bubbles of love

I would like to dedicate this to my muse, if I had one, but I don’t.  So, I won’t.   (Wink Wink)

bubbles of love

Soaking in an effervescent tub
of your warm poetry
tiny inspirations
burst all around me
Sparkling suds of passion
cleanse my soul
of the unsightly stains
of dirty lovers
and tainted memories
For you are the nymphet
of my passions
a sensual siren of sonnets
The warm bath
that never goes cold
Now I find myself
submerged in your verses
blissfully drowning
in the fountain
of your never ending
bubbles of love

394 thoughts on “bubbles of love

    1. LOL . Linda, I am certain women don’t read my work wishing it were them.
      Seriously, what woman wants to be with a vagabond bad boy who writes love poetry and wants to spoil them and treat them like they are the last woman on Earth?
      What woman would want that. (Linda, this reply almost read like a personal ad, didn’t it?) . LOL

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  1. cute…..really cute….and I wish I were that cute…., so I hope for eternal life so I can be that pretty again. Will someone please tell me how you or if you can find out by looking at someones blog what they like and their comments? I want to see how secretive Im being.

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    1. Don’t say that, I am sure you are cute. You don’t need eternal life to be beautiful. Just be yourself.
      Your comments will be viewed by everyone who stops at this post and reads comments.
      Does that answer yuour question?
      Thank you for stopping by,

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  2. Lovely playful poem…good thing you put aside your ‘cat’ muse. Cats don’t enjoy baths, but, on second thought they do enjoy playing with bubbles! Way to sneak in the cat muse. You’re so clever, Drew!

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  3. I can’t remember the last time I used bubble bath. But on another note, a super fantastic, beautiful and creative poem. Everytime I read a poem of your’s, I’m inspired to work on my poetry and to make my words flow just as eloquently.


    1. A good woman is like that warm bath. Happy you liked this,
      Thank you for readign and for your vbery kind words.
      They are greatly appreciated.
      Apologies for the late response. I took a little holiday blogging break.
      Hope your 2019 is full of warmth, inspiration, and love.


  4. ahhhhhh …. Thank you for the dip in the bubbles, Andrew! Your inspiration is my hope for I seem to have stepped into the in-between or void. Soooooo many people LOVE what you write. As I do! And as for the muse …. you’ve got one, no question. Ya never know where next “she’ll” take ya. Know that one is spades. LOL 😘


    1. Smiling. We could all use a dip in the bubbles.
      Humbled by your lovely words. Actually quite speechless.
      Laughing about the muse, yes, someone does inspire me, but honestly so many people inspire me with their blogs.
      LOL . Oh, that last comment. LOL


  5. Hello Andrew, Happy new year to you my dear friend. Through this piece I can clearly see how well you’re doing. This really resonated with me. So glad I decided to visit you. This is sweeeeeet in different way.


      1. Hey Andrew, glad to hear that you are doing well. Me too im doing well. I had made a promise to write a poetry every week. I failed the last week. But i’ll start it from this week. Thank you for wishing such a nice thing. Though its late, have a happy new year dear friend.


  6. “In the fountain of your never ending bubles of loving feelings are reaching here to inspire for take a bath into tub of your lovely verses having warmth consolation,dear dew!! Here is very cold and i want your coffee made with your verses.see plz,surface of the hot cream coffee has too little bubbles.it is too bubbles,dear!! Some time the bubbles are seemed in your glass of Johnny Walker🍺🍻🍻🍺🍺


  7. My muse used to jump out of the red wine bottle…
    of late… she’s taken her foot off the throttle…
    now… I’m driven to the wisdom of Aristotle…
    leaving my ignorant expressions all a-mottle!


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