the beauty of a woman (For All Ladies)

the beauty of a woman

an enchanting paradox
for some
an alluring mosaic
to my eyes
A masterpiece
of artistry and love
She is a portrait
of her laughter
and long forgotten tears
A collection of stunning
jigsaw pieces
of heartbreak and memories
collected through the years
She is a labyrinth of emotions
a sweet sum of all her parts
To truly appreciate
the beauty of a woman
you must discover
the little girl
for she will forever be
a priceless work of art


367 thoughts on “the beauty of a woman (For All Ladies)

  1. Andrew! *hugs* Welcome home. How was Vegas? Oops! Never mind. *wink* “What happens in Vegas…”

    I loved this poem. It really touched my heart especially because of something that happened, years ago. One of the most romantic gifts I ever got was a tiny teddy bear with the note, “For the brave little girl inside the beautiful woman you are.” It was such a beautiful thing to write, but — wow! I don’t think he was prepared for the sobs that came when I read the note. ^^ We’re still friends though. Whew! โ™ฅ.

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    1. Vegas was great. Caught some shows and tried some great restaurants. I needed a break from the stress of New York.
      Thanks for asking.

      What a beautiful thing for him to say. I can see how this poem relates to thst moment in your life. Smiles.
      I think all of us have that little child inside of us. And the little girl inside of you and all women…. as flawed
      as she may think she is, she is beautiful. All women are. Their love, understanding, and compassion is what
      makes this world and life the wnderful thing that it is.

      And to read your words saying this poem touched your heart…..well, my words have discovered true beauty.
      Thank you for your gorgeous comments and for sharing your story on this post. You have added your own sweet
      touch to a post about the beauty of the better sex.

      Grateful. Thanks.

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      1. So glad you had a fun and much-needed break! I agree, there is a child inside all of us. When I get most upset with people, I look for that child. We’re all born innocent and perfect, then learn all the negativity here. It helps to look for the little one. So yes! My friend and I had a long conversation one night about the inner child. He knew I was a CSA survivor, because he was one of the few people who I trusted with my story. The little girl who lived through those years needed to remember how strong and brave she was, and even writing this Drew I get choked up. Your poem was so perfect especially because this friend and I recently got back in touch. I just adore him and always will. He has raised a strong, beautiful woman who values and respects herself and others, no doubt because he was so wise in recognizing how important it is to be gentle with her, always, especially the innocent core of her soul. You’ve got a lovely light touch on the pulse of what women want to hear and read, and I always enjoy reading your poetry. Thanks so much for reading and responding to my comment. *hugs* โ™ฅ.

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        1. Thank you for your very flattering compliments. Humbled and grateful for your words.
          Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reactions.

          This poem is all about women, especially YOU. That precious little girl is still there.
          Innocent, beautiful, full of love, and needing to be loved, appreciated, and understood.

          I will always treasure your words. They fill me with joy.

          Big hugs Niki. I know life has special things waiting for you.
          It is time for you to shed tears of joy.

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          1. {{{{{{{{{{Andrew}}}}}}}}}}} That’s such a beautiful response. Thank you so much. Words are useless here. Joy daily, grateful for the gift of every moment, grateful to know *you*, Drew. โ™ฅ.


    1. Flattered by your words. I think all women (flawed as they may think they are) have a little girl inside.
      If men could just realize that, perhaps there would be less divorce.

      Thank you for reading and your comment. They made me happy and gave me a big smile.

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  2. You woke me up with a smile this morning Mr Lonely Author. I loved every word of this.
    Then a few tears peeked out. But good ones. Then more smiles. And other stuff.
    More later

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  3. This is so sweet, Andrew. It’s not only wonderful for a man to see the little girl within the woman, it’s essential that the woman treat the little girl inside her well.

    Where did you ever find the photo of this adorable little girl?

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    1. The photo was a donation from a friend. I have a few personal friedns who read my blog and they send me beautiful images whenever they run across one. I am a lucky man to have this support. And to be honest, I just adore this photo. That little girl is so damn cute.

      I think men would understand women better, if they made an effort to discover that little girl and all of the things that happened in her life to make her the woman that she is today.

      Thank you for your wonderful words. They always encourage and inspire. xoxo

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      1. I think all relationships would function better if we all looked at everyone with the same idea. My husband and I get along much better now since I’ve realized that not only do I have a freight car of baggage, much of what is not my fault, but so does he. It’s about being sensitive to more than just a great smile and who pays the check.

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              1. I am so much unique type as i requested day you said me to write on”Lonely pocket”,i have written.i don’t know-how much you liked i request you to write on me whatever you have imagination about me.dear dew!!don’t think that i have become mad.๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. I think about your blog a lot. Is that weird?ย  Well, you know me,ย  I couldn’t give an eff if it’s weird or not lol, it’s true. My point is, I think about it and the effect you have on people and how your poetry reaches people and it’s really easy to work out why, even though I know that you sometimes struggle to see it yourself, which you shouldn’t but you are who you are and you’re genuine.

    So I think this poem actually embodies everything that people love about your blog and you and your writing. An abundance of love and acceptance. Beautiful metaphors woven softly. The extended imagery of a woman being a priceless work of art. A little vulnerabilityย  so very endearing. Your own personal truths, so tangible about your perception of women. You have everyone affected by your words in a deep way. I keep trying to pick out the parts I love the most but I can’t. I’d quote the whole thing back to you but I can never waste time when it could be better spent appreciating something so touching.

    But this: “…stunning
    jigsaw piecesย 
    of heartbreak and memories
    collected through the years…”

    That’s the part that really had my little tears flowing. Feeling broken, you never think anyone will accept your complex, damaged pieces but you described them as a stunning and my heart just sighed its own sigh.

    I think what I am trying to say (in my usual wordy way) is whenever you may (but effing shouldn’t) doubt that your poetry touches anyone, remember what I am telling you here. You speak to everyone, to all the little lost girls inside,ย  with love and affection and understanding and sweet verses like a soft kiss and that is a priceless feeling my Lonely Author.

    With a teary little eye,




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    1. No, it isn’t weird, it is quite flattering that an amazing and powerful writer such as you would even think about my blog or writing.
      That is the greatest compliment one man could receive.

      By these comments of yours, I am guessing you liked it, ( I can picture you eye rolling me). lol I confess, I actually deleted two lines
      prior to its posting. Lines about a woman not being sure of herself and being a little broken. I found them unnecessary. A flawed woman
      is just as beautiful. A man needs to appreciate her little insecurities and realize it only makes her vulnerable and more beautiful.

      I recently argued this with a friend. He doesn’t want to bother himself in getting to know his new girlfriend. He wants to know who she
      is now, not caring about her past, the tragedies and triumphs that turned this little girl into the woman that she is today.

      As a man learns more about a woman and her life she becomes more allouring, more enchanting. And I imaginew that little girl as a priceless
      work of art (before the pain and suffering she has endured). To better understand and appreciate her, he should learn everything about her.

      Those lines you referred to, are my favorites. They are the things that make a woman who she is. Feeling broken? You are
      a woman! A beautiful, living breathing work of art. A treasure to be cherished. Never doubt yourself Fiery. Not even for a second.

      As for your final paragraph. Very flattered by your words Fiery. It is a wonderful feeling to touch someone with your words. That is
      exactly who I wrote this for, all the (disappointed) little girls lost inside.

      Wish I could wipe that tear my dear friend. If time and distance doen’t lety me comfort you my friend, my words can touch you in ways
      I can’t.

      Grateful for your beautiful and inspiring comment, Fiery. Always looking forward to your visits here.
      Thank you.

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      1. Your whole response basically proved everything I said about you in my comment lol. sweet to be right. Give me a sec…I’m enjoying the feeling…

        Oh AND you manged to slip in a few compliments about me and my writing…nicely done. Totally unnecessary.ย  You know why and more or less how I write. I’ve told you before. I hesitate to take a lot of credit for my writing as I am pretty sure it is a totally separate entity from me that just tells me what to do with my words and I obey.ย  Yeah…best not pull apart that last sentence, we may dive into a whole other discussion there…lol. Why am I lol-ing so much? Focus Fiery.

        Also I am pretty sure you’ve been complimented far better than me telling you I think about you and your blog a lot. But I’ll take your charming words and shush about that.


        Among many many MANY other reasons,ย  this is why I love talking with you. There is something about a man who understands the little complexities of women in this way. It shouldn’t be a chore or a huge effort to get to know a woman deeper than the surface of who she is now. It should be a pleasure and a want. A need to know what shaped her and made her this way and the same goes for women. When I am in love I want to know everything about my man. And I ask a lot of questions lol. Because I want to. I need to know.ย  And most men (sorry for that phrase but kind of not sorry too) don’t want to and don’t bother.ย 

        I know a man like your friend. Whenever his wife talks to him about her past, whether a painful memory or a happy one, he is either overtly disinterested,ย  changes the subject, glosses over what she has said, quickly begins to talk about himself or sometimes, tells her blatantly he isn’t interested (in a much more arsehole way than that) or even…(try not to get annoyed) belittles her, her past,ย  where she came from and what she’s been through. My friend (the wife) now refrains from telling him anything about her past,ย  even funny little anecdotes because she thinks well what’s the point?ย  She let’s him talk about himself and that seems to make him happy.ย  I am just sharing that here because it is in stark contrast to this poem and you, basically.ย 

        I can’t speak for every woman obviously,ย  but the things you say here are what a woman wants to hear.ย  To be appreciated for every part that makes up the whole is rare. You must know that. And it is a little terrifying to let someone in on your dark corners where little truths sit and dwell and shy away from the light because we think, well who the eff would want to know THAT about me? And when someone actually does, and still loves you inspite of those broken pieces or even…loves you more BECAUSE of that …well…sigh…it’s close to finding your soul mate.ย 

        ย Personally,ย  I can say there is the me that not many people know. Incredibly flawed. Often broken beyond repair. Too many things that can’t be undone.ย  But then there are days when someone may see who I was, a little girl who really is just me. And if that is beautiful in someone else’s eyes…my gosh that kind of feeling can change you fundamentally.ย 

        I should probably be wrapping up here but I am just getting my little caffeine high now lol so I will say in case it wasn’t obvious, that yes of course I loved this poem. Yeah I did roll my eyes at you,ย  I usually do at least once a day lol. The whole metaphor of a work of art…reminded me of something I was told once. Sometimes in a relationship,ย  a man treats a woman as a painting yes. But not in this way you are describing. He knows he has something as enigmatic and rare as the Mona Lisa or as alluring and captivating as The Kiss by Kilmt but he doesn’t want anyone else to see it. He hangs that beautiful work of art in his own private collection,ย  selfish. ..locked away gathering dust and then at some point it is barely visible from the years of being devoid of light and appreciation by others that that work of art isn’t even recognisable as what it once was. And then even he isn’t interested inย  it anymore. And THAT is the epitome of a *damn shame* as you say across the pond.

        I think anyone who thinks the way you do about women, and writes poetry the way you do and so many other things… would never do anything like that.ย 

        Your words did touch me and always do even from this far, far away. I’m very lucky to have you as my friend.




        1. LMFAO . Don’t hurt dislocate your shoulder patting yourself on the back.

          That paragraph on how a woman was shaped, I couldn’t agree more. A more should want, no NEED to know everything about his woman. What better way to understand her? You are right, most men can’t be bothered.

          Your friend experiences the same thing many women do, Men who shutdown at the mention of her past or anything not related to sports, food, and sex.
          “The things you say are the things women want to hear.” Are you saying I am a Woman Whisperer. LMFAO . PLeae you are much too kind and generous with your words. We need to love out mates and every broken piece that makes them who they are.

          To see the little girl in you (an adorable flicker of a Flame no doubt), or any woman, that is a treausre and the very thing every man should strive for.

          As for the metaphor of a woman as a painting. I agree with your thoughts. Why have a masterpiece if you are not going to show it off?
          I want the entire world to see my Baby (if I had a Baby), but I don’t, so I can’t.

          Smiling Fiery. I am the lucky one. Thank you for your amaizing comments. Mucho appreciated, xoxoxoxo

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          1. I’m quite flexible so patting myself on the back was pretty easy lol.

            One of us needs to stop this unending chain of philosophical and sweet chitter chatter so I’m volunteering myself..

            I don’t know…are you a Woman Whisperer? Depends on what you whisper and how you are responded to when you do..
            So much more I could say, cheeky. But I won’t for now.

            Fiery โค๏ธ

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    1. Smiling. I am certain many peop[le thought the same. Discovering the little girl inside is discovering the true beauty.

      Thank you so much for your comment. It made me smile. Much appreciated.

      Who is next in the concert tour?


  5. Aw.. this is so sweet and so beautifully done. Clear and shiny like a flawless diamond.
    “you must discover
    the little girl
    for she will forever be
    a priceless work of art”

    It look like you discovered that ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had a great time reading this piece, Drew.

    Wishing you a great week!

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    1. Good morning G. Clear and shiny like a flawless diamond. You have perfectly described women. They may have their own unique flaws, but they are stunning and fascinating anyway. And if a man takes the time to really get to know a woman he will discvoer her true beauty inside.

      Thank you for your wonderful words my dear friend. As always they are appreciated and inspiring. Thanks. Have an inspiring week yourself.

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    1. Smiling. Happy you liked this. A little girl remains inside every woman. And if a man gets to know the little girl, well, then he knows the woman. What can be more beautiful than that?

      Thank you for the read and wondeful comment. Appreciate your kindness and support.


    1. This is a gorgeous work of art of a comment. Love it.
      We should all take the time to know the child inside of our friends and loved ones.
      It is that innocence and pure love that inspired true love.
      Thank you for your glorious words. They are truly appreciated.
      Have a great week.

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    1. Discovery is everything, Exploring the innermost corners of a person’s heart and personality can be s fascinating, I like tom thinkwe are all broken in our own way and it is that brokeness that makes us unique and beautiful.

      Thank you for your lovely words and read. Mucho appreciated.,


  6. Here I thought the cold weather had officially turned me into a block of ice… All I needed was one of your heartwarming poems. So rich with imagery, I am almost tempted to pick up a paint brush. This is a gorgeous piece! I love the recurring theme of many parts creating something whole and the idea of balance always being present. We are too complex to ever be defined by a single moment.

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    1. Women are too complex to be described by any single moment or word, but what a beautiful labyrinth all of you are. A wonderful place to be lost in.

      Many of my female friends reflect on their flaws and think of themselves as broken, but there is so much beauty and enchanting spells in their imperfections.

      Thank you for your gorgeous comments, They are treasures here, Stay warm. I think winter is just beginning,

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      1. Don’t say that! LOL You’re making me think of a Leonard Cohen quote. “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” You will have to keep the poems coming then, to help battle the frigid temperatures. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. Brilliant! It’s loving, sensitive, poignant, insightful and more. ๐ŸŒŸ! ๐Ÿ’–,๐Ÿ’‹, โ™ž, ๐Ÿค”and ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿงœ๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ๐ŸŽจ
    I said it twice. Once in words, once in emoji.
    Thank you, Lonely!

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