a barren world


On Thursday, after completing my volunteering gig, I hopped into an Uber to partake in my Thanksgiving meal.  There was a small accident. Spent the night in emergency.  MRIs and x-rays show no damage.    Just very sore.

I will be slow answering comments.  And I am trying to catch up on blog reading. Hope all are well.



a barren world


a meteor shower

of disillusion

have battered her

until she has

eclipses in her mind

craters in her soul


her desolate universe

is so dark and lonely

her aching heart

has become an asteroid

a barren world

devoid of love

386 thoughts on “a barren world

  1. There are times, I would like to share a droplet of my story with you, cause I know with one drop you would be able to create a melody of rhythmic loneliness and poetic hurts. Love your style. ❤


  2. First, I am sorry to hear about the accident and hope the soreness is gone quickly.
    Second, I think, though as sad as this poem feels, it is one of my favorites. It reads so stark and barren. But I love the crispness of it.


    1. Very grateful for your amazing words here. I don’t think the poem was pretty, but I was trying to set a mood that you captured with your words.
      Very grateful for that.
      As for the soreness, it is getting better everyday. Thank you for your kind words and wishes. They are appreciated.

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  3. Hey …hope you are feeling better…take care of yourself Andrew.
    Barren world is such a beautiful piece…… The pain …. The vacuum … ……. emotions of a heart devoid of love so eloquently expressed

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    1. Sorry to hear youy can relate to this in any way.
      Like you said to me just now on your blog, I try to find the positive in everything that happens. It could have been a bigger accident. Things could be mush worse.

      So, I appreciate that it wasn’t. And see the mishap like a positive.

      Thank you for your very kind words. Appreciate that too

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  4. yep sounds like me…..I can def. relate. What I dont understand is I was never really ugly….maybe men saw something in me that scared them. I was never ugly….im still not even at age 52….I still turn heads.

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      1. I just failed to know who I was…..though they called me airhead, spacecase, all the ugly names….I took something from them that is usually meant to be for them, though I didnt become a man. I basicly made them mad.

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      2. Can I ask you something? Can you tell if someone is reading your blog by the stats? I mean is there anyway to tell if an outsider to wordpress is reading?

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          1. I deleated that one. The guys at the church I used to attend read my blog, but most of them not looking for any good , just want to find reason to go accuse me to their leadership or find offense….so I stopped writing for a while. There is really no safe place to write. However, I’ve kept a few blogs open so I can return….the ones that matter the most but one woman at another church told me I should just be still and quiet. I’ve gotten to the point where Im cornered and isolated and I cant even talk here because Im just trying to make some space between I and them.

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            1. Start at blog and don’t tell anyone. Don’t ever let anyone deny you the right to self expression. Post and write whatever your soul needs to say. Find yourself immersed in the blogging community of writers, who for the most part will be positive and supportive.

              No need to tell anyone else.
              Best of luck. Don’t let the haters or bullies get to you. You have a voice and it deserves to be heard.

              I would be happy to.follow and read your work


              1. I promised God I would not write for three months just to give my man from that place some time apart from me. I left because the church would scan my social media and find excuse to shun me and devide me from *him* and the rest of the eligable men. I have since seperated myself from all churches until recently.

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                  1. OK Thanks, these guys are either addicted to my blogs (cuz they wont allow tv where theyre at) one is my lover, but its a bunch of b.s. there I have to wait till hes through with his treatment there I guess to communicate with him. Makes life a lot lonlier. Anhow, thanks and I hope your dream girl comes your way. Rhonda (I like wordpress though)

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  5. Your poem truly does feel like it’s describing a barren world, not just in images but in the feeling it gives the reader. It evokes a feel of emptiness and a sense of being alone. Truly well done.

    I’m glad the accident wasn’t more serious! Hopefully you’ll be back to tip top shape soon 🙂

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  6. So sorry to hear that, I’m sending you some healing warm hugs, I hope you recover soon, do take care of yourself Drew.

    Though sad, the words in this poem are graceful poised, to elegantly depict loneliness.


    1. Thank you for the healing words, thoughts, and wishes.
      My recovery is going well. Most of the pain is gone. So I am much happier now.

      You made me happy with your words about my little poem. It tells me I successfully set the mood as I had intended.
      Very grateful for your words and visits. Thanks you.

      Wishing you a Wwonderful week ahead.

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