lovers come and gone
    Those lines speak volumes. All that baggage sometimes comes into play in new relationships doesn’t it. We are only humans after all and we tend to draw on our life experiences from the past. I love the hope that is evident here in this lovely write.

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    1. God, you are the onmly person to comment on those lines, which by far were my favorites. New relationships often come with old baggage and cause harm.

      Thank you so much for the read and for pointing out the lines that rsonated so deeply inside of me.

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  4. You must have drank some love potion at one time, and there is no known cure.
    Love is your blank canvas, and poetry your paints.
    Of course, Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I thought of my toes as the ceiling, and you, painting the toes ceiling, on your back, on a scaffold. In my imagination I saw the ceilings paintings on my toes. Magnificent!


    1. Humbled by yojur amazing words Resa. For some reason everything I try to write always comes back to love.
      I have been known to be a toe painting fiend. It does give me great pleasure.

      On your back while I paint the Sistine Chapel oin your toes…. lol
      You are wonderful

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