echo of love

Dedicated to everyone who will be missing a loved one this holiday season.

echo of love

Time has no memory
yet he remembers
when one minute ends
another must begin

That perpetual hand delivers
fooling comfort
for everyone is confident
he will take another spin

He dims our memories
we forget his persistent ways
moving us toward
the inevitable we donโ€™t speak of

Every clock has a final turn
So learn to listen with your heart
For within every beat remains
a beloved’s echo of love


395 thoughts on “echo of love

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        1. My friend, to be honest, this is not the way to make new blogging friends not is it an effective way to grow a blog.

          Comment on a post (which you didn’t do on mine). Leave thoughtful comments and get to know people. People will start following you without you asking for it. IN the way you did it, honestly, you sound desperate.

          Wish you all the best with your blog. And apologies for the kind advice.


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