the coming of a muse

A tribute to my muse (and muses everywhere).


the coming of a muse

A woman in red
reveals powerful emotions
performing her tango
depicting a poet’s words
A matador’s blade
carved inspiring verses
of sharp metaphors
possessing the power of a bull
While a thousand church bells
rang in poetic harmony
as red carnations
stood in full bloom
proclaiming his heart aches for you

Cristo Redentor awaits with open arms
So does he

There was no need of red carpets
or trumpets sounding
when the universe conspired
when Pythia foretold
the coming of a muse


278 thoughts on “the coming of a muse

    1. Applauding here in NYC. What an amazing comment. Seriosuly, you don’t know how happy you made me or how much I love these words.

      No I can’t let her fall to the Earth. She must remain on her lofty pedestal inspiring me with all of her beautiful poetry.
      Thank you so much for your great comment. I will treasure your words. Very grateful.

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  1. Ok so I just lost track of what I wanted to say when I read the series of crap someone was throwing at you …..but since enough is said on that no point stretching it …….that person is delusional and allow me to compliment you on the way you handled it ……you my friend deserve a huge applause .. ……coming back to your verse…. I had to read it again and it’s such a happy piece… totally loved it


  2. I have read this over a few times this week. Every word that comes to my thoughts you have already placed within. a resonating colorful power to it. It conjures strong images for me but then, your poetry does that. 😊

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        1. Catching up wth old messages. Apologies for my super late response.
          Even after so many years, I still remember how hard it wass for me. I feel for you and what you had to go through.
          The pain never truly goes away. But it will eventually be replaced by melancholy tears.
          And the lingering memories of what he meant to you.

          No need to respond, I just wanted to tell you that. Be well. Mayb you find peace in your heart.

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