a barren world


On Thursday, after completing my volunteering gig, I hopped into an Uber to partake in my Thanksgiving meal.  There was a small accident. Spent the night in emergency.  MRIs and x-rays show no damage.    Just very sore.

I will be slow answering comments.  And I am trying to catch up on blog reading. Hope all are well.



a barren world


a meteor shower

of disillusion

have battered her

until she has

eclipses in her mind

craters in her soul


her desolate universe

is so dark and lonely

her aching heart

has become an asteroid

a barren world

devoid of love


386 thoughts on “a barren world

    1. Oh, that accident was back in November. I am feeling so much better now. Thank you.

      And thank you for your lovely words about the poem. It was sad. Sad thsat some people feel this way about their lives.
      Happy you liked it and shared your thoughts. Thank you for your kindness.

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  1. Oh, wow. This one hurts. But I hope your injuries, on the other hand, aren’t hurting too much. Glad to hear that it wasn’t any worse, hopefully you’ve had a speedy discovery by now.


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