my confession


Last week, my dear friend G. of Short Prose challenged me with the prompt of using the word “confession.”Β  When you have a moment, please read her beautiful poetry and/or wonderful excerpts of her manuscript Glass Lovers.

Here is my submission…..(of course it’s about love, when isn’t it?)

my confession


Blessed are those
who read your poems
For I am one of those
who was baptized
in the cathedral
of your words
You rescued me
from the apocalypse
resurrected me
from the dead
Now I give you my confession
etched in stone
Adoring your poetry
is my penance
Loving you in silence
is my sin



359 thoughts on “my confession

    1. Very flattered by this beautiful comment. G. did appreciate my little poem. She is a very supportive and motivating friend.

      Thrilled by your lovely comments. Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and comment. I so appreciate it.

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  1. “Adoring your poetry
    is my penance
    Loving you in silence
    is my sin”
    This is such an innocent confession. Loved each line and felt the feelings so deeply.

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  2. The heart never keeps secrets very well… it skips beats and races whenever a lover is near. You just need a stethoscope to listen to its confessions. ❀️😈 Beautifully sinful poetry… you do these well.

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    1. I love this beautiful comment. Yeah, the heart does whatever it wants. And don’t get me started on my other body parts.
      A stethoscope to listen to the confession. That was beautiful and inspiring.
      Thank you for your gorgeous words and read. Grateful you rummaged here.

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  3. To keep being inspire, is what amazes me about you, that’s why I long to read your poetry. Each of your post is inspiring not just my creative mind, but many of those who commented or did not say a word. For many times, I’ve been a silent observer of your work. Keep inspiring. Have a marvelous, blessed week.

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    1. Again, you have touched me deeply with your words. I am lost searching for the appropriate reply, and that is not an easy task.
      Thank you so much for your amazing words. I cherish each and every one of them.
      Blessing to you and yours. xoxo

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      1. Hoping and praying that you are at your best, after reading of your accident. Take good care of yourself. May your heart and life be gifted on this season of giving, with joy, peace and love. But the love I wish for you, is the love of the reason for Christmas. God bless you with His abundant love.

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    1. Actually, as soon as WordPress offered this new posting format I accepted it. It works by blocks.
      It gives you a little more freedom with font size. And since I have problems with my vision, I jumped at the chance
      Thanks for noticing and mentioning it.

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  4. I always am drawn to romantic writing that alludes to spirituality in the wordplay, but here I think you’ve written something deeper than you realise, Drew… I feel that love is more of a spiritual experience, than an emotional and physical one – especially one that is silent, unspoken…

    “I am one of those
    who was baptized
    in the cathedral
    of your words”

    Each line here is excessively beautiful to me, but this was just awe inspiring, mesmerising, inspirational.

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    1. Isha, thank you for this gorgeous commnet. To be honet, I used to think love was emotional and physical. It wasn’t until recently that I realized it is the spiritual connection that really matters.

      Humbled that you see something deeper in this poem. Thank you for your lovely words and encouragement, Very grateful.
      Thank you so much

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      1. Very true. A spiritual connection… the knowing that no matter what situation of life you’re in, or how apart you are physically, you’re safe, you’re loved, just because they exist… That you may breathe easy, that this world, with its many trials and tribulations, is a better place simply because of their being in your life…

        I’ve been reading a few of your poems and there’s mostly a bigger picture to it. You’re a very gifted writer, Drew.

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  5. Hey don’t approve this. Just trying to see if WP will let me comment on your blog because it keeps saying there is a problem whenever I try to comment on today’s poem. So I’m just testing

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      1. I can not say sure just now.but before two or three month before,by reading her poem,she had crushed on you with friendship.that time was your lucky time.her hesitation was false.i think-seeing my comments on your poem as close friend,her mood became off.don’t worry my dear friend!!she was a flying bird ,so she flew her own destination in condition of drinking most wine.let her be only your on blog ,many girls have crushed on you but you can not give attention towards them.i think-you love your loneliness more than other things.your coming muse will come by luck as God’s wishes.i pray for it daily for of luck,dear!!πŸ’


          1. You are right,my friend!! I have a family but like to live lonely.after doing all works,i find some lonely time for myself.yeah .i know you very well.your loneliness is better to you than living in maddening i right ?dear dew!!

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