my baritone heart
sings on a lonely stage
before empty seats

longing to be a duet
he dreams
of your soprano heart
here alongside of me

without you
a crowded auditorium
appears barren
as the insistent echo
of my baritone heart
rings in hollow halls

he croons a ballad
a song meant for two
a song unrequited
a soliloquy
he composed
just for you

273 thoughts on “soliloquy

  1. Wonderful n amazing soliloquy,dear dew.!! To day was Republic day in my,my staff members and students were wonderfully enjoyed.but here is 2.25 o’clock of night.i could not feel sleep well coz of i thought about twice comment on your this amazing post.if you are waking ,plz say me good night with some sweet words.hey dear dew!!where are you?

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  2. This is lovely. I was thinking about what B. wrote above, Drew, about being inspired by unrequited love, wondering why it is so. Solitude may explain it. Perhaps there’s another explanation. It occurred to me that, in quantum theory, there is one hypothesis that when we make a choice, a universe splits off and begins a new direction in a life we might have lived in another universe. Perhaps, after a lifetime of such choices, and thousands of universes, we feel, always more strongly with every passing year, what could have been, but never was, especially when it comes to love. Just a thought. I hope you have a good week. ♥.

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    1. What a profound thought. You took me off on science fiction tangeants of wonderful and sad possibilities.
      Imagine every choice we make and don’t make going off in different dimensions. Well, in that case I could
      love and be loved in so many levels.

      Grateful for your beautiful words. Every time you visit me, my heart is regenerated with love.
      Thank you for everything. I so appreciate you.

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      1. Oh I do love that idea that we can be loved on many levels. And why not? Love is a form of energy. Energy is eternal and presumably able to pass across dimensions. Light can. Andrew, you really are so kind to give me such a wonderful compliment. Thank you. I am grateful for, and appreciate very much, your friendship. ♥.


  3. That feeling of being in a room full of people, but thinking it might as well be empty, because that one person you want to be with you in that moment is not even there. So you might as well be in a room by yourself. It feels as if there’s no life, or air, in the room… lifeless. I love how you incorporated the musical element of the baritone heart singing a duet, yet there is a longing for that soprano heart to help him sing that song. A song meant for two just isn’t as powerful if you don’t have your duet partner there and the song unrequited… I imagine you singing this song out to the audience, spotlight glaring down on you and the room is dark, empty feeling and you’re waiting, hoping for the voice of your love to respond back with her part, as if giving your heart hope that she is there, ready to sing with you (if that made any sense). Anyways, very beautiful poem, my friend. Could feel the ache in this one.


    1. Your comment so perfectly depicts my thoughts. A crowded room is lonely without the one you love.
      That baritone heart needs the company of the soprano to sing that song meant for two.

      Thank you for your gorgeous comment. You always break me down so well. Well, I mean the poetry. LOL
      Very grateful for your beautiful words and interpretation. Thank you

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      1. Reading this actually made me think of my music major days in college. We had to perform in many recitals and I had a duet with a guy who was actually a baritone. So I know how that feels when you have to practice a song without your duet partner around. It feels incomplete on that stage. So comparing it to life and love, I totally get this.

        LOL! I don’t think I could EVER break you down. Won’t even try it! haha! Glad I could break your poetry down though! You’re very welcome, my dear friend! Enjoy your night!


  4. I almost hope to see wings in the image but this one has a landed feel. A wooden stage. Hot lights. Heavy velvet curtains waiting to be drawn closed. I can hear the echo passing over everyone in the audience, a searching thing. Although it’s not meant for any of them they will each take it with them…so that on and on and on the beauty of his song travels. Beautiful Andrew. 🎶

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  5. Ouch! That hurts! No one to sing back or sing with! I remember those days (or nights) when my friend and I would hit the bars and he’d play the piano and I’d sing or vice-versa. But he doesn’t like to sing. So maybe that’s it! She doesn’t like to sing. Maybe you need to find something in common with her!


    1. Oh, that is painful. However your words were sweet.
      Thank you for your kindness and support.
      Apologies for my late response. I have been prepping for a trip to Florida.
      I am trying to relocate to the Sunshine state. And it has kept me from full timne blogging.
      So apologies for my late response. Thank you so much


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