the beauty of a woman (For All Ladies)

the beauty of a woman

an enchanting paradox
for some
an alluring mosaic
to my eyes
A masterpiece
of artistry and love
She is a portrait
of her laughter
and long forgotten tears
A collection of stunning
jigsaw pieces
of heartbreak and memories
collected through the years
She is a labyrinth of emotions
a sweet sum of all her parts
To truly appreciate
the beauty of a woman
you must discover
the little girl
for she will forever be
a priceless work of art



367 thoughts on “the beauty of a woman (For All Ladies)

    1. Humbled that you thought this worth of reblogging. Very touched by the gesture of support and kindness,
      I think a man should learn about his partner’s childhood and the trials and triumphants of her life.
      Especially if he wants to make her happy.

      Sorry, for my late reply, I am on vacation in the Dominican Republic. Trying to blog while on vacation
      has not been easy, Again, thank you for your lovely gesture and kind words. They are truly appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

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