moonless heart


This was written back in September.

A friend gave me a ticket to a Latin Moonlight Cruise (basically a floating nightclub). The ambience and music; perfect. The ladies….oh so beautiful. A perfect night for romance. One little problem…….it was couples night.

This poem and photo were born on that night.

moonless heart


An abandoned yacht sits on a dock
Unsure if it will ever sail again
My moonless heart
Remains still
Like a sailboat without a breeze
He studies the sky
Without constellations
Finding a single star
That winks back
Advising him
A ship only looks forward
Reminding me
Of the girl I haven’t met
Where is she now
Does she admire the night sky
Is she loved
Or is her heart moonless too


Flying to Las Vegas this morning. (Don’t ask me why, I loathe gambling.) Lonely Author will find something to entertain him in Sin City.

I would tell you all about my little vacation when I get back, but what happens in Vegas……blah, blah, blah.

326 thoughts on “moonless heart

  1. Beautiful Andrew! Have fun in Vegas. I live close to one of the largest casinos in the world on and Indian reservation. I’ve never gambled but one day about a month ago I went. I went straight to the roulette table and put all the money I brought on mine and my husbands anniversary. 11 and 19. 19 hit. I walked away and never plan on going back.

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    1. Yeah, I am not a gambler. Happy to see you are one of the few people who can say they gambled and won. Don’t go back.

      Thanks for your kind wishes Stella. I will avoid the Elvis impersonators and those cheap glitzy five minute wedding halls.

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  2. Beautiful view in the picture to go with an even more beautiful poem. It sucks being the odd ball of the bunch. Everyone’s coupled up, while you’re that ship that feels like you will never sail again, or in the case of the lonely heart, love again. I love how you speak of the one star winking back at you, as if reminding you that there’s still hope and that, despite what hardships we faced in the past, we must keep moving forward. Somewhere out there we will find the reason to sail again. And the moonless heart remaining still like a sailboat without a breeze… I think of a heart that feels it has no reason to love, no reason to really beat for anything, because it hasn’t connected with the right person to make it feel something. This poem was just perfectly written and the amount of emotion that emanates from it is just beautiful. I’m sure you will have no problem finding that wind to get you to sail again, my friend.

    Have fun on your trip to Vegas. Live it up. Stay out of trouble! Lol.

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    1. As always Lady B; you captured the essence of my poem so well. That winking star reminds and reassures that all will be well (even if it does not appear that way at the moment). We must always move forward, focusing on the past will ionly stagnate us. YOu summed up ev eything so perfectly. Thank you for always reading me so well. Mucho appreciated.

      As for Vegas, hmmmm. Lonely Author and stay out of trouble??? Not sure if that is possible. LOL .
      Thank you for your gorgeous breakdown and kind wishes. Always grateful for your input.

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  3. Loved this from start to finish, especially how, just when the melancholically poetic back story made your readers feel sad, and the poetry transported them to lonely yet lovely lands, came the fun footnote, with promise of future, almost winking like the star in the poem! 😁
    Enjoy your vacation, Drew!

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    1. Isha, you have an amazing ability to see things others don’t see (and it so often shows in your writing). I rarely speak to my audience, before and after a poem. I always chose one or the other. But I did it on this one, not really paying attention to the opposing messages,

      The contrast in messages actually does reflect the two tones in this poem. Reflection and the hope of the future. Trust me, I hadn’t noticed it.

      Thank you for your insightful read and words. You can inspire one with your comments. An inspiring soul are you.

      Thank you. Very grateful.

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      1. I think it’s a perfect blend of the transition in your writing and your outlook. 2019 seems to be behaving well to the lonely author.
        You’re very kind to call me inspiring when it’s only the effect of your poetry! Mirroring your gratitude here with warm wishes for Vacay in Vegas.

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  4. Never have 3 blah blah blahs had so much meaning behind them!

    September…brings back some sweet memories for me. It was actually one of the best months of my life for a long time.

    I adored your metaphor here. This whole piece touched me. It was pensive and full of relfelction. Love that side of you.

    The moonless heart is a stunning little metaphor. Motionless rather than broken..I loved that so much. As though it was ready but not quite to be captured.
    Mostly though…the solitary winking star in an empty sky..oh my. I may have stopped and read that a few times. I know that feeling. Something bright just making a shy little appearance out of nowhere, darkness. Beautiful. The way you capture the minutiae of deep emotions we all know so well. It’s a rare quality. A gift.
    And as always your choice of words, yes they all flow and become an alluring poetic canvas of what you’re feeling but for me, Abandoned and Unsure..perfect choices . Truly. If someone appears and removes those crippling emotions from our hearts then all else seems to melt away.
    I am lucky here where I am in the world only in the sense that the moon is always visible to me and starry nights make me stare and dream and imagine if someone special is seeing what I see. I almost wrote a poem about it and then couldn’t formulate my thoughts properly…luckily I suppose. I wouldn’t want my Lonely Author accusing me of pick pocketing his poetic thoughts, lol

    When or if two moonless hearts find each other…pure poetry. This is a touching moonlit reflection of a little breath of a moment you’ve shared with everyone.

    Have a ridiculously naughty, I mean GREAT time on your hols.
    With love,

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    1. Lol. Fiery your comment was almost longer than my flight. Lmfao

      September was the month where I started getting out of my funk. So it was good for me so well.

      Happy tu pu liked the metaphor. My reflective can be quite…..reflective.

      Yes motionless and not broken
      I really like that. That was me.

      Seriously, thank you for sharing your amazing thoughts and kind words. They are treasures over here.

      Thank you

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            1. I was playing with you my Fiery friend. Really didn’t have the time to give you the reply your beautiful comment deserved.

              I will make it up to you when I return I will leave an . never ending comment on your blog.

              I owe that to you.
              Now give me a big smile my friend. xoxoxo

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    1. Lol
      That is one of the sweetest comments I have ever received. I was in a bad place at the time I wrote this. Doing much better now. I can see the light.

      Bless you for this comment. You have truly made my day. (And I am on my flight right now. So this was a feel good comment when I needed it).
      Thank you

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      1. Glad to hear you are doing better! I wasn’t expecting to make you day! I hope you are away to have a great time and stick a dollar on red for me. (Don’t do this, the ball will land on black if you do!) Have a great time. πŸ™‚

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  5. Aah I really love it. Maybe some words need to be invented to Praise your poems.
    And oh I’ve though never been to Vegas but I wish to, some day since my favourite Youtuber and guitarist Andrew Foy lives there. Do have a visit if possible from my side.😭😭😭
    Oh damn I wish I were there at Vegas.🀐🀐🀐

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  6. I can sympathize being alone in a place full of couples haha πŸ˜… but I would love to in your shoes once and visit Vegas. Elvis fan over here! πŸ˜†

    I want to hug the person in the poem. I can almost see his lonely silhouette from the dimmed light around him while he looks and… 😒

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    1. Lol. It was a bit weird that night. I was given free drinks because of the ticket office oversight.

      Thank you for your very kind words and wishes. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Thank you. Sure could use a hug on this plane right now.

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  7. Drew, this is beautiful. Moonless heart is such a wonderful metaphor for loneliness and longing. In this fabulous imagery questions resound. Where is she? What is she doing now? The questions accentuate the loneliness, and yet is he really lonely? For by simply asking the question he brings her there.

    Gorgeous work!

    Have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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              1. You are trying to be good zipsy lonely wanderer,i am too gazing that most shining gives me every information about you.enjoy your trip,yaar!! I like your naughty image.that is better than a good n simple boy.😊😊😊😊😊😁😁

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        1. But you should know the manners of asking and giving the advising.the lonely author is special and most talelented poet and story teller.but Las Vegas is not well reputated city.that is famous for drunkards ,gambling,prostitution to be happy peoples like you need to give advice for spoiling any life specially Andrew.

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                1. People who were thinking that you would be on vacation having fun there ,are mad.Las Vegas has no land ,no sky,no day and no night.only showing lightening in casino,on roads,streets,hotel n bars.and site of worst Dons.plz dew!!don’t go again there.


  8. Most beutiful lines.why have you not posted it in september.if you published it on september.then it could be a wonderful gift for your Angel gaurdian.yeah.that sky is presented stil now.all stars may be not shin but a lonely star is winked daily still now.i feel that it is saying to me is forever to me,dear dew.!! Enjoy your trip but take care.i have heard most wrong and harmful things about las vegas.i don’t like that city.but your NYC is amazing and beautiful.

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  9. Most heart touching poem.if you posted it in September,then it could a wonderful gift on birthday of Angel Guardian.enjoy your trip but take your best care becuse.Las Vegas ,as i know,a bad n harmful place.your NYC is better than LAS VEGAS.Oh God may save my dew!! Here is a lonely star are shining as it’s routine and naturally i gazed that,it is my habits.may be in night sky has not many shining stars but that lonely star is twinkling n shining daily because that is mine forever.i am not moonless heart,dear dew!!plz return back soon.

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  10. Ahhhh …. what it is about moonlit nights that we swoon madly over?
    Your words describe a feeling of hope. Perhaps, there’s a paramour in that sparkle.
    Disney said, “When you wish upon a star” … Mmmm … wonder if he felt the same way.
    Thought provoking poem …
    Isadora 😎

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  11. I’ve had a similar experience to yours. Only mine was in Hawaii. A graduation cruise and everyone was coupled up…except for me. I spent half the night outside by the railing watching the stars and the lights go by. Yet…I didn’t feel sad. I just used the time to create a story in my mind. I guess that’s what we writers do. Use the moments that could be painful and turn them into something beautiful…hopefully. πŸ™‚ Have fun in “sunny” Vegas. I hope it lifts your spirits.

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    1. Oh, so you know how I felt. Was very awkward.
      I used the time to write poetry and reflect on my life.
      It was a very inspirational night. I don’t regret it.

      Hacing a good time so far. Thank you for your kind wishes and words.
      They are greatly appreciated.

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  12. I call it “Lost Vague Ass”
    Now, your poem is wonderful. There is nothing vague about your dream.
    I find myself excited for you, for when you find this person.
    In the meantime, we are getting a boatload of wonderful poetry from you.
    Have fun in “Lost Vague Ass”!!!!

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    1. Thank you for the compliment Diane. Appreciated.

      Hey, I found a quarter near a slot machine. One of those rare old ones that still accepts quarters. Dropped it in the machine
      and I won $1.25. Stopped gambling.

      Spent my time shopping at outlets and trying new restaurants. Ate at the Top of the World (a rotating restaurant on the 106th floor).
      Had a memorable time.
      Thanks for the kind wishes. xoxoxo

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  13. Lovely poem Drew! Especially liked the connection between ship, stars, and soul… and to remember to look forward…Latin night cruise sounds pretty enticing, too! Hope you have a blast in Las Vegas. Must be a full-on place, ha? πŸ™‚ Abrazo and enjoy

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    1. we must always look forward, especially during the tough times.
      Latin night cruise was fun, evben though I was alone. Created this poem!

      Vegas was a blast. I like trying out new restaurants, sight seeing, and
      exploring new places. Also did a lot of shopping. lol . I am terrible.

      Gracias. Abrazos. Cuidate.

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    1. Smiling at this gorgeous comment. Thank you for your lovely compliment,
      Happy you liked this little poem. The circumstances that created it were
      awkward, but gave me a chance to reflect, at a time I really needed to do that.

      Thank you always for your beautiful words.

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  14. I’m sure you’ll manage to have fun in Vegas! It must have been a strange experience on the cruise. I feel awkward if I’m at a coffee shop or something and couples are everywhere. But at the very least, you managed to create this beautiful poem on board!

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    1. Smiling. It was an awkward feeling, but as you say, I tried to make the most of it.
      The crew did give me complimentary drinks that night, so it wasn’;t a total loss.
      Thank you for your lovely comment.

      Vegas was great. Spent my moeny wisely, restaurants and shopping.

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