music in your voice

music in your voice


There is music in your voice
like a summer breeze
so warm and tender
that rustles through my leaves
surrounding me in splendor

There is music in your voice
like a love song
my heart will forever remember
for you are the gentle wind chimes
to which I will always surrender

296 thoughts on “music in your voice

  1. An extract from a love letter, such an enchanting one..
    It plays in my ears, like a melodious love song..
    These are the words which spontaneously emerged in my mind, while collecting the pieces of your heart here.. amazed..!! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

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    1. Very grateful and flattered by your words Roy. Love and music go hand in hand. And the right voice whispering in your ear…..sigh.
      Why am I telling you this. You already know all about it. lol . Thank you so much for your words. They are always appreciated.

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      1. The pleasure is all mines my friend Drew, your words are amazing and yes, love and music go hand and hand creating the perfect dance in life.
        The music in my ear…..sigh, yes…the breath, the dance, the touch and the glance is all felt. We feel your beautiful words and I can relate.😊. All the more beauty in it. You are appreciated by us!🌹🌹


  2. What an enchanting and gorgeous poem you created once again! I find it perfectly captures the magic that lies in being touched by a personΒ΄s undeniable essence, by their unique radiance and their irreplaceable splendor… I really love this poem! Wonderful work…I can almost see two souls merging when I read these lines. Stunning!

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  3. I love this, my Lonely Author.

    So soft and intimate

    There is something close to magic and music about a special voice in your ear. The effect it can have on the heart and body is indescribable. The touch that it leaves on you long after you’ve heard it…

    So much can be known about a person and their feelings for you and yours for that person, through their voice.

    And I’m pre-warning you now to take my compliments and not start with your usual nonsense…but this is one of your most tender and soft poems, in my humble little opinion anyway, and the love you placed in it was so careful and delicate, as though you didn’t want to break something precious and you just breathed a little poetry onto it.Β 

    And your choice of where to place and whisper the words Forever and Always to your reader in the last stanza, was perfect.

    Something about that word ‘surrender’ that just… with a gentle little force shuts my mouth and only allows me to say mmm..

    And sigh. Always.




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    1. Oh, Fiery. Very grateful for your words. I will have to agree with you here. This probably was one of my most tender writes.
      For some reason the first stanza reminded me of “the wind is my voice.” Had that same kind of soft feel to it.
      There is something magical about the whispers of the right voice in one’s ear. It may eventually fade, but it never goes away.

      Pre-warning noted. LOL . Love how you said it was if I didn’t want to break something precious. Awesome freakin’ comment.

      I had so much angst over forever and always. I flip flopped them several times. This post had over 25 edits because of their placement and decideing if they belonged there. So your comment is greatly appreciated.

      As for surrender, I don’t think I ever used that word in anything that I have written. It just seemed so perfect there. A feeling os total melting, being lost in a feeling of blissfullness.

      Grateful for your words. Thank you so much Fiery. Mucho appreciated.

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      1. Ah….sigh. You do NOTHING to stop this little crush of mine. Shame on you.
        What’s a Fiery to do..

        Well… I also pour over words and where to put them. You may think it’s all fun and poetic games over here in Smouldering Land but sometimes I write a whole poem and stare at a particular line for AGES until I manage to turn and move and touch and softly massage it just the right way in my warm palm. I mean mind.
        I usually get it to do exactly what I want in the end (my poem I meant, obviously…where DID your mind go, Mr Lonely Author)

        Love LOVE your thoughts on surrender.
        Love them.
        Melting and being completely lost…nothing better. A few things maybe. But it’s in the top…3 surely.

        I know right…what IS it about the right person’s whispers in your ear? Like the voice turns into something tangible, beyond itself, touching you in a perfect way in the right places.
        You poured all of that in a beautiful, delicious way into this poem.

        It’s my pleasure, giving you my warm little words.



        1. My mind went all over the place with that sizzling paragraph.

          Yes, surrendering (melting and being completely lost) can happen with the right voice whispering
          in your ear. One of the wonders of life.

          Thank you for your steamy words. They are appreciated. Thankfully, I didn’t get burnt.

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  4. Most sweet n lovely poems.your muse is amazing to inspire for writing so much lovely songs which voice are echoing in every are right dear!!that love is music n love has musical feelings who are touching all heart n echoing into whole surroundings.last two lines are most beautiful.that Girl in your image-i think that i have seen on this blog.i wish that you may be a surrender for your windchime always.🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😊

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      1. You are right ,dear!!a loving heart always sings,may be with every beat of heart or like a humming bird openly.most welcome for you appreciation and write a sweet poem.i love that poem soooooo much ,dear!!

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  5. Music, poetry and love are a most wonderful mix, a classic throughout history.

    You probably know, Lonely, muse and music are related through The Nine Muses.
    “The traditional names and specialties of the nine Muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, are: Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (love poetry, lyric art), Euterpe (music, especially flute), Melpomene (tragedy), Polymnia (hymns), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), Urania (astronomy).”

    “The word music comes from the Greek word (mousike), which means “(art) of the Muses”.
    I actually did an Art Gown “Mnemosyne”, which includes the Nine Muses.

    Still, I am am growing many branches in this tree of thought.
    What I really want to say is, “this is an elegant poem, simple, yet complex in the richness of sweet love.”

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    1. As always, your comment leav es me smiling. You always have wonderful input that makes me glow.
      Sorry, for my late response, it has been a very crazy week for me.
      I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow. So, I have been running aroung quite a but,
      Thank you for your lovely read and words.


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