pockets full of solitude

pockets full of solitude


Pockets full of solitude
accompany me
down desolate streets
as I think of you
wrapped in the silence
of your room

Red lights taunt
Like school yard bullies
Your words haunt
Every step I take
Rushed into a dead end
I should have read
the signs

Trapped in darkness
I find solace
when I imagine
your loneliness
walking hand in hand
with mine

362 thoughts on “pockets full of solitude

  1. This one tugs at the heartstrings, my friend. I sense so much compassion and empathy in this poem…as if you have pulled yourself away from your own world just for a moment to imagine and try to understand what the other person may be going through. I love the picture you picked, because it shows a person in very deep thought. Those nights when you need to go out and get some air and just think. You have no clue where you’re going and sometimes that leads you to those dead ends. This poem makes me think that your loneliness and situation is a mirror image, or parallel, of the person’s situation you are thinking of in this poem. Two separate lives in two different places going through the same woes of life. I also see the red lights as warnings and dead ends as a double meaning – one being you literally got lost in your thoughts and didn’t realize (see the signs) where you were going, but also symbolic of the decisions we sometimes make in life that seem to lead to disappointing dead ends. When we think of that person out there who has gone through the same thing, we feel that peace in those dark times that we are not alone (that loneliness walking hand and hand). This was such a very beautiful poem and I literally feel full reading this. Emotional and full of heart.

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    1. Miss B, when and how do you crawl into my warped mind to come up with these amazing comments.
      Yes, he is feeling empathy for a lady’s loneliness while traveling with his own. Honestly, I have had plenty of nights like you see in that image that you described so perfectly. One wanders aimlessly with no destinations. Hitting dead ends. Perhaps, subconsciously hoping to find a less lonely place.

      The depth of your words and intuition is remarkable. It truly is. Your words on mirror images brought tears to my eyes. Ms Da Vinci you nailed one code after another.
      The red lights and dead ends, the parallel lives, mirrored loneliness. Finally, the finding of peace with the thoughts of hand in hand. You didn’t just read this little poem, you immersed yurself in them.

      Emotional and full of heart. That is such a veautiful thing to say. I am very grateful for your amazing breakdown. These comments made me think of an old song, hopefully you know the lyrics (edited just for you)……

      I heard she sang a good song. I heard she had a style.
      And so I came to see her and listen for a while.
      And there she was, this young girl, a stranger to me eyes
      Strumming my pain with her fingers………

      Never serenaded anyone on my blog before. LOL . Truly grateful for your words. And the amazing way you so get me and my writing.
      Thank you for your wonderful support and words. Honestly, this comment left me full of heart. Thank you.

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      1. Wow! Your comment is just as heartfelt and beautiful as the poem itself. I’m so touched and I don’t know how I could ever respond properly to this… so I think I’m going to have to steal your style for this response, because there were so many beautiful things you said that I don’t want any of them to go unacknowledged. I’ll just list my responses. Lol.

        1. Your mind is NOT warped! If I managed to crawl inside your mind and get out without any problems, then I should know. Lol. No seriously, I completely understand what you mean. It is like trying to find a less lonely place and not really realizing that’s what we’re doing. I guess maybe we experience loneliness so much that our minds and hearts just propel us in directions that we don’t understand sometimes, hoping that we’ll find that thing, or person, that fills the void. So, you’re not alone on the lonely nights, my friend.

        2. Did I just unintentionally acquire a nickname? Lol. Ms. DaVinci it is then. (gives a salute). I feel every poet has a message they are trying to share in their poems, no matter how big or small it is. It would be an injustice to the time and effort they went through to just simply read, but never try to understand where those words came from and the history behind them. So that’s why I love reading poetry, even song lyrics. I love to know the why’s and the how’s of how they came to be. Yes we can read and say “oh, this is nice.”, but to immerse ourselves in the poem and feel what the poet feels is a different thing and you make that very easy to do with your poems. You are a very talented poet and I see your poems only becoming greater and greater as time goes by. 🙂

        3. I can’t believe you quoted the words to a song I used to sing ALL THE TIME when I was younger. I haven’t performed it in a while, but seeing the lyrics instantly brought me back. One of my FAVE songs “Killing Me Softly”. Both the Roberta Flack and Lauryn Hill versions are incredible. Haha! I am honored to have had the opportunity to see you serenade on your blog! I don’t think we shall ever see this again, so you should be thankful there were no cameras filming this moment! LOL! 😆

        You are very welcome for my words and thoughts on your poem, Mr. Andrew. Truly it was my pleasure to read such a heartfelt piece. I loved it and felt it and I’m sure others will agree that this is a beautiful extension of the beautiful heart you possess. Keep staying inspired and sharing your amazing gift and spirit with the world. You’re a light. Now, if you excuse me… I need to go jam to that song! LOL!

        Much love to you!! 😊


  2. Your words are unparalleled when they talk of love and the other side of it – loneliness.

    These lines…

    “Every step I take
    Rushed into a dead end
    I should have read 
    the signs”

    …are beautiful!

    Haunting imagery. Really liked this one, Drew.

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    1. Isha, your comments always leave me happy and sighing. Happy you pointed out that part. It was a little statment of us failing to read the signs (thsat could very well help us out of our lonely state).

      Thank you always for your beautiful comments. They truly make my day, Grateful.

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    1. My friend, I dropped by your site to take a peek. I see you are anew blogger. Here is the best advice I can give you.

      When I first started blogging; I went two weeks of blogging with only one follower. A little over two years later you see how many followers I have today. That happens by building relationships. Making friends. Being a good blogger. Reading other people’s content and commenting on it when you like it.

      You arrived at my blog and made no comment about my post or writing. All you did was try to promote your blog.

      That was not very socialable and honestly, a terrible introduction. If you continue to do this to other bloggerd you will not see much improvement in ther growth of your blog.
      Read, comment, and engage. Get to know people and let them get to know you.

      Blogging is about interaction.
      Best of luck with your blog.

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        1. Hope I didn’t offend you. But I learned from trial and error. Better to introduce yourself to bloggers by sharing your thoughts on a post. Trust me, they will be more than grateful and willing to go to your blog and learn more about you.

          Best of luck


          1. Thank you.
            I am not feeling offended by your comment but really I am feeling motivated you just told me about a precious rule, not only of blogging but of life. I too felt it that I often do the same in my life.
            Really what you told me was valuable for me.
            I will keep it in my mind till it will come to my habit.
            Thank you very much.

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  3. My dearest Lonely Author,
    My heart is racing and breaking at the same time. This was so beautiful, such pure poetry from you. I felt every lonely heartbeat in your words, every drop of longing that you poured into each stanza. I wish I could give you more of my thoughts and how this made me feel . I’ve never read anything like this from you, it feels like a piece of you in verse. There is an entirely different aura around this pure heartbeat of words. I promise I’ll be back with more thoughts.
    Everything I just said is directly from my teary poetic heart.

    The last stanza may have just torn me into tiny fiery pieces.

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    1. Fiery, your words give me such joy. Honeslty, I was afraid to post this piece. I felt it had a different feel (perhaps flow is a better word) to it. Had my doubts over whether it was post worthy.

      Humbled by your words and reaction. Happy you liked that last stanza. t truly is the exclamamtion point of this whole piece. This person finding solace in the loneseome image….well, sigh.

      Thank you for your wonderful words as always. Each and every one of them is a treasure. Very grateful for your support. xoxo

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      1. You always have my support.

        You should never doubt what you truly feel you want to post, and if you truly had doubted it, I know you wouldn’t have posted it. You were just apprehensive because yes, the flow was different to your other poems and I also think because it was from a deeper place that you don’t usually allow to come through in your poetry. But I think you can see from the countless reactions before me that this has touched everyone, regardless of your doubts.

        When I  first saw the title I only thought of pockets of solitude as in little pockets of time where we feel solitude. I love that I had that in mind when reading it and realising you were talking of actual pockets coming up empty , yet filled with longing and solitude.

        I felt like there was rise and fall between the stanzas. Your first one started low and quiet with the image of two people feeling equal loneliness, wrapped in the silence of a room…what an image.

        Then the second verse was like a crescendo of emotion, the ranting red light, the haunting words , the dead end and regret at not reading signs of impending lonely pain. That part was painful, truly the way you placed your words. And then there is a  little breath of relief somehow in the last stanza, everything slows down again because though some things are inevitably going to cause pain, he finds solace in her loneliness holding his own by the hand. God what an achingly romantic image. I told you, this one felt so real and true it hurt but made me see beauty even in the most painful heartbeats .

        So don’t ever doubt posting something when you know it has come from a true place . Everyone loves and needs to read such poetry 




        1. Perhaps, you are right. Maybe it wasn;t the flow that made me skeptical. This was a deeper peek into me than my usual write.
          Grateful for your and everyone else’s reaction. Humbled really.

          Little pockets of time. I thought the same thing too. Yes, longing and solitude. You read me so well.

          Glad, I am so flattered by your beautiful words and breakdown of my poem. Truly grateful that you read me.
          Thank you for the encouragement. You are wonderful. xoxo

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  4. Dear dew,every one has the pockets full of solitude may be he is in with any company or without having none.it is the matter of feeling.your way of finding solace is amazing”your loneliness walking hand in hand mine”.but you are not just alone.i think that your muse will be with you.may be so much distance between both cities but you can go there.if you will live in this way then will go far from world and become a philosopher.plz find your ballerina soon if you want to enjoy your life.you know that really miracle happens.i am hoping for that.how many days have passed for you lonely life.will you not try to fulfil my heartily wish?if you mind plz sorry.


    1. Aruna, this is a very touching comment you have left here. Yes, we all have our own pockets full of solitude. It is what we do to fill these empty pockets that determines how our life will go.

      Perhaps, someone will come and fill those pockets. I have that hope. Me a philosopher? You made me smile.
      I will search for my ballerina and muse. I promise you that my friend.

      Thank you for this gorgeous comment and heartfelt wishes. I so appreciate them.


      1. Coz of a touch of melancholy,i am fearing about you to be a philosopher. But it is true dear that your mostly poem has a philosophic touch for the world.perhaps they all seem as a romantic n based on love.can romance n love not idealistic in philosophic’s attitude.plz reply.

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  5. This is haunting, and beautiful in it’s sadness. However, I would hope those two lonelieness hands let go of one another to set each other free. Seems holding hands would just keep you in loneliess longer…..like a weight holding you down.

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  6. Romantically sad … i really like this one although it’s quite the change from where you’ve been lately! This one is pulling me to ‘say something’ although i don’t know what to say, so here’s my lame comment left in it’s place. 🙂 I guess this one was moving ….

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    1. Smiling. You made me very happy with your words. I was afraid to post this because it had a different feel to it. I did want to post something a little different in order to avoid the poetry/blog becoming stale.

      Your comment is far from lame. I am very grateful for your words. Thrilled that this oved you. Thank you for saying that.

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  7. A world of bright lights and busyness, yet the solitude of the heart remains…the sign post stands guard…one way. You’ve captured everything just so. Your words feel quiet and a little bit lost right to the finish when even solace easing though it may be hints at something more. Very beautiful Andrew.

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  8. There are writers who fall in love just by slipping our eyes by their words, by breathing their phrases, by tasting the metaphors that are among their lyrics … And you are one of them … 🌹😘😊

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    1. Very grateful for your read and kind words. The splendor of love and the sadness of solitude, sometimes they go hand in hand my friend.
      The flame is still burning bright, Distance and time are the culprit of thesefeelings of loneliness.
      Very appreciate of your thoughts. Thank you so much


  9. Most lovely lines”wrapped in darkness i find solace when i imagine your loneliness walkinkig hand to hand with mine.”🌹most beautiful imagination.you are lucky number one.dear dew!! I think that in this world,everyone has pocket full of solitude,may be he is in company of others or none.it is depended only one’s feelings.you are amazing poet to inspire others.most lovely your poem.i am feeling that is expression of my heart feelings.🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  10. A turnaround from your “bubbly” piece.

    These should be my words when I get stuck in traffic, though, “Red lights taunt
Like school yard bullies”
    If I see a red light up ahead, it causes panic in me.

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  11. Remembering when caught up in our darkest moments, that there is always someone sharing your pain. The discomfort is diminished because you aren’t living it alone. This brings a sense of peace. These words go very deep, right into your soul. At a time of year when loneliness is the unfortunate reality of so many, I see so much love in this! It speaks of the power, of human connection.

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    1. Your comments ae very deep. A most empathetic and beautiful commentary. Yes, sometimes we can find solace in knowing we are not alone in our pain.
      This time of year can exacerbate the feeling of loneliness.

      I am flattered by the beauty of your words. A most poetic comment. There is so much power in the human connection. Not surprised that your heart
      could see and feel that. Let me shower you with bubbles of gratitude. Thank you for your amazing words.

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      1. You’re welcome. As you can see I was very touched by this beautiful poem. So full of intense meaning. Now you have made me smile again with this lovely comment. Thank you! Stay inspired Andrew, can’t wait to read more ❤

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  12. HEY MAN—I happened to mention your work to Holly Hunter, at House off heart. She may…stop by to see what you are doing! I said you and she aren’t exact, but have similar styles.I have, over the years, pointed a number of poets in her direction…or her attention to them! 🙂

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  13. I appreciate this excursion to the shadow-side of life. Especially like the analogy between the red lights and the schoolyard bullies…and that you mention how connecting to another person´s (imagined or real) loneliness can make one feel part of the human species again, and whole (maybe?) for a while.

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                  1. Oh que bonito!! Muchísimas gracias. Ahora claro que la voy a tener! Te deseo lo mismo, y que no te sientas perdido por alguna calle si no conectado con las almas de los amantes del amor que viven en castillos de palabras de poesia. Jaja, disculpa si no logro captivar suficiente magia en español, no es el idioma en que habitualmente escribo. Hasta prontito:)


                    1. Muchas gracias. Ah vale, que interesante! Has ido a Cuba alguna vez? Te sientes conectado con tus raizes? El placer es todo mio. Hasta la proxima, y tomate tu tiempo en contestar, si quieres, aqui ya es de noche de todas maneras:)


                    2. Sounds like a really good plan! In my opinion, it can provide many unexpected insights and beautiful (inner) connections to explore one´s roots. It will surely be very inspirational! Que disfrutes tu día tambien. Ya falta menos para que los días se llenen mas de luz!


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