my baritone heart
sings on a lonely stage
before empty seats

longing to be a duet
he dreams
of your soprano heart
here alongside of me

without you
a crowded auditorium
appears barren
as the insistent echo
of my baritone heart
rings in hollow halls

he croons a ballad
a song meant for two
a song unrequited
a soliloquy
he composed
just for you

273 thoughts on “soliloquy

  1. πŸ˜₯ Why? Why must you make me feel so lonely Drew? This poem just hurt so good, but damn it I hope don’t cry in my sleep because I’m about to go to bed.
    Beautiful poem as always. You really should publish a book.

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    1. Oh, Jessica. Your comments made me smile, a little sad smile. There aere songs that I hear and I think it hurt so good.
      I have never had that little compliment attribjuted to one of my poems.

      Flattered and grateful you enjoyed this. Sorry, to make you feel lonely. Loneliness is bad enough without someone reminding
      you how it feels.

      Thank you for this treasure of a comment. I am truly grateful you took the time out to read and share your beautiful thoughts.
      Thank you

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      1. Nah, it’s a welcome loneliness. I love how your poems touch my heart. The poems I’ve written never reach me as deep as your words. I hate to become your rival to be honest. haha πŸ˜€


  2. Hey Drew, extremely beautiful and at the same time haunting.

    The heart of the poem rests on “without you
    a crowded auditorium
    appears barren”

    the juxtaposition of crowded/barren is superbly done.

    Hollow halls, unrequited song, singing on a lonely stage, empty seats, all those imagines create loneliness and longing. Yet… what is it about this poem that also creates the feeling that the loneliness is not fully lived?
    The answers is in the title: soliloquy . Indeed you are speaking your own thought regardless of any hearers. But regardless of any hearers, does not mean no hearers. It is a poem written for her to be read and heard by her. It’s almost like it’s written in her presence.

    Great composition, great flow, beautiful imagery, and a bit tricky πŸ™‚
    I can write an entire essay about this poem.
    Splendid job!
    And good morning to you when you get up πŸ™‚

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    1. Good morning G. Sitting here, rereadig this comment that completely floored me as if I was punched
      by a prize fighter.

      Smiling at your comment over the heart of the poem. I agree that it is the core of this little write.
      To be in a crowded auditorium or most festive party and not be with the one you love, well, it can be
      barren. Thank you for your compliments.

      Smiling at your second paragraph. Yes, loneliness and longing….and loneliness not fully lived.
      This poet can be lonely at times, but when he is accompanied by her in his thoughts….well, he is
      lonely no more. Quite enchanting of you to see that. I was stunned.

      Soliloquy was the answer. Yes, they are my thoughts, truly meant to be read and heard by her.
      I have goose bumps reading your thoughts, This is haunting. Have you been rummaging through
      my mind? LOL . Don’t answer that. LOL

      You have made my day. Your ability to break things down, read between the lines, submerge
      yourself in the words (and my mind)…. truly spellbinding, haunting, and humbling.

      Grateful for your thoughts. Have a glorious, inspiring day.

      Can’t find the words to thank you enough. So, I will leave you with one word.


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      1. Good morning, Drew,
        It’s early here. I am going to say it again: Your poem is gorgeous and you deserve a lot of praise.
        I am glad I made you smile!

        “This poet can be lonely at times, but when he is accompanied by her in his thoughts….well, he is
        lonely no more. Quite enchanting of you to see that. I was stunned.” Stunned? Your beautiful words were written to be read by her. That is lovely. I hope she read and understood.

        “Have you been rummaging through
        my mind? LOL . Don’t answer that.” I would not if you do not want me to πŸ™‚

        I can’t find the words to tell you how beautiful your poems are.

        May you have an inspiring day and may you write another gorgeous piece for her!

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      1. Dear dew!!comparison from which to which,
        Because your wording’s meaning so much rich.πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•ŠπŸ•Š

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  3. Okay…I’ve composed myself (pun not intended) Ready to get all “Fiery won’t shut up about the Lonely Author’s poetry” on you.

    The first time I stepped on a stage many many moons ago, it was the most incredible feeling ever. EVER.
    Years after, every time I would get on stage to perform I would get that same feeling. I won’t describe it here and hijack your comments section with Tales of Fiery Past but my point is…I never thought one day I’d read a poem that reminded me of that but also broke my little heart with the feeling of what it would be like if it was compared to being in love and not having that love returned to you. Blew me away.
    The personification of your heart singing on a lonely stage…my god. Just gorgeous. And you carried it all the way through so beautifully. The longing to have her beside you singing along with your song. I couldn’t pull off such a beautiful extended metaphor (can’t think of anyone that could) but it never wavered for a second. The baritone and soprano…seriously these musical analogies grab my delicate heartstrings and…sigh. Losing my train of thought. .
    The crowded auditorium feeling empty is exactly the feeling of being around a thousand people but without that one person who you crave to be YOURS , you still feel alone. Singing a song without the harmonies it is desperately crying for.
    And…and and and…’Soliloquy’ for me…just whispered literature and theatre and that….well you’ve spoken to a deep love of mine with that title and with this whole touching poem.

    Last stanza…please don’t make me comment on that.
    That’s when the tears fell like a silly little girl.
    Heart breaking and mending itself all at once with this one. Apart from ONE other poem which is hands down my favrourite of yours …this one touched me beyond belief.

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    1. LMFAO
      You will have to tell me your experiences on a stage. We can share tales. (Child actor here).

      Flattered that this little thing could bring back the feelings of those experiences. When I wrote this I was drawing
      on my own experiences on stage and of course the loneliness the had accompanied through life. Sorry, to break your little
      heart, you know that was not my intention. Blew you away. Perhaps a name change is in order…The Lonely Blower.
      Naw, I guess not.

      Personification. So happy you said that word. You and I have discussed my old poetry and the new. Personification has been
      a game changer for me. Thrilled you liked the personification in this poem, and thanks for saying I carried it through. I
      can’t tell you how many edits it took me. (Here goes the Lonely Nerd – WordPress shows 22 edits. That doesn’t include the
      edits before I dared enter it in WordPress. Nerd mode over).

      Yeah, this popem was all about her heart beating with mine, most endearing duet. You couldn’t pull ths off. LOL . Not only could
      you pull it off, you would do it so beautifully. Funny you mention . the baritone and sprano hearts. This piece originally
      started with another line, but I found starting it with “my baritone heart” perfectly set the stage. Oooops. Terrible, I was trying
      to be punny.

      You grasped my core meaning so perfectly. To be around a crowd and not be with the one you love is still lonely. Perhaps, the
      summit of loneliness. Without her, the world is barren. Your little paragraph touched me with its tenderness and beauty.
      Soliloquy had to be the title. That is how my heart beats (until hers beats with mine).

      The last stanza…..flattered by the words you conveyed with your tears. Humbled and grateful.
      Thriulled you enjoyed this little poem. I know which is your favorite. To have this one compared to and even referred to
      in the same sentence with that ONE, well, I am touched.

      Save those tears, silly little girl. (now, you are reminding me of my last post).

      Thank you for your beautiful words, breakdown and appreciation. Your words are treasures that bring joy to my quiet
      days. Eternally grateful.


      Lonely Author

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      1. Good grief, don’t change your name to The Lonely Blower, please! It would change the whole mood of my comments to you, lol.

        But I do have a little thing for the nerd in you, so definitely don’t be apologetic about that. I nerd out a lot. Glad to be in good company.

        My stories of being on stage are many and we can share those little exchanges elsewhere. Such gripping tales I could tell you, lol.

        I think I knew you were a child actor but totally forgot so expect many prying questions from me very soon.

        So yes I know you didn’t mean to break my poor fragile little heart lol. That would have been a weird reason to write a poem.

        But you’re such a romantic.Β  I crazy agree with you about feeling alone until her (‘his’ in my case, in case anyone was curious lol) beats with yours. Hearts will go beating merrily along and sighing all alone until someone syncs with your heartbeat perfectly and then all they play with their pulses are harmonies.

        It definitely is now my second favourite.Β  No question. Everything about this, I heart very very much.

        Don’t call me a silly girl. YOU’RE a silly girl! Oh I said that first didn’t I. Okay,Β  fine. Say what you want lol

        Feel like I should say something really deep and meaningful to convey how much I appreciate you and your touching, sweet words my Lonely Author, which make me giggle and smile from the inside out.

        I’ll think of something.




        1. Yeah, Lonely Blower would c hange the blog feel. Probably lose readership.

          Yeah, that nerd peeks out every so often. I have two little voices that accompany me.
          The nerd on my right shoulder (my blurred side). The bad boy on the left shoulder,
          Explains a lot doesn’t it?

          Beautifully said. I want to sync with a heart. I could sync all day and night…..yeah.

          Smiling. In a world of imitation, Fiery you are one of a kind.

          Drew xoxo

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          1. Who’s Drew?
            Oh.. my Lonely Author.

            Yep. That certainly explains a lot that I already actually knew but I like it when you explain yourself lol.

            I hope you find that heart and sync til the sun comes up.

            Aw.. you think?
            I try


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        1. Well, I was an only child and both my parents were only children. So when they passed back in the 80s, I have spent many hours alone.

          Writing this, I drew on my experiences. I believe that writers, like actors, need to alway draw on past feelings to bring out theemotions they wish to convey. Honestly, it has worked for me. I am still learning how to write poetry.

          Thank you for your kindness. Have a wonderful day.


  4. Substitute baritone for soprano and those could be the thoughts in my head. This short poem was so eloquent and so smartly packaged. I really do love reading your poetry. You have a way of echoing the thoughts in my heart that I sometimes am too afraid to speak. Thank you for giving voice to all the lonely people out there who are too afraid to say it. ❀

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    1. Humbled by your beautiful words Meslissa.
      I am saddened that you copild relate to this little poem. I don’t wish that upon anyone. I know all to well, the emptiness of being alone.

      We recently started following one another, so I haven’t read too many of your pieces, but the posts I read so far are beautiful. You express you emotions and thoughts beautifully.

      Thank you for your kind read and generous words. I am flattered and grateful. Thank you so much. You are appreciated.

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      1. Drew, you are quite a person. I hope your muse will someday come to realize what an amazing man you are. Yes, my heart has had enough loneliness to last a lifetime. I’m hoping someday I will see that end. Thank you for your compliments on my writing. Someday I will finish that elusive novel and hopefully see it published. x

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    1. That last stanza was also my favorite part. Thanks for pointing it out. Means a lot.

      Humbled by your beautiful words. Sadly, LOL
      loneliness and longing are themes in much of my writing. Gues I chose my blog name wisely.

      Thank you for the kind red and great comments. You really made me happy. Appreciate your words and time.

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      1. You’re welcome. Yes, I can see why you chose your blog name. It’s a fitting one. Loneliness and longing are two powerful forces but you turn them into beautiful expressions of art with your words. I’m thrilled that my comments made you happy. I will always set aside time to read your poetry.

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        1. Oh my God. Thanks for letting me know. I was playing around with an old draft trying to learn how to password protect. My friend Fiery was teaching me how to do it and it worked.
          It is an unfinished poem you will be seeing soon. Trust me, you will always read everything I write.

          Thank for letting me know

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  5. The lonely author sings a heart tugging melancholic song of loneliness… May a soprano sing a duet soon with your baritone. May your muse sit there amongst the crowded auditorium, being the only one to hear your melodic soliloquy!

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  6. Wow so romantic. After reading this, i just fell in love with my books because i had no one to love so im all lovey with my book😐. LovelyπŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— poem!


    1. You are so sweet. It is wonderful to be in love with books or the characters inside of them.
      Happy you liked this poem. Flattered, Thanks for ythr beautiful words and for all the hearts,
      Mucho appreciated. Stay warm.


  7. This makes me sad! Unrequited love is hard and lonely and heartbreaking, but you know, this also makes me think of when you miss someone you love, and they aren’t with you, and can’t be with you for a long time. These are my favourite lines: ‘without you
    a crowded auditorium
    appears barren
    as the insistent echo
    of my baritone heart
    rings in hollow halls’.


    1. Touched by your beautiful comment. Unrequited love is sad. It can be so painful and can linger for a long time.
      I am flattered by your reaction to my poem. You generous words bring me joy. Thank you for your lovely read,
      kind words of support, and for sharing your thoughts. They made my evening.

      I loved those lines as well. Thanks.

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    1. Actually, that is a very good question.

      If the “we” you are talking about is everyone, I am very curious as to why these negative feelings can make us so inspired.

      If the “we” was meant as me, well, I am the only child of paretns who were only children. When they passed, I found myself truly alone. I know those themes often appear in my writing. Sadly, it seems to come so naturally for me.

      Thank you for the read and sharing your kind words and thoughtful question. I so appreciate your support and words. Thank you.

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      1. Well… I was thinking of β€œwe” as everyone, but I do appreciate you are sharing these private details of your life. It needs a lot of confusion and trust. Thank you! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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